Cliff Fulwood

How Christ came to me I'll never ever forget. 
Was working nightshift and these chick tracts started showing up on the breakroom tables. A friend of mine, who was a Pentacostal pastor named Big Jim, handed me a "This was your life" chick tract. Read that tract over and over again. Started looking up verses from an old bible I had from that tract. Started asking him all kinds of questions about God, the Bible, etc. Although I grew up in the church obviously the church wasn't in me. He answered them all. He was just soooo humble and loving about it. Started reading a lot of the O.T. and many stories in the bible. In the book of Judges Samsons life really hit me hard emotionally. Looking back now i believe God was showing me my life so mirrored his; a lil religion and a WHOLE LOT OF SIN! LOL. But for some reason the next month or so i just couldn't settle down. Plain restless. Big Jim noticed and kept asking me what was the matter with me. I now know God was calling me and i just didn't know how to respond. I was just sooo lost. One particular day I told Jim I wanted to be saved but i didn't know how to ask. He told to me to just ask the Lord. So i did expecting to "feel" something. I went back to Jim telling him i didn't "feel" anything; no shake or shimmy (LOL). He chuckled a little. Said i probably wouldn't. But I still had this tremendous burden on me. So i left and, Ill NEVER EVER forget this, went to the back dock to bldg. 2, leaned on the railing, put my head down then with tears in my eyes looked up to the heavens and asked the Lord to save me. From what? I didn't understand. But I knew I wasn't right with God. Went to Jim told him what happened. He said if I was sincere i was saved. Yes i know sincerity doesn't save. But now that i look back; when the Lord gave me a hunger for his word, and Jim started doing bible studies(Psalm 19:1-4 our 1rst study), it was through those bible studies I knew my restlessness was the result of being convicted of my sin by those tracts and my Samson mirrored life. My sincerity was sincer cause i was under conviction of sin and didn't know it. That's why i was a total mess. I was on my way to hell and to ignorant to know it! The Lord snatched me! That's why I know Christ came to me, NOT me to him!

As for CCN i was invited by Andre to a CCN event in Jersey around 2011 or 12. It was like no other Christian college youth gathering i've ever seen. The talents and abilities on display totally impressed me. Unlike other college youth ministries that seem to focus on just having "fun" CCN's program was Gospel dominant. I left that day sooo encouraged that our youth was not doomed after all LOL. But what really totally sold me was watching them in action. At a Jerseyfire boardwalk outreach i watched some of the boldest witnesses for Christ i had ever seen. SERIOUSLY! The love for Christ and the desire to share the Gospel blew me away. I had never seen youth like this articulating the Gospel with such boldness, clarity and zeal. Their ability to control a hostile crowd, answer question with bible knowledge, while keeping a Christ-like composure left me speechless, humbled and convicted. I was struck by a very strong theological basis and clear mature biblical understanding of the text of scripture. But what was so distinct about CCN was their love for the sharing the Gospel. I had never seen that in youth before. It wasn't about, pizza parties or movie night but about CHRIST! Was invited to join and have NEVER regretted that decision. The fellowship and friendship i wouldn't trade for the world. Our annual Repent and Witness in NY is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!! I will forever thank Jen and Andre for their friendship and leadership of CCN.

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