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  • March Missions

    At Montgomery County Community College, also known as MC3,

    students aren't ashamed of the gospel! Students are excited to learn

    and ready to put their learning into practice. Bible study is one of the

    best ways that campus missionaries, like Cliff Fullword, are able to 

    encourage students, weekly. 

    Even children are able to stop and listen to the Good News. In fact,

    children are most excited to receive a gospel tract! Thank you for 

    helping us provide our missionaries with gospel tracts. They are the

    paper-seeds that are most scattered. 

    This young man had many questions about Christianity. He wanted 

    to know about Jesus' sinlessness. Thankfully, Campus Missionary, 

    Jenifer Pepling was able to provide answers to his deep questions. 

    CCN missionaries speak to students every week, many of whom are 

    desperate for someone to point them to Christ. Thank you for partnering 

    with us and being a helper in this amazing Great Commission! 


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  • What happened in 4 days on 4 campuses in 2 states?


     Learn more about our upcoming mission trips.



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  • Slideshow: CCN's Campus Mission Tour (CMT) "Students Evangelizing Students"

    We have so many testimonies to share with you. But, a picture can say a thousands words! Watch our slide show and see how the Lord not only used the students to preach and share the biblical gospel with other college students boldly and compassionately, but also encouraged the Christians on those campuses to begin witnessing and desiring to learn biblical evangelism!


    "The CMT was amazing! The Holy Spirit was moving on each of those campuses and I saw God perform miracles! It's amazing to see what God can do with vessels willing to be used by Him! What a privilege and joy it was to serve Him and watch Him work! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to do it again!"

    - Jasmine L. (LaGuardia Community College CCN Fellowship)

  • CCN College Students to Preach, Witness, & Publicly Worship on Campuses on Spring Break


    Above (left to right): CCN student member, Sam, preaches the gospel on his campus during Testimony Tuesdays, a weekly open-air outreach. Middle: The official CCN "badge" that all students must earn after completing their CMT application, which includes questions on biblical evangelism, and a 1-day CMT intensive training, which includes Bible study, video examples, in-house and outdoor open-air training, tactics and strategies, and even hand-signals to communicate during the mission outreaches. Right: CCN member, Dorothy uses her talent of Spoken word poetry prior to preaching on campus. 


    The CCN Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT) Keeps Students God-Centered During Spring Break

    A sign goes up proclaiming that “Jesus is Lord” next to an upside down milk crate in the middle of Montclair State University’s public quad. After a word of prayer, the students of the on-campus ministry, CHANGE Collegian Network (CCN) (, stand to the side and prayerfully watch as a fellow classmate, clutching a Bible, takes position on top of the milk crate. The gospel is about to be preached in the open air to students strewn around the campus, along with public worship, spoken word, and the public reading of scripture.

    It’s CCN’s weekly event, Testimony Tuesdays, a time when the Christian students gather together outside to publicly lift up Jesus Christ and to unabashedly and compassionately share His gospel with others using their gifts, talents, and abilities. CHANGE Collegian Network, which operates on 8 campuses throughout the US, is a campus ministry that not only roots and grounds Christians in the Word of God through on-campus Bible studies, incorporating worship and prayer, but also trains students to preach and defend the gospel on and off campus. But, the ministry does not stop at just teaching the need for evangelism. They are constantly offering opportunities to share the gospel through organized, weekly outreaches held on and off-campus.

    Now, CCN is taking the students to another level through the CCN Campus Mission Tour (CMT), a new Spring break mission trip, being held this March 14th-17th on campuses located in the tri-state area. Instead of making a quick get-away to a warmer climate to find rest and enjoyment, this Spring break, students are going back to school to share the gospel with others, preaching the gospel on 4 campuses in 4 days, and lifting up the Lord through song and poetry.

    “I know God is going to work through us,” says, Sam Mathews (pictured above), a sophomore CCN member, who will be attending the mission trip. “I pray that the Christians on those campuses are encouraged, and begin to evangelize and preach on their campuses, so that revival breaks out in the universities.” Sam, like many students involved in CCN, was very hesitant about sharing the gospel prior to joining the ministry. "I've always had a passion to evangelize and share what God has done in my life, but I was always scared to speak in front of people. It scared me so much that once I even hid at an open-air preaching service in Philadelphia, where I was supposed to share [in the open-air]. Instead, I took tracts and went out to evangelize [one-to-one]. But this Tuesday, God gave me the boldness to preach and share my testimony in the open-air for the first time on my campus."

    CCN also hosts a 4-day evangelism camp in New York City, called Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp ( This fourth annual event is being held August 4th – 8th, 2011 and is open to both students and non-students. “It’s amazing to see what God is doing with these students,” says Founder/President, Tiffany Gelpi. “We are indeed raising up a new generation of soul winners.”

    To donate towards this mission trip so that as many students may attend as possible, please give towards our Missionary Scholarship Fund.

    CCN is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

    To learn more about the evangelistic campus ministry, CHANGE Collegian Network (CCN), its additional outreaches, evangelism camp, and free crash courses, visit


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