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  • Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp NYC 2019

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    They say "There are eight million stories in the naked city."  Here are just a few from our recent missions trip to evangelize the city that never sleeps!
    Onward, Christian Soldiers!
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    This year marked our 12th annual Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp in New York City. Dubbed by some as a "boot camp" for evangelists participants in this year's outreach experienced four solid days of training and equipping in Biblical evangelism to include opportunities for engagement in rigorous activity such as open air preaching and one-to-one witnessing. Each day we mustered outside the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association (MNYBA) where we stayed and "marched as to war", so to speak, toward popular destinations like Times Square, Coney Island, Union Square, and Washington Square in an effort to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. 
    Times Square is chock full of colorful characters
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    Here CCN President Jenifer Pepling is witnessing one-to-one with a man dressed as a popular comic book hero. Can you guess this character's name? In recalling one of her most treasured talks that day Jen writes: "My favorite conversation was with Alec. I shared the gospel with him and he was very receptive. I asked him what was stopping him from repenting and putting his faith in Jesus and he told me 'addiction and lots of problems'." Jenifer then spoke at length with Alec about his use of heroin and pointed to the fact that this was not going to fix anything but only create more problems for him. She then encouraged him to resolve to put away such things. Afterward, she posed the question again, "What is stopping you from repenting and putting your faith in Jesus?" He replied that it would not go with his lifestyle. And so Jenifer wonderfully explained to him The Parable of the Hidden Treasure from Matthew's gospel (Mt. 13:44) and that Jesus is the treasure worth selling everything! Finally after a third time of asking the same question Alec finally admitted that he lacked purpose and that he has been suicidal. Filled with compassion Jenifer assured him that because he was made in the image of God it was that which gave him value and worth. "The look on his face when I told him that" Jen recalls with immense joy "was worth a thousand words!" 

    Savior and the awesome responsibility we as Christians have to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mk.16:15)!  Please pray for Alec. 
    Down by the sea
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    It was a warm and sunny day at Brooklyn's Coney Island. Lots of people were walking about enjoying the beach and the nice weather. Campus Leader Leah Jessie made the most of this opportunity by handing out gospel tracts to passersby along the boardwalk.
    Service with a smile!
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    At Washington Square park Campus Leader and seasoned Repent and Witness veteran Tim Jackson preached in the open air. Many people trekked through our area and heard as Tim graciously proclaimed the law and the gospel with a merry heart and cheerful countenance. 
    Subway praise!
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    Team Leaders throughout were extremely encouraging. Late one evening as we headed back from a long day of witnessing CCN President Jenifer led us in a lively rendition of "Nothing But the Blood" followed by "Amazing Grace". Though our bodies were worn our spirits remained high. It was a joyful night of singing and giving glory to God, one that we will not soon forget! 
    Additionally, Team Leaders' responsibilities focused on helping participants to put into action what they have learned while lovingly encouraging them out of their comfort zone to reach the lost.
    On the box
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    Former Slippery Rock University and CCN Bible Study student Joshua DiPippa shown here preaching in the open air for the first time in Union Square.
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    John Malone a native from New Jersey and a first time attendee of Repent and Witness shown here giving his testimony before a busy crowd.
    The Gospel at Union "Scare"
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    Manhattan's Union Square contained bright lights and a bustling nightlife, not to mention an eccentric mix of people. But for Campus Leader Eric Williams it also brought forth a wonderful surprise. While "on the box" Eric (right) was greeted by his cousin (left) whom he hadn't seen in a long time. Nevertheless, while he was preaching Eric's cousin was listening and got an opportunity to hear the gospel! "What are the odds?" Eric wondered aloud. 
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    Dennis Miranda (left) from Pittsburgh, PA lovingly shares a passage from God's word with a New Yorker in response to one of his objections. Just a few moments before the bicyclist and his friend had been sharply protesting during Dennis' open air preaching before a watching crowd. 
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    Campus Leader Gene Henderson came upon two young men dining in the park where he began a witnessing conversation with them. "They were very attentive" Gene recalls "and did not seem to mind me interrupting them while they chowed down on their pizza. The young man on my right said to me that he thought the Bible to be not a reliable book saying that it was translated so many times over so many years." This is a common objection that CCN campus missionaries often face. Nevertheless, Gene was prepared to give a defense. "I explained to him that the Bible was written over a length of 1,500 years, written by 40 different authors and from three different continents. And that the Bible has a coherency and consistency unmatched by any ancient work out of antiquity. We see this coherency and consistency well in the multitude of fulfilled prophesies and even more amazingly in the life of Jesus who often went to the scriptures to answer peoples questions and objections. So if the scriptures" Gene pressed on "were and are good enough for Jesus to properly know and answer life’s questions then those same scriptures are good enough for you and me." The young man then exclaimed that that was the best explanation of the validity of the Bible that he had ever heard! Thus Gene then ended his time by politely apologizing for interrupting their meal. However, they seemed very appreciative nonetheless that he stopped by to talk with them and to share the good news of Jesus Christ who forgives all when we repent and trust Him. 
    "Parting is such sweet sorrow..." - Shakespeare
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    Though witnessing in such a place as New York City could be considered a tough assignment, the toughest part of this mission, however, was in leaving the sweet fellowship of like minded believers. At Repent and Witness our faith was tested and limits were certainly stretched. Nonetheless, one truth remains, and that is [God] is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20).
    Want to join us next year for our 13th Annual Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp (NYC) 2020? Learn more by visiting and register today!
    To all those who've partnered with Christian Collegian Network throughout the year to make our evangelism camps and outreaches a success THANK YOU for your continued support!
    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!
    - CCN

