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The past few years I’ve had a sincere desire to share the gospel with everyone I could. I wanted to tell people of the goodness of God who saved a wretch like me, and to warn them of the wrath to come. My problem was I didn’t have the courage to do this. I knew I didn’t know how to share the gospel biblically. I wouldn’t dare think of going to NY or anywhere else to share the gospel. I knew I needed training and direction on how to conquer my fear and share the gospel biblically. I have attended Christian Collegian Network’s (CCN) Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp where I learned apologetics, how to defend your faith, and how to effectively do biblical evangelism. This training has now giving me much confidence and courage I needed  to share the gospel with others. I have taken this knowledge and training back to the college campus where I am a missionary at: Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania where I am I campus missionary. I use my training and experiences to pass on the torch of biblical evangelism and discipleship to the next generation of soul winning Christians leaders. I believe Christian Collegian Network’s mission trip to NY called “Repent and Witness” is a ministry worthy of your support. I would greatly appreciate it if you would partner with me on this endeavor to share the gospel with the thousands of people we will see from all around the world! Please pray for us and if possible you may donate to this missions trip.


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