May 2013 Update

May 2013 Update

I am so grateful to be able to share with you all that has been accomplished this month in the lives of the college students. As a fellow laborer, through your financial support, you are helping to make this all possible.

This month we had a great witnessing booth at the Avalon Apple Blossom Festival.  We were able to witness to over 60 people on a one-to-one basis.  At the booth, we give The Good Person Test to anyone who comes and whether they pass or fail  the test, they get a stuffed animal, a gospel tract and a Bible.  This time, we gave out four large garbage bags full of stuffed animals.  The booth is like a witnessing buffet for those that come and share their faith alongside me.  We even had a woman break down in tears and pray for God to forgive her sins.  It was a wonderful day to praise the Lord!

We had two outreaches in the Strip District.  During the first outreach, we spoke with a young man named Nathan for about one and a half hours.  His friends kept walking by and asking him to join them, but he told them no twice because he was talking to us.  Pray that Nathan repents and puts his faith in Jesus.   On the second outreach at the Strip District, I spoke with a man named Ed, and most of our conversation was about the authority of the Bible.  We spoke for about 20 minutes and then he came back to talk to me again about one hour later.  I invited Ed to my church and, the next day, Ed came to church!  Please pray for Ed.

Here is a picture of Shaquil, a student at PITT, handing out tracts during the Strip District outreach.   Diane is sharing the gospel at the booth.

For our weekly fellowships, I was able to bring a message titled, "Are you a Disciple?" This message encouraged the students to examine their life to see how; they too, can follow in the steps of Jesus by sharing their faith and training others to do the same. After listening to the teaching, one of the students in attendance said, "This is more convicting than going to church!"
Other lessons taught during our fellowships included topics pertaining to the importance of committing to a local church, the need to have daily devotionals to grow in their relationship with God, how to be on guard against the work of the enemy, as well as a lesson onpresuppositionalapologetics to help them become confident in defending the faith. They are learning so much! The best is when, after fellowship, the students hand out tracts and then call me to share their testimonies after I head home for the night. I get so encouraged!

Thanks again for your support!

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