High Batting Average

High Batting Average

High Batting Average

They’re Listening!

I’m still amazed at how willing most students are to dialogue about spiritual issues! Not sure if this is because of my “professor” costume, the power of the Spirit, my good looks (any votes on this?), the confused state of many college students or just my skills in conversing with the lost. I suspect the Big Reason – is because they are floundering as young adults, trying to make sense of life and who they are.

This is Alex. He looked a bit intimidating because of his size and fully tattooed arm – but I felt let to choose him from among the students. Only later did I read his T-shirt! He was exceptionally open (which many of the rebellious are) – but sadly, I had to end our conversation. During the dialogue, I kept hearing background noises. When I asked him about it, he replied “Oh, that’s my girlfriend”

When I didn’t see her under the table, I realized she was on his speaker phone! I didn’t want to be rude, so I gave him some follow up materials, my “doors to heaven and hell” and encouraged him to read it.

I always ask student for their email address, so that I can send them a follow up email. In addition, I will use the addresses to send out invites when I start CCN meetings in September.

Mark was especially convicted by our conversation. I shared using the 10 commandment cards I made. He confessed to breaking 5 of the commandments – and then I showed him God’s judgments. After sharing how he’d broken the other 5 as well, he was clearly concerned. Under his hand, you’ll see a gospel of John salvation study I wrote. I give out gospels of John to students showing a real interest in learning more,

I passed these three students while looking for individuals to evangelize, but then saw them again as I was leaving campus. So I asked for a tough question about God…and we engaged in a lengthy dialogue. You’ll see two of them with the new gospel of John’s I just received.

Witnessing to them encouraged me to start witnessing to small groups - not merely individuals. If 1 attends my meeting – they might all come!


Two cafeteria workers hold up the million dollar bill tracts – which I gave them near the bus stop. The blonde one (fake) I teased, asking her if she’s allowed to eat while working. (I’d seen her earlier eating an orange at the cash register) She laughed. These two will be easy to spot again – since I know where they work. For other students, I write down the time and coded location of where I spotted them in the large cafeteria.


   I redesigned two conversation starter cards, aimed at connecting with college age students. I plan on studying “Millennials” – to help me better understand the mindset of this new generation.

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