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Campus Leadership Video Tutorials

The following are simple, short, and effective videos to help you as a Campus Leader.

New Campus Leader Training

1. Prayer and Fasting

2. So you want to Start a Fellowship?

3. How to write a Bible Study

4. How to prepare a Bible Study CCN Style Part 1 Jen teaching after people watch Chiz teach

5. How to write a Bible Study CCN Style Part 2 

6. How to Teach

7. How to Teach Part 2

8. How to Teach Part 3

9. Getting your Church/ Pastor on Board

10. Marketing 101- Gathering a group

10.2 Inviting people to Bible Study

11. Marketing 102- Starting from Scratch

12. Marketing 103- Social Media/Internet

13. Marketing 104-Mail Chimp Logo to use in mail Chimp:

14. Marketing 105- Rep and Prep - Notes

15. Campus Fellowship 101- The weekly meeting

16. Campus Fellowship 102- Playing nice with others

17. Campus Fellowship 103- Outreach and Event Planning

18. Campus Fellowship 104 - Setting up your fellowship in public

19. Paperwork 101- using Google drive

20. Paperwork 102- Writing up your PAW

20b. Paperwork 102b - Creating your Fliers

21. Paperwork 103- Updating blog 

22. What are all the things that I need to do before I start the fellowship

23. Editing your Blog and Calendar

24. Talking to Staff on Campus

25. Perseverance in Ministry

26. Perseverance in Ministry 2

27. Let your yes be yes

28.Open Air - CCN Style

29. Open Air Preaching Part 1

30  Open Air Preaching Part 2

31. Presuppositional Apologetics Part 1

32 Presuppositional Apologetics Part 2

33. Using Presuppositional Apologetics - the first 20 minutes is us talking and then the last 20 minutes is us talking so ignore all of that.  sorry.

33. School of Biblical Evangelism

34. Don't be Discouraged

35. Leadership

36. Representing CCN and Preparing for the semester


Creation Apologetics

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Inductive Bible Study - Andrew Rappaport

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


How to not ruin your relationship on Campus

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling

Sex Sin and Healthly Sex  Power Point that goes with it.

Pornography (Sex Sin Part 2)

Creation Apologetics

Part 1

Abortion Ministry

 Being approachable


Making recordings for Witness Radio

Worldview Matters Part 1

Worldview Matters God is Grace

Worldview Matters God is Love

Worldview Matters God is Just

When we have set backs on the campus remember it is all about Jesus

Textual Critisism

Asking Questions in Evangelism

Stages of Spiritual Growth - Handout that was talked about notes taken while listening

Encouragement from Matt to continue on Campus

Open air Evangelism


Ask Them Why (Teachings)

Intro and Chapter 1

Ask Them Why Chapter 2 


Editing Your Blog Video 11/15/2013

Editing Your Blog (7:00) 

Effectively Promoting Your CCN Blog (4:10) 


Email List

Mail Merge Student Email List Example - You can put all of your email addresses into this excel speadsheet and then you will be able to send out custom emails to each student with their name on them and a special message for that student.  You need to have the email that you want to send to everyone in your drafts.  An email in your drafts is one that does not have anything in the TO:  spot and has a message that you did not send just hit the X on the right side in google mail.