March 2013 Update

March 2013 Update

I witness at Slippery Rock alone each week so I do not have pictures from witnessing up there.  However, I love talking to the students at Slippery Rock.  I have talked to many of the students more than 1 time.  Last week I talked to a young lady that I had talked to before.  She told me that she watches what she says since she talked to me last time.   She has been working on being a better person.  I told her I was very proud of her for working on repentance, but she needed to trust Jesus paid the fine for all the wrong things she had done.  I told her that trusting Jesus was necessary to get into heaven.  She told me that she hoped that next time we talked I would be even more proud of her because she was going to trust Jesus paid her fine.  I invited her to Bible study again.

I love being on the same campus week after week and the impact I can make because I witness at the same place every week.  

 We were given and handed out 9000 gospel tracts.  We handed them out at the St Patrick Day parade.  We handed them out in under 2 hours.  We got the gospel into thousands of peoples hands.  Handing out tracts at the parades is one of the easiest outreaches.  If you are ever thinking about joining us and can walk a mile or so then this is the outreach for you.  You just have to say did you get one of these 1000 times and all the tracts are given out.  

We are able to go on the parade and just walk up the side and hand out the tracts without issues.  

I went to 2 different abortion clinics this month.  I spent time at the one in East Liberty.  We wrote on the sidewalk with chalk.  I love doing this, because it is a witness even after you leave. 

However sometimes right after you write with chalk on the ground the deathscorts come out with a bucket of water and a broom and undo all that you did.  I had more chalk so I wrote with chalk again after they undid it.  I did not write it in all the same locations but many of them. 

The surprising thing about going to the abortion clinics is how many people I get to share the gospel with.  It is the gospel that saves and so that is the most important message I share with people.  I talked with a young man named Jamel the day that this chalk picture was taken.  I walked him through the good person test and he said that he had broken all of them.  I explained that he would end up in hell and that concerned him.  I showed him that if we were in a court of law and was guilty he would still have to pay the fine even if he confessed and promised not to do it again.  He understood why Jesus died on the cross when I went through the gospel with him.  I asked him if had a Bible at home and he did not.  I asked him if he wanted one and he did.  He walked with me to the car and got a Bible.  He walked by later in the day and thanked me and said hello.

The picture above was taken of me in front of Planned Parenthood after the St Patrick day Parade.  It was in the afternoon so no one that I saw went into the clinic while I was there but there are bars on either side of the clinic and I leaned up against the tree there and handed out million dollar bills as people went by.  I was able to witness to several people.  One young man that I talked to for a long time let me know that if he was able to repent of his homosexuality that he would have a drink with me in heaven.   He heard the gospel.  Pray he gets saved. 

At Pitt we spent every Wednesday morning witnessing to students and whoever will talk to us.  We have been surprised about how many people have talked to us even though it has been cold.  We have been going to Pitt for so many years I am always surprised that there are people down there that we have not talked to.  Aunt Laura and I are probably considered part of the culture at Pitt at this point.  The seniors that graduated Pitt last year did not know life without us coming down and handing out tracts and talking to people.  Please pray for all the people that we have talked to through the years.

In the Strip District this past weekend I have 2 first timers with me.  This is Sandy handing out tracts and she said I made her bold.  She witnessed to several people 1 to 1 I believe for the first time.  She did a very nice job.  Sandy and her husband Steve started out their 29th Wedding anniversary by coming witnessing with me.  I could not have asked for a bigger blessing on the day.  Here is a picture of Steve and I believe this is his first time doing street ministry and he was a pro.

Thank You so much for your support.  I could not do any of this without your partnership.

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