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Revival! Evangelizing Students

CHRISTIAN Collegian Network (CCN) presents The CCN Spring Break Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT).

The CCN Official Campus Mission Tour is a highly strategic mission trip designed to bring Christians and Christian college students to various campuses in order to reach college students through the use of evangelism.  CCN tactically trains each Christian how to share the gospel and reach the unsaved for Christ.  

There will be evangelism training in the evenings and chances to share the gospel on the college campuses during the day.  You can join us for the entire event or you can just come for a day or two.  If you can only come in the evenings for the training we would love to have you come out and learn to share the gospel.

  • Learn to share your faith
  • Learn basic apologetics
  • Gain a desire to pray for the lost
  • Go share your faith with the lost on the local college campuses
  • Go with experienced evangelists who can help you share your faith
  • Come and pray for those that are sharing their faith.
  • Learn about Sidewalk Counseling and pray for those who do Sidewalk Counseling
  • Have a chance to participate in Sidewalk Counseling

Here is this years schedule:

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CMT Training from 2018

Who is the CMT open to?

The CMT is open to anyone that has a heart for evangelism.


"The CCN CMT has changed my mindset on life. Ever since I went I've been constantly evangelizing. I've had more zeal and passion to reach the lost."- Sam M., Student (Montclair State University CCN Fellowship)

"The CMT was amazing! The Holy Spirit was moving on each of those campuses and I saw God perform miracles! It's amazing to see what God can do with vessels willing to be used by Him! What a privilege and joy it was to serve Him and watch Him work! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to do it again!" - Jasmine L. (LaGuardia Community College CCN Fellowship)

"At the CMT, it was such joy and blessing to see Christians so encouraged by seeing students their age preaching the gospel, which was an answer to prayer. It was also encouraging to see God move in the lives of our CCN students. If you are a Christian student and want to see revival break out on the college campuses, I implore you attend the next CMT and make a mark for eternity!" - Nick A. Campus Leader, (LaGuardia Community College CCN Fellowship) 

"The Campus Mission Tour was legit! I enjoyed being surrounded by like minded souls searching for the lost, and was encouraged to be more active in the mission field wherever that may be. I developed skills, specifically speaking with college students, and had many great conversations." -Ryan S

"For me, a self described introvert,  I can tell you that CCN has helped me to become a bold witness for Christ. What I've learned in theory through the School of Biblical Evangelism or by reading some of Ray Comfort's books I've been able to apply directly through CCN's ministry.
Through CCN I've also learned the importance of fasting and praying and have incorporated this in to my daily walk whereas before I scarcely did and suffered for it. However, I am able to carry this out each week because 1) I know that my brothers and sisters in Christ are going through the same thing and 2) there is an accountability measure through this ministry that I haven't found elsewhere. And that is a good thing!
Lastly, CCN has helped me rid the fear of man by continually reminding me of the urgency we have as Christ's ambassadors to carry the lifesaving message of the gospel to this dark world. Additionally,  it has helped me to be a better husband and father where I am taking that same message of hope, love, and forgiveness to my own family." - Dennis M Campus Leader

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Our goal is for Christians to be trained up to share their Christian faith and see how easy it really is to share your faith.  We want God to be glorified by the proclamation of the gospel.  We want Christians to be set on fire for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please Join us!

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