Campus Mission Tour

Revival! Students Evangelizing Students

CHRISTIAN Collegian Network (CCN) presents The CCN Spring Break Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT).

The CCN Official Campus Mission Tour is a highly strategic mission trip designed to bring college students to various campuses in order to reach fellow college students through the biblical method of open-air evangelism, one-to-one witnessing and the use of their various gifts, talents, and abilities, such as spoken word, song, rap, dance, instrumentation, etc., CCN tactically trains each student how to put these gifts into practice during an open-air outreach.



When is the next CMT?

Learn about CCN’s Upcoming Campus Missions Tour>>>


Who is the CMT open to?

The CMT is open to anyone that has a heart for college students and biblical evangelism.

How can I raise financial funds to attend?

There are many ways to raise funds to attend the Campus Mission Tour (CMT). We provide a free online tool to fundraise simply and effectively through online support-raising and provide detailed directions. Note: Only approved CCN missionaries may raise support.



"The CCN CMT has changed my mindset on life. Ever since I went I've been constantly evangelizing. I've had more zeal and passion to reach the lost."- Sam M., Student (Montclair State University CCN Fellowship)

"The CMT was amazing! The Holy Spirit was moving on each of those campuses and I saw God perform miracles! It's amazing to see what God can do with vessels willing to be used by Him! What a privilege and joy it was to serve Him and watch Him work! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to do it again!" - Jasmine L. (LaGuardia Community College CCN Fellowship)

"At the CMT, it was such joy and blessing to see Christians so encouraged by seeing students their age preaching the gospel, which was an answer to prayer. It was also encouraging to see God move in the lives of our CCN students. If you are a Christian student and want to see revival break out on the college campuses, I implore you attend the next CMT and make a mark for eternity!" - Nick A. Campus Leader, (LaGuardia Community College CCN Fellowship) 

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