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Campus Events / Outreaches 

Each CCN campus fellowship has weekly outreaches and periodic events. Learn more  >>>  


Regional Calendars

Regional Calendars exists when multiple campuses are located in close proximity and minister together off-campus in a specific area.

Cincinnati OH Area

NY Metro Area 

New Jersey Area

Philidelphia Metro Area

Pittsburgh PA Area

Portsmouth VA Area


Find other locations, where CCN campus chapters are present.  



CHRISTIAN Collegian Network (CCN) Ministry Calendar

See calendar below for ministry-wide special events.

FebruaryMarch 2020April
St Patrick's Day Parade Outreach
Campus Mission Tour
Campus Mission Tour
Campus Mission Tour
Campus Mission Tour

Special Ministry Events At-a-Glance

Get a snap shot of some of our special events being held by CCN, including mission trips, etc.


  • Tuesday, March 6-9th2018 - CCN Campus Mission Tour: Get trained up to go out and share your faith.  Go onto college campuses and use your training.  Enjoy fellowship of sharing the gospel along side other Christians.  Learn more >>>
  • Tuesday, July 31 - Thursday, Aug 1, 2018 - Leadership Summit: Be refreshed with other leaders of CCN for this three day retreat, while receiving valuable leadership tools to prepare you for next semester.  Learn more >>>
  • Thursday, Aug 2 - Monday, August 6, 2018 - Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp (RW): Come serve with other college students in New York City as we share the gospel one to one, open-air preach, and use our gifts, talents, and abilities to seek and save the lost! Learn more >>>