Graduate Missionaries

Gaining Missionary Experience After Graduation

The CCN Graduate Missionary Program offers hands-on training in ministry and accountability after college. Graduates, who participate in the program obtain missionary experience after college and thus grow in their faith, maturity, and Christ-like love for others.

A Graduate Missionary is one who graduates from college, and desires to stay involved and committed to the vision and work of  CCN. The Graduate Missionary is appointed a position within leadership or leadership-in-training, under the Campus Leader, with specific and limited responsibilities. A Graduate Missionary, therefore, makes a commitment to help build a nearby campus fellowship, called a mission fellowship, by committing to laboring there on a weekly basis.  

The Campus Leader of the mission fellowship in turn commits to training up the Graduate Missionary in all things pertaining to campus ministry, as well as recommending him or her for future opportunities. 

A CCN Graduate Missionary commits to: 

  • Laboring on and building a CCN campus fellowship on a weekly basis. 
  • Submitting to the established leadership on the college campus (Campus Leadership, Assistant Campus Leadership, e-board, etc.) - the Campus Leader, being the head of the CCN fellowship. 
  • Taking a new member by the hand to show them how to evangelize.
  • Assisting with the discipleship of new believers. 
  • Helping to organize and carry out fellowships and events. 
  • Teaching and leading fellowships, when appointed by the Campus Leader. 
  • Assisting with marketing and fundraising for the entire ministry, as directed by CCN Headquarters.
  • Assisting with additional duties delegated from CCN staff (ie. admin duties, planning retreats, mission trips, etc.), if and when requested. 



  • Must be recommended by their former Campus Leader (the campus from which they graduated from).

Application Process:

  • Signed GraduateMissionaryAgreement_2013.rtf - Fillout and email to CCN leadership. 
  • Recommendation given from former Campus Leader, where applicant was a student.   
  • Interview with President and Campus Leader under whom the applicant will be laboring.


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"Being a Graduate Missionary is awesome. I was able to sow into others and encourage many in their personal walk with Christ. It was an easy transition, because CCN is truly one family. Even though I wasn't at my original fellowship, I felt as comfortable being at LCC as I did at MSU. It also encouraged me to step up in leadership at church. I am less timid about holding others accountable. It's truly a wonderful experience."

- Cassandra F., Graduate of Montclair State University / LaGuardia Community College Graduate Missionary