Encouraging Someone Who is Standoffish


Bob (not his real name) is someone who is very quiet and has not really opened up in the CCN fellowship. No one really knows where he is at. He has been coming to fellowship and outreach.

Campus Leader sent him an email, not really knowing if Bob would even care. But he responded right away, thanking him. This is how we begin to establish relationships with those we lead. By sending them a simple email, letting the student know that he cares, by saying "thank you for..." and "I'm praying for you for..." or by showing the student what God is doing in the student, even when they don't ask.

The truth is that Bob would never ask for help. He is not there yet. However, it looks like he really wants it and was refreshed by the email.  The job as his leader is to reach out to him, anyway.

First Email:

Bob it has been great to see you at Bible Study and Outreach.  We have enjoyed your company.  It is such and encouragement to see students learning about the Lord and serving him.  Keep it up.  I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! I don't know if you have my number, but here it is just in case: 555-555-5555. Please call me if you need prayer or if you have a question. See you on Sat!

Bob's Immediate Response:

Thanks for the encouragement! I also read the email about the men's retreat. I am thinking of going, and I told a friend about the retreat as well and he really wants to come out!

Leader's Immediate Response:

Leader encourages him to come out to the men's conference and bring his friend.