  • November Praise Report

    CCN exists to train up its students to go out and share the gospel.  This month one of the Pitt students shared the gospel with another Pitt student.   The new college student at Pitt joined us at Bible Study.  He was headed home for Thanksgiving later that day and could not wait to ask his Grandmother for a Bible.  Jen asked him if he wanted one and he did and so Jen gave him a Bible.  He was so excited about joining us for Bible Study that we are going to have Bible Study the week of finals.  Pray that he reads his Bible the entire way home to Philadelphia.

    Jen finished teaching through John Frames book "Apologetics to the Glory of God."  We learned all about Presuppositional Apologetics.   The students now know how to show others that Christianity true because it resembles reality.  We learned about many different ways to show that the God of the Bible and specifically Chrisitan God is the only logical God.  The students discovered that you cannot have logic or morality outside of the Christian Worldview.  It was powerful to show the students that all other world views do not have legs to stand on.

    The NYC Campuses ministered at an abortion clinic in their area.  Here is a picture of Diane pleading with those that are going inside.


    The MCCC Campus went out proclaiming repentance and faith in Jesus Christ in Pottstown this month as they always do.  Here is Andre preaching the good news to people waiting at the local bus stop.

    Tim at Tidewater Community College had many great conversations on his campus about the Gospel.  


    Some of Tim's students came out and shared the gospel several times this month.  They helped hand out Evolution vs God DVD's as well and hand out tracts on other days.  It is so exciting to see the students going out and sharing their faith.

    We  handed out tracts at the Christmas Parade in downtown Pittsburgh.  We handed out Christmas Postcards at this parade.  The Christmas postcards were very easy to handout.  We handed out the same tract last year.  People were very excited to recieve the tract.

    Each week we are able to speak to many students about the gospel on the campuses.    This month Jen had several second conversations with people.  A young man named Ben who is a Buddhist came up to talk with Jen a second time.  Jen had talked to him about a month ago and then this past week he walked right up to Jen so they could talk some more.  It was a great second conversation.  They talked about the fact that if it was natural for people to die then why was it so upsetting that they died.  Jen explained to him that we were wired to live forever and not meant to die.  We were made in God's image.  He really understood and said that resinated with him.  Pray for Ben.


