Surrounded by Muslims and Buddhists, Calvin is Saved at SMSU!

  • Pray for CCN Campus Leaders

    Timothy is a Campus Leader in Virginia.  The college has made a rule that he can only witness in 3 places. He has to tell them 24 hours ahead of time that he will be coming to campus and what he will be doing. Tim is the nicest guy ever, sweet as can be and always smiling and a wonderful Christian. They placed him in a place where he will have to open air preach instead of witness. Please pray for him. Last year they would not let him invite students to Bible Study and would follow him around campus to make sure.

    Jenifer in Pittsburgh was holding Bible Study and teaching creation vs evolution.  The students left the Bible Study even though they are Christians they believe in evolution.  Ken Ham is right Genesis is under attack.  She has changed over to teaching students how to share the gospel for the rest of the semester.  Pray for the youth of the country to see truth.  

    As always we had many wonderful fruitful outreaches.  

    As a ministry we shared the gospel with thousands of young people this past month.  

    We always encourage others from our church to join us.  Here is Ryan's pastor out witnessing with him during outreach.  

    Indoors and outdoors we share the gospel.  When given a chance we share the gospel around our fellow Christians from our own churches so that they will be encouraged to go and share their faith.   They will see with a little bit of training they can share their faith too.  Here is Jenifer sharing the gospel at her churches outreach.

    Please pray for CCN.  We want to share share truth.  Pray for us to stand strong. 

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Surrounded by Muslims and Buddhists, Calvin is Saved at SMSU!

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“My testimony is simple,” says Calvin. “I was raised with a Christian background, but as I went to college, I wandered away. There were many religious influences that tried to grab my attention. I had Muslims and Buddhists trying to share their views about God with me. I was attracted to the moral aspects of these religions, and I also desired to find a way to make peace between people of different faiths. When Pastor John, CCN Campus Leader, and Jake, a CCN member, came around from Change Collegian Network (CCN), I was never offended when they shared the Gospel with me; I always took it to heart. I tried to apply everything they taught me, and that included attending church, as well as seeking to study the Bible. Then, something happened in September of 2011. I attended homecoming with a group of my friends and all of the godly things that I was attempting to live by, went out the window. I laid in bed that night fighting with myself about whether I should get up and go to church, or sleep off the prior night’s activities. I chose to attend Pastor John's church, and during our time of praying and sharing, I tried to express myself, but I couldn’t. I went silent for a while and put my head in my hands and cried out to God to save me. I realized at this point that my deeds would not save me, but what Christ had done for me. It was only His righteousness that could make me right. Now, out of gratitude, I want to be more like Him.”

-From Calvin's Baptism Testimony

"Calvin is our dear brother in Christ through the preaching of the Word. He has believed on the Lord Jesus alone for salvation, and he has shown evidence of his conversion. His life has been changed, and he has handed his priorities over to the Lord. One of the best testimonies I’ve heard is not from Calvin, but from the lips of his roommate, William. William has testified of how he has seen a change in Calvin, and how Calvin has helped him to consider his own walk with Christ. It is not because of something that Calvin has done for himself, but rather he has turned his life over to God, trusting in Christ alone, and submitting to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Calvin continues to attend the CCN fellowship at SMSU, and will be attending our upcoming Leadership Summit as well as Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp this August 2012.  Please pray for him as these new experiences will prepare him to go back on the campus in September to sow into others."

-From Campus Leader John Chisham @ Calvin's Baptism

Thank God for CCN! Because of this ministry on the campus, people are getting saved, and they are turning around and becoming ministers on the campus! This is the second conversion and baptism resulting from our ministry on the campus.  Please pray for and support Change Collegian Network, because there is a great need on college campuses, and this ministry is doing it's part to fulfill it! 

CHANGE Collegian Network (CCN) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible. 

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