Beginning of the Summer

Beginning of the Summer

The summer has had a great beginning.  I went to the Kentucky Derby to share the gospel.  I was able to talk to many people.  I was able to talk to the most people while on the box giving people the good person test. 

These two young men talked for me for a while.  I was able to talk to several of the parking lot guys.  My friend Tamara was able to have some long conversations with them afterward.  They did not want to repent because they enjoyed looking a women at the derby.  I was told that Sunday would be a good day since there would not be lots of women to lust after.  I explained to them that there would be lots of women to look at that day as well and they would have to decide to repent.  It would not be any easier on Sunday than it would be today.  Pray for all of the event staff that we were able to talk to.

When I was handing out tracts I was able to talk to a muslim named Sal.  He is pictured here below.
There were other Christians open air preaching across the street when I was talking to him and they kept mentioning Muhammad.  Every time they did his head would jerk all the way around to look at them.  I was able to explain that God was a just God and that God was good and if God was good then he would be just.  He understood why Jesus would have to pay the fine.  He did not repent and put his faith in Jesus that I know of.  He told me a story about how he was in a muslim army in some foriegn country and that when the city fell no one was loyal.  He said they treat people so badly, how could they expect anyone to stand by them.  We talked about helping people.  He asked why wealthly people to not help all of the hungry people he has seen in his life.  I was not thinking about this prior fact then I told him that poor people and Christians seem to be those that give the most.  He looked across the street and the guys preaching and pushed his lips together, nodded his head and walked into the derby to work.  He was the first muslim I have witnessed to in a long time that did not tell me that if someone did something to a loved one that he would take his own revenge. It was a really long and good conversation.  Pray for Sal.

At another time I was doing the good person test from on top of the box a gentleman took a picture of me with a medium formate camera with a polaroid back.  It was cool.  I went over to talk with him afterward and share the gospel.  I took a picture of his picture.


I thought it was a pretty cool picture and it was an opportunity to talk about why I share my faith.

There were about 30 Christians out sharing their faith at the Derby and it was a wonderful day.

We had a booth this month as well in avalon.  Many heard the gospel.  I talked to a Deist that was very confused and very upset.  I was glad that God gave me this man to talk to.  I had to explain to him that the old testament law shows us how bad our sin was.  He was going down every rabbit hole he could think of, it ended with me telling him that Catholics are not Christians.  At that point he threw up his hands and walked away.  My young cousin said I was a very good debater.  God seems to prepare us for what is to come.  It is not easy but you can see how God works.  Catholics believe that when Jesus died he just took care of original sin and that we have to work our way to heaven by doing good works and the sacraments.  They do not believe as the Bible tells us that if we repent and trust Jesus that our sins are all paid for when Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave.  He did not understand this fact.

Thirty seconds after I talked to the deist who believed that God was a women and a bunch of other crazy things, A women named Terry walked up to me.  I was still a little shaken from the last gentlemen.  I walked her through the good person test and the gospel.  Then she asked very seriously what her sin was that was keeping her daughter away?  I told her I did not understand and asked her to explain.  She told me that Christians kept telling her that Jesus would fix everything.  They told her if she had enough faith that Jesus would fix the relationship.  She said that it must be her sin that was stopping Jesus from helping her.  My heart broke for her.  She was in tears.  I explained that those people where salesman of a false gospel and not Christians at all.  I told her that bad things happen in the world because there is sin in the world not because of her sin.  Jesus did not die on the cross to fix everything in her life and that Jesus never promised to make our lives wonderful.  Jesus did not die on the cross and rise from the dead to make us healthily, wealthy and happy.  This is a false gospel and a very hurtful one.  I listened to the story she told and she broke down and cried.  I gave her my phone number and she called the next day.  Please pray that she does have a restored relationship with her daughter, but more importantly I pray that she understood the true gospel and will be healed of being so hurt by those claiming to be Christians.  The health and wealth gospel is go cruel.  This poor women was heart broken because of these lies.

Here is a few pictures of others sharing the true gospel at the booth.  I am so grateful to each of these Christians for being bold when sharing their faith.


But here you can see my son sharing his faith.  This was a very wonderful memory for me!




Thank you so much for your prayers and your support!


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