Febuary Update

Febuary Update

CCN is so grateful for your support.  We have three new Campus Leaders that we will be introducing to you in the next few months.  We have also been working on our website.  We have 6 pillars that we are focused on at CCN.  The one we are most known for is Evangelism.  We invite you to check out our Website.  We have added a blog about evangelism to the website

At CCNY they spent a day practicing sharing the gospel.  Here you see a CCN student practicing sharing the gospel with another CCN student.  When you know what the gospel is and you have practiced going over the gospel it gives your courage to share the gospel with others.  We always have fear and trembling when sharing the gospel and we always pray, but knowing what to say makes a world of difference.

CCN loves using our gifts talents and abilities to share the gospel and encourage other Chrisitan.  Here is a picture of women reping for CCN sharing their gifts, talents and abilities in NJ at “A Promise To Keep” .  It was a function about youth purity.  In the picture below you see Laura Goff and two youth performing a dance.


This month our LCC campus Leader Nick went to the local abortion clinic with other CCNers.  They proclaimed the gospel to all of those that entered the clinic.  Here is a picture of Roberto Sharing the Gospel.

One of our new Campus Leaders Ryan had his first Bible Study this month.  Ryan had this to say: I was able to witness to Eric, a student at UC, after noticing him looking over from the next table at a book that I had laid out for the Bible Study. He said that he left religion at home when he came to college and we talked about those who pretend to have faith in Christ. He walked away grateful for the talk and mentioned multiple times that our talk happened for a reason.

February Jen taught about Presuppositional Apologetics.  Jen was asked to teach on that one again soon since the students want to master that topic.  Jen also taught about ministering in front of abortion clinics and the students were grateful.

Jen taught about Islam one week and this is what she had to say: " At PITT when I asked if anyone knew anything about Islam, one of my students told me that most of her family was muslim.  She told me she did not want to believe that her family was going to hell.  I put aside what I was going to teach and explained to her why people go to hell.  I then walked her through the gospel.  She told me she thought the law in the Old Testament were not relevant anymore.  I explained why both are necessary for the New Testament to make any sense.   It was time well spent.

When I taught about Islam at SRU, I found out that students knew little beforehand.  They know more now.  We had fantastic discussions about how to present the gospel to muslims.  I brought along a Koran to the lesson and showed them how you can show people that it was not written by God.

We were able to witness to many people even in the cold.  I am always so surprised that people will stop and talk to me when the thermomotor dips to 11 degrees F, but they do.  I had many wonderful conversions about the gospel this month at both Pitt and SRU.  I'm still at Pitt every Wednesday and SRU every Thursday where I go witnessing and hold Bible studies."

Here you can see we needed snow suits on to stay out in the cold.  It was too cold to stand out there for 2 hours otherwise.

We gave out tracts and tried to get as many people as possible to talk to us about the gospel.

Many stopped to discuss the gospel with us.

Jen was asked to go with a pastor and a few other missionaries to California University of Pennsylvania.  Jen was able to talk about the gospel with many students.  Several Christian students thanked us for being approachable and even thanked us for giving them the gospel.  Jen witnessed to one gentleman that thanked me for explaining the Christian message to him and being willing to talk with him.

This young man that I talked to at CALU was very interested in the conversation that we had.

Jenifer Pepeling spoke at North Park Church's Women's Retreat about evangelism.  Jen talked about the importance of knowing the gospel message and being able to easily share it with others.  She explained the need to study their Bibles and be able to open it up and share truth from it.  Jen showed them why we are all called to share the gospel from scripture.   Jen then talked about why when we share our faith we need to include the following parts (Law, Judgement, Grace, Repentance and Faith).  Jen talked about writing out their testimony and making sure that it included the necessary parts so that the person listening would understand their need for Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead and the need for repentance and faith.  The women that asked Jen to speak at the retreat said the following. "you were anointed--thank you for sharing and encouraging us in this passion to communicate His Truth and Love to a needy world--so great to have you!"

This month (March) several Campuses will go to the St Patrick's Day Parades.  If you are interested in joining one of us, please contact me and let me know.  God willing we will be handing out about 10,000 tracts.  It's a fun and easy outreach for the glory of God.

God Bless You, and I thank you and God for all your support and prayers.

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