Encouraging Someone Who Struggles with Fear of Not Being Loved

Example: A sister who recently joined CCN shared that she struggles with the fear of not being loved, a leader responded to her in love and acceptance. 

*Note: This email exchange was between two females. When communicating with a member of the opposite sex, you have to be very careful, because an email like this would be misinterpreted. Whenever you are in doubt, read it over several times and ask someone elses opinion before you send it. You can also CC another leader on the email, so the person understands that this is professional. 


Female Leader's Email Response: 

Thank you sister for your opennss.  I thoroughly understand your fear. I think it is a common fear of many people and it manifests itself differently. Some people end up promiscuous and some end up bitter. It's an important thing to address because it can cause people to do extreme things. Before I was born again this was a major issue for me and as a Christian I'm mindful of it.

I can honestly tell you that we really look forward to getting to know you and to love you sister. Just today I began to cry at my computer, because I am so overwhelmed by the love that the CCN women give one another. It brought me to tears because so many years passed without me having sisters to love. Only in recent times has God sent such sweet sisters. I absolutely love and adore them. They definitely reciprocate it. It's brought me to tears more than once. So welcome to the family. Our only requirement is that you be yourself.  We are not judgmental.  I look forward to getting to know you sister!

Students Response: 

Thanks sister so much! I love you guys so much and I thank God so much for you guys all the time. Everyday I pray to the Lord about this and he has done wonders in me and I know he is still working in me tremendously. God will do amazing things in this ministry this semester and i can't wait to see. See you on Saturday and thanks again for everything.