January 2014 Update

January 2014 Update

January was a new start on both Pitt and SRU.  I changed the fellowship to be during the lunch time at PITT this semester.  There are many good reasons to do this.   Please pray for the new fellowship time.  We learned about Love being our motivation for ministry this month.  It was truly a blessing.

During the day that I went to Planned Parenthood we had a couple that decided to not murder their baby.  This was a very exciting day.  I went over to the Strip District afterward and met up with Diane and Pastor Ron.  We talked to several people that day.

I planned out and attended our CCN Leadership summit this month.  Many of the leaders taught at the summit.  We learned about fellowship, loving those we are ministering to, being approachable, prayer, homiletics, avoiding down falls of pride in ministry and keeping your word.   The teaching was amazing.

 We went out witnessing during the Leadership Summit as well.  We love to go to Astor and 4th to witness  and Open Air Evangelize at.  Here are some pictures of us sharing our faith.  This is Andre our Campus Leader from MC3.

This is Cliff sharing the gospel.

Here is me sharing the gospel with some young people.

We also spent time on Wednesday morning at the Planned Parenthood in NYC in Manhattan.  We all pleaded for the lives of the innocent.  We try and go through the gospel with the women and then explain that repentance is deciding to not go into the clinics.  We pleaded for their babies lives.  Here is a picture of Aishah pleading with a women.

I printed out tracts in Simplified Chinese for us to handout since we were staying in Chinatown in NYC.  We were able to hand out tracts to many Chinese people while in NYC.  We cannot speak Chinese but we were able to give them tracts.  This is Nick handing out tracts in Chinatown.

I was also able to attend the Super Bowl outreach this month.  I really grew in starting up conversations without using tracts.  Many of the people in Times Square were not taking tracts.  I love to be in one to one conversations and so I decided to just walk up to people that seems to be either alone or not in a rush and ask them if I could ask them a few questions.  Then I would take them through the good person test and share the law and the gospel with them.  It was a great week.   I was able to talk to so many people during this four day outreach.   The gentlemen that you see me talking to below is a muslim, his name is Turk from Turkey.  I had spent 5 hours on the way to NYC listening to James White talk about witnessing to muslims.  I asked one of my friends to come over and join the conversation and then he ended up using all the things that I had learned on the way.  It was a great conversation and we gave him several presents and he even cared about the conversation so much that he came back to make sure that he had not offended us at all.  He said that he was going to look up the things that we talked with him about.  

We went to one of my favorite locations, Washington Square.  I was able to use Presuppositional Apologetics and share the law and the gospel to this group of young people.  Afterward I spent about 30 minutes talking to a young man named Neal.  After the conversation was over Neal thanked me for giving him the gospel and for listening to him.  He said that most people like me do not tend to listen and he thought better of me because I listened.

I was able to talk to a man named Walter for a long time.  I gave him a big thousand dollar bill tract when he walked by and then he came back and said you got me.  It is about God.  I walked him through the good person test and explained the gospel to Walter.  He enjoyed the conversation.  He told me about how his dad died and about how badly his mom was treated when she died.  He had issues dealing with anger against those that treated his mom badly.  I explained that those people would either be punished in hell or Jesus died on the cross to pay their fine.  I told him that revenge was of the Lord.  He thanked me and said that he was going to start going to church again.  He made a comment about how sweet I was to him.  Here is a picture of me talking to Walter.

My favorite conversation of the weekend was with a man named Isaac.  We were at Union Square and I asked a young man named Mitch to walk around and witness with me while others were preaching.  I witnessed to some skateboarders and another couple.  Then I told Mitch to start a conversation with Isaac, OI did not know that I was asking Mitch to start his very first 1 -2-1 witnessing conversation.  Isaac turned out to be a muslim from Africa whose first language was French.  Mitch walked him through the law then I gave him the gospel.  He asked what Christianity's view was on the following.  He said that the strong kept the weak down.  I told him that God made men strong so that they could take care of their wives and Children.  I told him that God made the strong to take care of and protect and provide for the weak.  He loved that answer.  He then talked about the American wife that he had.  I was able to give him a Christian view of marriage, man loving his wife and Mitch was able to give the mans view.  He liked what we had to say.  Mitch is a local in NYC and was able to invite Isaac to his church.  Pray that he goes.  Isaac said that he "thinks he could become a Christian."  Pray for Isaac.  It was so exciting to talk to him.  He really understood and agreed.

Here is a picture of Mitch and I witnessing to Isaac from Africa!

Thank You so much for your support.

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