    Bible Study is going great in Cincinnati.  We are so excited to have Ryan teaching there.  He does during his outreaches.  It is great to be able to hear many of the conversations that he has witnessing with students. 


    Thank you so much for your support!


  • January 2014 Update

    Before the winter semester started at LCC (LaGuardia Community College),  Aishah and Nick discussed how they can encourage and galvanize the Christians on their campus, while also sharing the gospel with the unsaved. After an hour of witnessing on the campus, the Lord gave Aishah the idea to host a interfaith dialogue. An interfaith dialogue is a event in which people from different religions come and share their views on God, morality, and things pertaining to salvation.

    After a week of promotion, the interfaith dialogue had arrived. Aisha and Nick didn’t know what to expect. We wondered "Will we students come out?" "Would it be all Christians?"- All we knew is that God was going to do something, and that’s exactly what happened. Though we didn’t have a huge number of students come out, had 4 Christians and one atheist - who really was open to the things of God.

    The event was a success. A Christian was encouraged and an atheist heard the gospel. What God began that night continued the following week. Our young atheist friend returned, and our topic of discussion was none other then the gospel. We play a short clip by Paul Washer on the cross, and proceeded to talk about morality. Evidently the discussion went from the gospel to abortion. At the end of our fellowship, we gave him a 180 DVD, which is a documentary on abortion, and Evolution vs God both by evangelist Ray Comfort.

    The month is almost over, and with only 3 more weeks to go in this semester our prayer is that our atheist friend will repent and trust Christ.

    January was also a new start on both Pitt and SRU.  The Pitt fellowship was changed to be during the lunch time at this semester.  There are many good reasons to do this.   Please pray for the new fellowship time. 

    During one CCN Saturday in Pittsburgh that CCN went to Planned Parenthood we had a couple that decided to not murder their baby.  This was a very exciting day.  I went over to the Strip District afterward and met up with others who share their faith.  We talked to several people that day.

    Our CCN Leadership summit this month was so encouraging.  Many of the leaders taught at the summit.  We learned about fellowship, loving those we are ministering to, being approachable, prayer, homiletics, avoiding the down falls of pride in ministry and keeping your word.   The teaching was amazing.

    We went out witnessing during the Leadership Summit as well.  We love to go to Astor and 4th to witness  and open air evangelize in NYC.  Here are some pictures of us sharing our faith.  This is Andre our Campus Leader from MC3.

    This is Cliff sharing the gospel.

    Here is Jen sharing the gospel with some young people.

    Here is Jake sharing his faith.

    We also spent time on Wednesday morning at the Planned Parenthood in NYC in Manhattan.  We all pleaded for the lives of the innocent.  We try and go through the gospel with the women and then explain that repentance is deciding to not go into the clinics.  We pleaded for their babies lives.  Here is a picture of Aishah pleading with a women.

    I printed out tracts in Simplified Chinese for us to handout since we were staying in Chinatown in NYC.  We were able to hand out tracts to many Chinese people while in NYC.  We cannot speak Chinese but we were able to give them tracts.  This is Nick handing out Chinese tracts in Chinatown.

    Several CCN Campus Leaders were also able to attend the Super Bowl outreach this month.   Many of the people in Times Square were not taking tracts.  Jen loves to be in one to one conversations and so she decided to just walk up to people that seems to be either alone or not in a rush and ask them if she could ask them a few questions.  Then she would take them through the good person test and share the law and the gospel with them.  It was a great week.   

    Jen was able to talk to so many people during the four day Super Bowl outreach.   The gentlemen that you see me talking to below is a muslim, his name is Turk from Turkey.  She had spent 5 hours on the way to NYC listening to James White talk about witnessing to muslims.  She asked one of our friends to come over and join the conversation and then he ended up using all the things that she had learned on the way.  It was a great conversation and we gave him several presents and he even cared about the conversation so much that he came back to make sure that he had not offended us at all.  He said that he was going to look up the things that we talked with him about.  

