Campus Mission Tour Signup (CMT)

 The following is the official signup for CHRISTIAN Collegian Network's Missionary Trip called the Campus Mission Tour (CMT).

You can attend any part or the whole Campus Mission Tour.  There will be training at night that you can attend if you want to just learn how to share your faith. 

Click here to see the schedule.

 To just attend the training Please sign up here:

If you want to minister on the college campuses please fill out the application below.  

You can learn ahead of time by going to our Online Evangelism Training page before attending our mission trip. You can attend our training  which will be held the first day of the Tour.   Biblical Evangelism 101 is comprised of two lessons: Hell's Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversions by Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministry, along with video examples. This is to maintain consistency in the biblical approach to evangelism at our camps/mission trips.  You can share the gospel other ways when out witnessing with us, however it is important for you to understand why we share the gospel a certain way.


Schedule for Campus Missions Tour

Questions? Please contact us at 412-549-1303 or via email at