April 2018 Update

April 2018 Update

I have been wonderfully surprised at how people are willing to walk over to me when I am sitting on the stool to talk.  This young man started out as an Atheist.  While talking went to an agnostic to believing in a God.  He did not repent and put his faith in Jesus but he did thank me for the conversation.  After his next class he came back to talk.  At that time he took literature and said he would read it.  Pray that he decides to repent and trust in Jesus.

Some of my biggest critics are often Christians.  This young lady was very upset at me because I do not believe in Evolution.  She believes that God uses evolution.  I told her that is an oxymoron since God can not design random chance over time.  I explained that evolution is not even good science.  There are 2 pillars that evolution has to stand on to be true.  

1. Life has to come from non-life.  There has never been a time or place that humans have observed, tested or retested life coming from non-life so, this is not science.

2. Transmutation- One species changing into another species.  For this to happen you would need new useful DNA to be added.  This also has never been observed, tested and rested.  This is not science but speculation.

Evolution does not have the 2 necessary things to make it true.  

I asked her if she believed the Bible.  She said yes.  We walked through Genesis 1 and I showed her that there was no room for evolution in Genesis 1.

We looked at Noah and the Ark.  I asked her why if God used evolution did he have Noah bring two of each kind onto the Ark.  She did not have an answer, but she was very sure that God used evolution to create everything.

We need to be teaching our young Christians that God did not use evolution.  God created each animal and it reproduces after its own kind.  Pride of wanting to be accepted in society is going to make us look like idiots in the future.  Evolution is an impossibility. Scientist have known since 1986 that evolution is not true.  A book was written that rips apart 6 materialist theroies of how life comes from non-life, called "Origins: A Skeptic's Guide to the Creation of Llife on Earth" .  This book was not written by a Christian.  He goes after one creationist theory as well. 

I went to Pitt in the evenings this month, as well  as my normal Tuesday mornings to witness with Dennis and Gene.  They both are witnessing machines.  They were each able to have several long meaningful conversations each time I went out with them.

Getting into a good conversation is quite easy.  You just extend your arm with a tract.  You give a friendly "Hey how are you doing today?" then you ask them "Did you get one of these?"  Making sure to have a nice smile on your face.  Ray Comfort tells people that people will warm to your warmth.  I can tell you that is true.  I then ask them if they died today would they go to heaven or hell?  It really gets that conversation going.

I will miss the students at Pitt during the summer.

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