Campus Leader Checklist

The Campus Leader Checklist (CLC) in Three Easy Sections:

Campus Leader Checklist (CLC) - You must sign on to your gmail account to access this document. 

  1. Pre-Semester Planning: This section will help you check duties off as you prepare for the up-coming semester.
  2. Fellowship Marketing: This section will help you keep track of when and where you are marketing your fellowship.
  3. Monthly Report: This section is for you to know when you Monthly Campus Leader Report was submitted to CCN Headquarters.  This is only done if you request accountability with marketing and planning.

How to Use the CLC

  1. Visit the CLC once a week.
  2. Quickly check off each task as you complete it.

Note: More sections will be added to the CLC as the need arises. You will be notified of any changes via email.