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  • Sowing Seeds of The Gospel

    "As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.” - Matthew 13:23

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could know which people we encounter while witnessing are the good soil from Jesus' parable and which are not? It sure would make things easier knowing who is going to respond to the gospel. 

    Nevertheless, while "the secret things belong to the Lord our God,...those things which are revealed belong to us" (Deut. 29:29).  And that which has been revealed to Christ's disciples is that we must faithfully sow the seed of God's word and trust in Him alone to provide the growth.

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    This is Christian, a student at East Carolina University where Campus Leader Mary faithfully sows the seeds of the gospel week after week. He and Mary had a great conversation on campus recently. After class was over Christian even came back and talked with Mary some more! Please pray for Christian that, much like his namesake, he will become a true born again believer.

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    CCN Bible Study students Luke (top left) and Kevin (top right) conducted campus outreach aboard Slippery Rock University along with Campus Leader Matt (not shown). It was Kevin's first time witnessing on campus. Nevertheless, both did really well and had several good one-to-one conversations as they handed out copies of "What Time Is Purple?" from Wretched ministries. Please pray for all those whom Luke and Kevin reached with the gospel message.

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    Love knows no bounds. Taking the Biblical mandate of Mark 16:15 to heart, CCN Campus Leaders Leah (bottom left), Eric (bottom right), and Matt (top far right) joined together with other missionaries in taking the message of salvation to the country of Senegal. Using their God-given gifts they were able to communicate the Gospel to residents in that country both verbally and through the use of sign language. Praise God!

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    Back here in the states Campus Leader Gene had several great conversations with students aboard the University of Pittsburgh campus. Many responded by understanding their need to repent and trust Jesus Christ. These students pictured here approached Gene shortly after he had finished setting up the always popular IQ test. After having some fun with these crowd pleasing brain teasers Gene was easily able to transition to the good person test then walk them through the law and gospel.

    While CCN has had a busy month sowing seeds at campuses both near and abroad, please pray that God would send faithful partners to come alongside and water those seeds. And as we labor diligently out in the harvest field each week pray also that we will continue to trust that God will give the growth.

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


    Live near a campus? Interested in becoming a CCN campus leader? Learn how to train students to share their faith Biblically. Visit Start a Campus Fellowship and see if you qualify.

  • November Praise Report

    CCN exists to train up its students to go out and share the gospel.  This month one of the Pitt students shared the gospel with another Pitt student.   The new college student at Pitt joined us at Bible Study.  He was headed home for Thanksgiving later that day and could not wait to ask his Grandmother for a Bible.  Jen asked him if he wanted one and he did and so Jen gave him a Bible.  He was so excited about joining us for Bible Study that we are going to have Bible Study the week of finals.  Pray that he reads his Bible the entire way home to Philadelphia.

    Jen finished teaching through John Frames book "Apologetics to the Glory of God."  We learned all about Presuppositional Apologetics.   The students now know how to show others that Christianity true because it resembles reality.  We learned about many different ways to show that the God of the Bible and specifically Chrisitan God is the only logical God.  The students discovered that you cannot have logic or morality outside of the Christian Worldview.  It was powerful to show the students that all other world views do not have legs to stand on.

    The NYC Campuses ministered at an abortion clinic in their area.  Here is a picture of Diane pleading with those that are going inside.


    The MCCC Campus went out proclaiming repentance and faith in Jesus Christ in Pottstown this month as they always do.  Here is Andre preaching the good news to people waiting at the local bus stop.

    Tim at Tidewater Community College had many great conversations on his campus about the Gospel.  


    Some of Tim's students came out and shared the gospel several times this month.  They helped hand out Evolution vs God DVD's as well and hand out tracts on other days.  It is so exciting to see the students going out and sharing their faith.

    We  handed out tracts at the Christmas Parade in downtown Pittsburgh.  We handed out Christmas Postcards at this parade.  The Christmas postcards were very easy to handout.  We handed out the same tract last year.  People were very excited to recieve the tract.

    Each week we are able to speak to many students about the gospel on the campuses.    This month Jen had several second conversations with people.  A young man named Ben who is a Buddhist came up to talk with Jen a second time.  Jen had talked to him about a month ago and then this past week he walked right up to Jen so they could talk some more.  It was a great second conversation.  They talked about the fact that if it was natural for people to die then why was it so upsetting that they died.  Jen explained to him that we were wired to live forever and not meant to die.  We were made in God's image.  He really understood and said that resinated with him.  Pray for Ben.


    Bible Study is going great in Cincinnati.  We are so excited to have Ryan teaching there.  He does during his outreaches.  It is great to be able to hear many of the conversations that he has witnessing with students. 


    Thank you so much for your support!


  • December 2013 Update

    This Fall semester at CCNY has been God-glorifying!  CCN students were able to share the gospel with many students on campus during weekly outreaches, and they were able to give away free gospel tracts and books. Additionally, many professors and faculty members at the City College of New York were encouraged by CCN students as well, and invited them for lunch to celebrate a great semester. The students cannot wait until the Spring semester starts, to continue serving God!

    The last 30 days we have handed out over 10,200 tracts. We gave out many of them at the Macy's Christmas Parade in Pittsburgh.  Those watching the parade loved the tracts.  They were Christmas postcards with the gospel on them.

    The tracts were easy to give out.  We said Merry Christmas to everyone.

    They normally said Merry Christmas back to us.

    The students at Slippery Rock I believe loved the Christmas Postcards the most.  Almost all of the students I have the tracts to take them and said Merry Christmas back.

    At Pitt we were able to talk to several students while handing out tracts.  This young lady is a Christian and she asked for a few extra postcards so that she could send them to her family that is not Christians.  Pray for all the non Christians that got these tracts.

    A Slippery Rock students found the tracts easy to handout as well.  We were able to talk to this young man outside even after he finished his cigarette.  It was about 8 degrees outside.  When we first started talking to him he said he was an agnostic. Before the end of the conversation he said that he could believe in a God that died on the cross to pay his fine for his sin if he repented and trusted Jesus. He just did not want to call himself a Christian and go to Church.  I would say it was a step forward.

    We went down to the Strip District and Planned Parenthood to witness as well this month.  We spent a lot of the time praying for people after we witnessed to them.  We watched the one couple that we witnessed to at Planned Parenthood pass by the clinic.  They stopped and argued in front of the clinic but they did not go in.  They paused and the boyfriend walked back to the clinic and then walked back to the women.  The women left and did not go in.  I do not know if they really were going to go in but they heard the gospel and the women seemed to understand the gospel before she walked away from us.

    In December most Campus Leaders plan out the next semester.   CCN has two new campus leaders. 

    Jen gave a talk on evangelism on the second Saturday of the month.  The teaching went very well.

    We also had our annual outreach at First Night.  We spent several hours handing out tracts and witnessing.  Several groups of people heard the gospel 1 to 1.  The New Years Eve event is always a festive atmosphere in which to share the gospel.  We were excited to share the love of Christ at this event.  Below is a picture of the crowds during the parade on New Years Eve.

    All of this would not be possible without support.  Thank You for your prayers and your support.