June Adventures

June Adventures

Ministering With Christian Collegian Network

I flew to Chicago in June to attend a new Billy Graham conference called “Amplify”. The conference was super inspiring…what a joy to be around several hundred leaders passionate for evangelism! I felt like I was “home”… like I was “understood” - being around brothers and sisters who shared my passion for getting the church of Christ to wake up to the Great Commission. Wish the conference has lasted several weeks. It was hard to return home. My first Sunday back, as I drove to church, I was flooded with “holy discontent” – suddenly aware of how the Sunday morning church structure (3 songs and a sermon) failed in many areas. To my surprise…the pastor preached that morning on feeling “holy discontent”!

I signed up for a special Organic Outreach program that had 10 special sessions (I attended 9…and had 1 great nap…) It taught me how to systematically motivate both leaders and members to get more involved in outreach. Kevin Harney’s book and research are quite new. I am excited about using his material to help churches shift more focus to the lost. We had a chance to speak privately – and he is willing to help me to connect with churches to do outreach training. 

I also began to see ways to market my evangelism training. I had business cards printed up a few days before the conference and was thrilled by some people’s responses to the name: “Evangelism for Cowards.” Though unconventional, I stood by the entryway and passed out my cards to everyone. In the future I’ll seek to market at conferences through advertisements, having a booth or teaching at breakout sessions. Seems like the best way to get into churches is to attend a conference focused on evangelism.

If you’re dead-set against Christians drinking alcohol – please skip this section. You’re still here, good…I hope! The conference sessions left me burning to share my faith, so I left Wheaton campus one evening to hunt down sinners. Where should I go? I was so fired up, I decided to be daring and witness at a bar. It’s very awkward to sit next to someone and try to start a religious conversation – but I like challenges. I prayed for God’s guidance and let Him and the GPS guide me. Went to a bar restaurant and when I sat 2 seats away from my target…he got up and sat further away. ???  I asked what beers they had on tap, she replied “sorry, nothing today”, then yelled at Mike to “put a sign up that the tap system is broken.” So it seemed like God was saying this was not the place! I checked my GPS for another place and drove about 2 miles in a circle (really a square…) – and ended up at a place right across the street. In faith, took a seat next to a guy…and had the most awe-inspiring conversation with a Bob and his wife Cathy, lapsed Catholics. What’s so exciting is not that we spoke about God for 30 minutes…but that God honors faith and can open doors anywhere! (Note: The above picture is not really the place I went to witness.)

Prayer Requests:


  1. Bless efforts in September to start a CCN chapter on campus

  2. Open doors to train churches in evangelism (help me to network and market)


  1. Part Time Work to supplement support and reduce financial stress.

  2. Courage and success in raising support for ministry.



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