Campus Missions Tour (CMT)

Campus Missions Tour (CMT)

Wed, March 7, 20188:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Revival! Evangelizing Students

CHRISTIAN Collegian Network (CCN) presents The CCN Spring Break Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT).

The CCN Official Campus Mission Tour is a highly strategic mission trip designed to bring Christians and Christian college students to various campuses in order to reach college students through the use of evangelism.  CCN tactically trains each Christian how to share the gospel and reach the unsaved for Christ.  

There will be evangelism training in the evenings and chances to share the gospel on the college campuses during the day.  You can join us for the entire event or you can just come for a day or two.  If you can only come in the evenings for the training we would love to have you come out and learn to share the gospel.

  • Learn to share your faith
  • Learn basic apologetics
  • Gain a desire to pray for the lost
  • Go share your faith with the lost on the local college campuses
  • Go with experienced evangelists who can help you share your faith
  • Come and pray for those that are sharing their faith.
  • Learn about Sidewalk Counseling and pray for those who do Sidewalk Counseling
  • Have a chance to participate in Sidewalk Counseling