Changed lives

  • Witnessing To All People

    Campus Leader, Jenifer, traveled to California for Living Waters'

    Ambassador's Academy! Here you can see her sharing the gospel 

    with Chewbacca! Your support helps CCN missionaries travel to 

    conferences where they will be strengthened in their evangelistic efforts!

    Cliff and Andre taught a CCN Crash Course at Victory Christian Life

     Center.  They taught the group how to share the gospel and basic

    apologetics.  Followed by outreach at the park.  If you are interested in 

    having your church trained up please let us know. 

    No one is too old or too young to hear the gospel! CCN missionaries

    make sure to reach every person they come across with the Good News

    of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your continued support to make this possible!

    The most wonderful news that anyone could hear is that they can 

    be forgiven of their sin, and that there is a Savior named Jesus Christ

    who makes that possible! CCN missionaries are excited to use every 

    opportunity, every tract, every conversation during our outreaches to

    redeem the time. Thank you for helping us financially, and prayerfully.

    You are the wheels that are helping to keep the vehicle of our ministry


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Changed lives

Nick leading a women to Christ in NYC.  This was the first time she had heard the gospel.  

Andre proclaiming the word of God in Pottstown. Passed out some tracts and open air. God was glorified!!!!


Ryan witnessing to Pikachu in Cincinnati. Everyone needs to hear the gospel.  We cannot tell who will be saved by looking at them so we share the good news with everyone.

CCN @MCCC. The lesson "Personal Witnessing: How Jesus Did It" Great lesson. As usual that's faithful Anna who has been a true true blessing. I really really thank the Lord for her. I can see how her faith has grown and all that praise goes the the Lord only!!!! I solicit prayers for her medical missions trip to Honduras. Please pray that the Lord uses her to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.


This young lady did not take a tract from me but was very rude.  Then she walked away and felt her pockets realizing something was missing.  She turned around and walked the way she came.  Then a set of students walked up to me and asked if I was the one handing out the tracts.  I said yes and they gave me a phone that someone had lost.  I knew whose phone it was immediately.  She walked by again a minute later and I stopped her and asked if it was hers.  She said yes and thanked me and then I offered her a tract again and she took it this time


You can share the gospel where ever you are at the time.  Five weeks ago I was at church.  A women got up crying during the service.  She went into the bathroom and I followed her to see if I could help.  She told me that she was an alcoholic and was trying to quit but she had drank the night before.  I told her that I had good news for her that could help her but I needed to show her the bad news first.  I asked her if she had ever lied or stolen.  She said yes.  I told her that hate is considered murder and lust is adultery.  I explained that God will judge however he is also merciful.  Jesus died on the cross to pay her fine.  She needed to repent and trust that Jesus died on that cross and then she would go to heaven.  I explained that if she repented of her sin then all the things she did before are forgiven by God and so she should forgive herself.  If the God of the universe forgave her then she should too.  Then I gave her what I knew about quitting something addictive.     I prayed for her.  She showed up at the Christmas Eve service to see me.  She let me know that she was sober for the last five weeks and it was because of that moment.  Pray for Diane.  I cried after she told me.  This is the second alcoholic that has gone clean after hearing the gospel via my ministry.




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