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       In May of 1985, I was to graduate with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Cornell University. Two years earlier, my brother had graduated from Cornell and was enjoying a high paying job in southern California. I was anticipating the same bright future…until Christ became my Savior in April. I immediately knew that serving the Lord full time would be more exciting that being an Engineer. So, after enjoying 2 glorious years in southern California working for Mattel Toys – I left to attend Dallas Seminary to pursue full time ministry.
       Over the years I have actively shared my faith in a wide variety of ways and developed many skills in sharing the good news. Here’s a summary of methods I’ve learned:

       Since graduating from seminary in 1993 I have served in several  churches and homeless missions, using my pastoral gifts and training. However, my deep longing to serve using my evangelism skills was never satisfied. I regularly shared my faith and occasionally taught seminars on evangelism – but I wanted to do more. Over the years I even created a wide array of Evangelism Tools to help others share the good news – but these lay dormant in my computer. I’m so happy that now, after so many years, I can finally focus more on Evangelism and train others to use some of these tools:




       Christian Collegian Network is the answer to the longing of my heart! I can work with college students, returning to my roots, where my life was forever changed. I can use my pastoral skills to help believers remain in their faith and overcome the dangers of college life. Most exciting is that I can share my faith…train students to share their faith…and even train churches to share their faith. Thank you for your support! Without your prayers…without your financial gifts…without your referrals, I would not be able to serve the Lord in this exciting ministry. May God richly bless you for teaming with me in this great venture!



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