Helpful Tips to Become More Efficient as a Team

1. Editing - Always edit anything that you put out for the ministry, whether it is a blog, email, flyer, etc.

2. Know who to send it to for proofreading - When appropriate, send your work to the person over you to proof it for you. Keep in mind that anything you "produce" for the ministry will need to be proofread. Make sure that you always send it to the person directly over you first before sending anything to me the SOL Leadership, unless they personally request it to be sent to them. If it is something that needs final approval from the President, please send her your finished product after you have already sent it to the person directly above you. For example, when you work on your secular job, you first answer to your immediate Supervisor, before going to the Executive Director, etc. We have a great leadership team and systems in place, so let's follow the proper protocol.

3. Use the internet to answer questions about editing - "Do I write 'apart' or 'a part'?" "Do I capitalize the word gospel or not?" etc. All these capitalization and grammar questions can be answered by Google. Please look up anything you do not know. This is called being "resourceful". This is because proofreading is time consuming and these simple mistakes can be avoided. It's also great to continue your education and learn as you go. Do not rely on your proofreader to google everything for you as they proofread.  

4. Read this article: "Is Managing Email Taking Over Your Workday?" on efficiency concerning emails. 

Team, we are growing! That means more work, but it all glorifies JESUS! Efficiency, being resourceful, and following protocol will help us all to work together as a body for Jesus.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!