July 2014 Praise Report

July 2014 Praise Report

July was a wonderful month for outreach.  It was hard to pick which pictures to put into the newsletter.   We had a CCN Leadership Summit this month and you can see more pictures here.  Repent and Witness Missionary trip pictures can be seen here. 

We were able to witness to many people in Hampton at the fourth of July community days.  We are grateful that they invite us back every year.  People waited in line to hear the gospel.  We had very little time where everyone wasn't in a conversation about the gospel.


We had a great team that came out to help with the booth.  I am so grateful to all of them.

I went to the point in Pittsburgh on 4th of July.  I was able to talk to many people and hand out tons of tracts.

Several Campus Leaders with CCN went to Jersey Fire.  We went out onto the Jersey Shore Boardwalk and witnessed to people one to one.  We handed out tracts and shared the gospel in the open air.  I love to use IQ tests and trivia to gather a crowd to hear the gospel.  Many people heard the gospel.  

We had our Leadership Summit which I am in charge of running.  The Campus Leaders and the Board of Directors get together.  We have a day of teaching and fellowhip with each other.  We have two evenings and a morning of outreach.

I traveled to NYC this year via MegaBus.  This method allowed my trip to start of in a wonderful way.  This is Mano and her boyfriend from france.  They were on the MegaBus with me.  I followed them to the subway so that it would seem that I was not alone.  I ended up going down into the wrong subway but these two pictured below did as well.  They were trying to get a Metro Card and they were having a hard time.  I tried to help them.  As I was getting my card they said they were going to Astoria and a person from NY said they were on the wrong side.  I told them that I was going to Astoria too and I would help them.  It turned out they were going to the exact same stop as me.  They spoke mostly French and so I use my phone app GM28 to witness to them.  It is a phone app from Living Waters.

Two of our Campus Leaders shared the gospel open air for the first time at the Leadership Summit using IQ Test.  We also spent a morning in front of the Marget Sanger Planned Parenthood.  It was a rough morning but we were able to share the gospel with several people.

I was able to witness to 3 young ladies in Times Square using the IQ test.  It was raining and so i was using the banner to stay dry and to help me talk with people.  The picture below shows 3 young ladies that thought the gospel was indeed good news and they all wanted to took Bibles.  Please pray for these young ladies.

On the way from where we were staying to the church where the Leadership summit was held we decided to switch trains to get to the church quicker.  While we were waiting I decided to hand out tracts.  You will never guess who decided to take them.  It was several Latter Day Saints.  In fact while I was talking to them about 20 of them came down the steps.  I was able to give them the gospel.  They got onto the train with us and Jake was able to preach on the subway to them.

Repent and Witness is in NYC as well.  It starts the same day that the Leadership Summit ends.  We had 11 people out on the streets witnessing for 4 days.  Hundreds of people heard the gospel verbally via one to one witnessing or proclamation of the gospel.  We handed out hundreds of tracts as well.

The picture above is Mary.  I was able to witness to her.  She understood the gospel and she took a Bible and a CD.  Pray for her.

I was able to share the gospel in many ways. Thank You for your support that I was able.




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