May 2018 Update

May 2018 Update

I finished up the semester at Pitt and Slippery Rock University.  I loved going to the campuses this semester.  I had so many meaningful conversations.  

I had some students that are going to school to be pastors contact me and wanted us to go out on a Friday night to go witnessing on the South Side.  We had a great time witnessing.  I was surprised that I made it for so long.  We started at 10pm and ended around 1:30pm.  I had 4 long and very in depth conversations.  I told the students to get "Tactics by Greg Koukl" and "Apologetics by John Frame".  They told me they would buy the books.  These are the books that I would tell everyone to get after they had read "Way of the Master by Ray Comfort".  It was so refreshing to go out witnessing with the students.  I hope to go many more times.

CCN had a witnessing booth at the Avalon Apple Blossom Festival.  We talked to at least 100 people that day.  People heard the gospel 1 to 1 and had any of their questions they asked answered.  We had a couple people come to the booth that had been there before.  The one young lady named Judy who wanted to know why bad things happen to God's people.  She really wanted to know because she was upset at God.  It was hard to answer her because she was not asking because she did not believe, but because she does believe.  We gave her a Biblical answer but it was not what would heal her heart.  I explained that God made everything perfect and that because there is sin in the world that bad things happen to people today.  She did not understand why God lets the natural effects of sin play out in this world.  I explained that in heaven there would be no tears.  She would have her perfect body.  No one would be mean to her in heaven. She did not receive this. She wants God to stop the bad things from happening. I gave her other information and a tract from Ray Comfort "Why does God allow suffering?"  Apologetics where not really what was needed here,   I listened to her and tried to console her but she needs to have faith that God is good.

I took the students out to Planned Parenthood and to the Allegheny Women's Health Clinic.  Another day we went to witness before a Pirates game and we witnessed at a blues festival in Indiana Pa.  It has just been such an encouraging month to have all these young people going out and witnessing.

Pray for Tony.  He talked about what the purpose of man is and I corrected him and explained that the sole purpose of man is to glorify God.  He said he never heard that.  I explained that if we lived our lives in a way that glorified God then all the bad things he was worried about would not happen.  He and I talked for a long time.  He said that he was really going to have to think about what I said.  His wife is saved and has probably been praying that he gets saved for years.  Pray he repents.

Here are pictures of some of the new people that have been going out and witnessing.

Thank  so  much  for  your  support.

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