Commendation from Tiffany Gelpi, Founder of CCN

Tenacity and consistency is not common to Christians when it comes to evangelism, particularly open-air preaching and street outreach. So many times Christians throw in the towel and give up on seeking and saving the lost in a proactive way. Why? Because it is not easy to continuously go out into the streets and on college campuses in rain, sleet, and snow to reach out to those who do not believe in Jesus. It takes faith. It takes zeal. It takes compassion. Jenifer is someone who has these qualities and since 2007 has never given up on the students of the University of Pittsburgh.

A humble and gracious servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is a privilege to have her serve on the CCN team. Her integrity, joy, love for the Lord, and compassion for the lost makes her a role model for the college students, and because of her years of experience reaching the lost, she has so much to give.

I highly recommend Jenifer Pepling and ask that you support her through monthly giving. You will share in the harvest that God has promised.

Tiffany Gelpi, Founder of CCN