A hard month

A hard month

This month was difficult.  Please pray for my family.  My husband ended up in the hospital this month.  He had 90% blockage in his heart and had to have 2 stents placed in his heart.  It was a rough few days but God was gracious.  If Todd had not gone to the hospital then the story would have been different.  He did not have any damage to his heart.  God was very kind to us.  We are praising God for saving his life.

I worked hard to get my son therapy at school and within the first few weeks of this new therapy my son was playing with another kid with a huge rubber band.  The other kid let go and my son went up against the wall and broke his wrist.  Mark has a cast on his arm.

Right before I went to the Super Bowl Outreach I fell down the steps and stopped myself by grabbing a hold of the railing.  I ended up ripping my shoulder.  I went to the Super Bowl Outreach anyway.  It was a good outreach.  With the ripped shoulder I handed out over 1800 tracts during the outreach.  It was cool that one of the guys at the outreach is a Physicians Assistant at a Orthopedics Office.  He looked at my arm and told me where it was ripped.



The first tract I handed out ended up with a good conversation about the gospel with this young man.  I walked him through the gospel.  He then began to tell me why I was witnessing the wrong way.  I told him to go to the website on the back of the tract and listen to "Hell's Best Kept Secret"  and "True and False Conversions"  to understand better.   He had the wrong gospel.  I explained the correct one and gave him resources to see the correct one.  Please pray for him.

I had many good conversations with people that never heard the gospel before.  My favorite conversation was when I talked to a young man that used to be Muslim.  He was the only one in his family to convert to Christianity.  His pastor shipped him off to the US to be safe.  He could not read or write but he got a free ride to the USA for safety.  He thought it was cool that I was telling people about Jesus.  He said since could barely speak the language he could not do what I was doing.  I gave him some tracts and told him that he could hand those out to others.  He did not have to know how to read or write or speak well to handout tracts.  He glowed and walked away.



When I do open air I call people out to take the good person test.  This gentleman stopped to take the good person test.  He understood that he was not a good person and would end up in hell.  I explained why Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave and he thanked me for explaining this to him.  Thousands of people heard the gospel over this weekend.  It was wonderful weekend.   I few minutes after this picture was taken Tim Tebow went by in a golf cart while I was doing open air.  He gave me a thumbs up and then he pulled his cart over to the side to listen to the rest of what I was saying.  It was very cool,


I was able to speak to at least 35 people in one to one conversations each week at SRU and PITT.  I love being able to share the gospel with the students over and over again.  I am going over the basic Christian beliefs with the students.   I explained to them that it is important to understand Christianity so that they would easily recognize what is not Christianity while witnessing.

I went to the abortion clinic in East Liberty again this month.  It was cool because I witness to whoever goes by there and was able to have a second conversation with two different locals.  The one guy I encouraged to get into a church.  The other guy I had a nice short chat with.  I love that when I go to the same places over and over again the conversations can continue.


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