    When several members of the team went out to eat they witnessed to the waitress.  She asked them to pray for joy for her. 

    When several members of the team went to Applebee's in Times Square and had a very fruitful time witnessing to our waitress. When she brought us our drinks, we asked her if she would like us to pray for her about anything. She asked us to pray for her happiness, which we did. Then we explained to her that happiness is good, but that we want her to have the joy of eternal life. We share the law and gospel with her. She was moved to tears and said that we made her day. She said that we were her last table of the night, so we invited her to sit with us. We spent the next hour or so, sharing with her. When we gave her a Bible, she said "I can't believe that I was given this gift at work today!" She was amazed that we cared about her so much and that Christ would die for her.   She was invited to church.  Please pray she repents and puts her faith in Jesus and goes to church.  This picture and the following was written on facebook:

    "Met the most kind hearted and down to earth people at work yesterday, #ThankYou for giving my day"Joy"#ForeverGrateful  #Blessed #YouNeverKnowWhoYouCanMeet  #TimesSquare #Happy — with Jake Larson, Amynah Diop, Andrew Rappaport and Mitchell Lebron.

    The young lady on the left is the waitress.  Please pray for her joy and salvation!

    Time Square is a great place to draw a crowd.  Jake is wonderful at drawing a crowd to preach the gospel by just sharing about God's word.  

    Jake Tells this story: "When I was preaching in Union Square, Jamie (a teenage skateboarder) asked some very good questions. He asked how we could know if the Bible was true. I then used apologetics to reason with him. Jamie expressed frustration that he was being taught absurdity in school. When I shared the law and gospel with him, he softened. When I said "Jamie, you know this is true", he didn't argue but thanked me."

    We went to one of Jen's favorite locations, Washington Square Park.  Here is Jen using Presuppositional Apologetics and she shared the law and the gospel to this group of young people.  Afterward she spent about 30 minutes talking to a young man named Neal.  After the conversation was over Neal thanked Jen for giving him the gospel and for listening to him.  He said that most people like Jen do not tend to listen and he thought better of Jen because she listened.


    Jen was able to talk to a man named Walter for a long time.  She gave him a big thousand dollar bill tract when he walked by and then he came back and said you got me.  It is about God.  She walked him through the good person test and explained the gospel to Walter.  He enjoyed the conversation.  He told me about how his dad died and about how badly his mom was treated when she died.  He had issues dealing with anger against those that treated his mom badly.  She explained that those people would either be punished in hell or Jesus died on the cross to pay their fine. She told him that revenge was of the Lord.  He thanked me and said that he was going to start going to church again.  He made a comment about how sweet she was to him.  Here is a picture of me talking to Walter.

    Jen's favorite conversation of the weekend was with a man named Isaac.  We were at Union Square and Jen asked a young man named Mitch to walk around and witness with her while others were preaching.  Jen witnessed to some skateboarders and another couple.  Then Jen told Mitch to start a conversation with Isaac.   Jen did not realize that this was Mitches first 1-2-1 witnessing encounter.  Isaac's first language was french and so that made Mitch nervous but he did a great job.   Isaac turned out to be a muslim from Africa.  Mitch walked him through the law then Jen gave him the gospel.  

    Isaac asked what Christianity's view was on the following.  He said that the strong kept the weak down.  Jen told him that God made men strong so that they could take care of their wives and Children.  Jen told him that God made the strong to take care of and protect and provide for the weak.  He loved that answer.  He then talked about the American wife that he had.  Jen was able to give him a Christian view of marriage, man loving his wife and Mitch was able to give the mans view.  He liked what we had to say.  Mitch is a local in NYC and was able to invite Isaac to his church.  Pray that he goes to church.  Isaac said  "I think I could become a Christian."  Pray for Isaac.  It was so exciting to talk to him.  He really understood and agreed.

    Below is a picture of Mitch and Jenifer witnessing to Isaac.

    Thank You so much for your support.