Learning the "Inner Workings" of Running a Ministry 

The Christian Collegian Network (CCN) Internship Program is designed to engage college students, graduates, and non-students in hands-on ministry experience by providing them with an opportunity to serve off-campus or on Campus in CCN under the supervision of the President , Discipleship Director or any of the Campus Leaders. Interns, who are screened and selected, fulfill a set number of hours per week and are given a set of specific ministry responsibilities, projects, and administration responsibilities. Interns gain an array of additional skills, along with new knowledge of the “inner workings” of ministry and working in the non-profit sector. Responsibilities vary from intern to intern and are agreed upon prior to the intern being offered the position and instilled. Training is provided, as needed. 



  • Must be associated with and laboring on/for a CCN campus fellowship.

Application Process:

  • Completed and signed CCN Volunteer Staff Application (doc) 
  • Recommendation given from former or current Campus Leader, where applicant labors or labored  
  • Interview with President and Discipleship Director.  
  • Internship Agreement (.doc) signed by applicant, President and Campus Leader under whom the applicant will be laboring. Note: Internship Agreement will be emailed to applicant with job assignments listed. 

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"Doing an internship with CCN made my summer break the most productive that it has ever been. Because I lived far away from campus, I normally would not have been able to participate in ministry during the breaks. However, the CCN Internship Program gave me the opportunity to labor in ministry even when the semester was over. It challenged my work ethic and also brought so much growth in my life not only as a Christian, but as a leader in ministry."

- Isaiah J., Assistant Campus Leader at Montclair State University / Summer Internship