May Praise Report

May Praise Report

 CCN Bible Studies at Pitt and SRU finished up for the semester.  We had a great semester of learning.  Thank you for supporting our outreaches and teachings. 

The summer time brings many different kinds of outreaches. One of my favorite outreaches is our booths as community days. We have about 7 booths planned for the summer and fall months. I am very excited about them. The booth currently looks like this when it is set up.

We are able to witness to many people in our local communities in a friendly manor.

Since school is out at Pitt and SRU and there are fewer students on the campus during the summer I have been going to the local abortion clinics a few days during the week. It is great to go during the week since there are no deathscorts during that time. This allows the interactions between me and the ladies going into the clinic to be more natural and less stressful. Please pray for all the people that go down there to beg for babies lives and give the gospel.

I was also granted the opportunity to serve as a team leader for Ohio Fire.  This is a conference run by Striving for Eternity.  I was blessed to help people grow in their own witnessing ministry.  

Here is a picture of my team:

Leah and I were blessed to be able to witness to 2 JW's.  I was worried about being in a longer conversation while I was the team lead so I handed over the conversation to Chris and then he handed over the conversation to Andrew.  They stayed around for about 2.5 hours to hear the gospel.  Please pray for ED on the left and Eric on the right.  Eric was worried about loosing salvation and I was happy to give him the true gospel and explain several passages to him.  He left knowing he had to go look up several passages again.  During the time I talked to him his eyes seemed to be opening.  However the conversations that others had with him afterward they did not seem to think so but pray for both of them.  They left with homework.

I got to open air at Ohio Fire.


Several people got up on the box for the first time at this event.  The one gentleman that joined our group later even though he was not apart of my group said that if Jen can get up and do it then I can.  He did a wonderful job.  It was awesome he said I was anointed while on the box.

Leah has tons of scripture memorized and people would stop for a few seconds to listen to her recite scripture.  It was very inspiring for all of us to see how much scripture she had memorized.

Here you can see Amynah our CCNY Campus Leader finishing out the night with the gospel while others in our group witnessed to those passing by.

We were able to buy tracts for the campus leaders and for Repent and Witness. We bought Bibles for the Campus Leaders to bring for the students to use during fellowship.  We received a large donation that allowed us to purchase these.  Thank you.

Thank you for making CCN Ministry possible.


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