A Letter From Jenifer

Dear Friend,

My name is Jenifer Pepling and I have been commissioned by the Lord to seek and save the lost on college campuses. There is no way to escape my call. As Jeremiah said, "His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones" (Jeremiah 20:9). Because of the zeal that the Lord has given me for the lost and His people, I have been faithfully sharing the gospel with college students at the University of Pittsburgh (PITT) since 2007, rain, snow, or shine.

Through the years, I have seen many students affected by the gospel and have trained many others to seek and save the lost on the campus, as well. In 2010, I became a Campus Leader with CCN, a ministry that is bearing much fruit on college campuses throughout the US. Students are faithfully trained up to preach the gospel on and off college campuses and are receiving discipleship, mentorship, and leadership training. CCN is effectively and biblically raising up the future leaders of the Church!

The Lord has given me amazing vision for PITT. Just as God has raised up an army of college students on other college campuses through CCN, God is going to raise up a group of soul winning leaders at PITT. I would love for you to take this journey with me through financial partnership and watch God move through our faith-filled labor together.

My journey began when I read a Christian book and for the first time understood that without faith in Jesus Christ, I was on my way to hell. This was quite a shock for me. However, the book went on to explain that through faith in Jesus Christ and repentance, God would forgive me. I had never understood how I could be received by God until then. I got down on the floor, face down, since that is how people ended up when they were in the presence of an Angel or God, and repented of my sins and prayed for God's forgiveness and payment for my fine. That very day I looked around and realized that I had the greatest news of all time, and all I wanted to do from then on was to share it with others.

I saw a sea of faces that did not know the gospel. They were on a highway to hell and they had no idea about their destination or how to get to heaven. Directly after, I began to learn how to share my faith biblically and went out to share the gospel with the lost on the streets by myself. I even open-air preached by myself at a football tailgate party. However, once was not enough. I began to preach and witness at Pitt on a weekly basis in order to be able to share the gospel to a crowd year-round and I am still there today.

Through the years, I have trained numerous Christians how to share the gospel and have taken them out to PITT to be used by God to lead others to the Lord. Along with attending several mission trips in various states, God has also allowed me to design, build and run "witnessing booths" at local festivals, hand out well over 100,000 gospel tracts, lead groups to evangelize at more than 10 parades, plan and implement over 50 outreaches, 6 large book and DVD giveaways at 4 different colleges, and teach 7 different evangelism courses. My life has been totally changed by the gospel and my desire to lead others to Christ has not dwindled, but has grown all the more!

My journey does not end here. God is going to do so much more through my Campus Leadership position with CCN. Will you stand in agreement with me that God is going to raise up an army of soul winning leaders through Change Collegian Network (CCN) at the University of Pittsburgh?

If so, I invite you to please become a monthly partner with me. The Lord promises that His Word shall not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He pleases. It shall prosper in the thing for which He sends it (Isaiah 55:11). Therefore, we can rest assured that as I preach the gospel in faith on the campus, and as you join me in financial partnership and prayer, the Lord will accomplish His will at PITT!

God's desire is that souls be saved and I know that many will come to Christ at PITT. As the Lord says, "I have many people in this city" (Acts 18:10).

Laboring alongside you in faith,

Jenifer Pepling, Campus Leader at the University of Pittsburgh