Apply for Campus Leadership

Application for CCN Campus Leadership / Assistant Campus Leadership

If you have prayerfully considered becoming a CCN Campus Leader and have accepted the call from the Lord to become part of the CCN team, please fill out the inquiry below. Please note that this is simply a preliminary form that must be filled out in order to be considered to receive the official CCN Campus Leader application.

Got questions? No problem. Contact us at

Please provide the following information:

1. One letter of recommendation from either your CCN Campus Leader, Pastor and/or another appointed church leader over you stating why he or she believes that you would be a perfect candidate for CCN Campus Leadership. Please include contact information so that we may contact this individual regarding your application. You may email the letter to or mail to our headquarters (see our contact page). Note: You may be required to provide additional references, if needed.

2. Submit the online inquiry application (below). Once submitted, you will be contacted and asked to complete the official CCN Campus Leader’s application, if you are considered as a viable candidate. Please allow us a few days to respond.

3.Background check. In some instances, a background check will be performed.

4. Telephone Interview. Once your application and letter of recommendation(s) have been reviewed, you will be scheduled for a telephone interview. Additional interviews may be required in some instances.

Each application is prayed over and carefully reviewed. After the above steps are completed, you will be contacted with the result of your application.

We are very thankful for your desire to reach the lost on your college campus!