Apply for Alumni Association Membership


How you can become a member...

To become a member of the CCN Alumni Association, please complete the form below. Your application will be reviewed by the CCN Alumni e-board before being approved. 

.Please read about membership completely before applying.

Questions? Contact us.

Requirements for Membership 

Alumni membership participation varies by each individual, based on their personal availability. However, all applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must have been a prior member of a CCN campus fellowship sometime before college graduation. 
  • Currently, must be actively engaged in biblical evangelism in some capacity (i.e. regular personal evangelism, involvement in church evangelism ministry and/or CCN, etc.). 
  • Able to commit to participating periodically in CCN-related activities in some capacity, based on your personal availability (i.e. monthly financial partnership, weekly Prayer & Encouragement Conference Call, attend a CCN event at least once a year, etc.).
  • Willing to assist in some capacity, whether great or small with alumni-related events, based on your personal ability (i.e. assisting in promoting an alumni event online). 
  • Willing to become a monthly financial partner for as little as $10/month, when able. Learn more / Donate.