Much is happening at CCN/This Week Evangelism!

  • Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

    We have shared the gospel with many Muslims.  I do not think there was a day that I went out witnessing this month where I was not able to share the gospel with at least one Muslim.  When talking to Muslims there are several stumbling blocks that I run into almost every time I share the gospel with those that follow Islam.  

    1. They believe that God is merciful and not just.  They think that as long as they believe in the correct God and repent well enough that they will go to heaven.  They do not see the need for a payment for their wrong doing.
    2. They do not think Jesus is God.
    3. They believe that the only sin that cannot before given is believing God is 3 in
    4. They believe the Bible has been changed.

    I did have one very good conversation where the young man seemed to receive what I said.  The picture is of Muhammad.  

    He listened to me explain the dual nature of Jesus and thanked me for my explanation. He said he never heard it explained like that. He allowed me to explain how God is Just and that we can only go to heaven if God pays the fine since we owe an eternal fine. Please pray for him. He asked honest questions and was satisfied with the answers I gave and took information from me to read later.

    Pray for Luke. He wanted to know why he could not just be sorry for the bad things he did and not do them again. He wanted to know why he needed Jesus.

    I gave him the example of him Standing in a court room. The judge says he is guilty. He tells the judge that he is sorry and will never do it again. The judge tells him that he should be sorry and he should not do it again. But he has to pay the fine.

    Someone runs into the court and says that they will pay the fine. The is what Jesus does on the cross. Jesus paid the fine we must repent and trust Jesus.

    He said he was glad he stopped and had a conversation and asked the question. 

    I ran into him about 2 weeks later and we continued our conversation.  We talked about how we could know that there is a God.  He wanted scientific evidence for God.  I explained that Science is the study of the material world.  God is immaterial and outside of time and space so that is an impossibility.  I showed him that there had to be a God to create everything because if there was every nothing then there could never not be nothing.  Nothing is the thing that rocks dream about and it cannot create anything.  Pray for young Luke.

    We had some great Bible Studies this month.  We have been talking about the parables in the SRU Bible Studies.  Here is Matt teaching on the parable of the landowner.

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Much is happening at CCN/This Week Evangelism!

Much is happening in CCN

We have our new CCN Theme Song (unmastered version), which will be played when you launch our new and improved website (currently under construction as we speak)!

We are pleased to inform you that we currently are meeting with 2 leaders from 2 separate Christian organizations, and contacting a third on one of our campuses and request your prayers as they consider working with us this coming school year!

Our very own SHU Campus Leader, Lashelle White is hosting an evangelism Mini-Boot Camp at her church, where she will train youths and adults in biblical evangelism, which we also request your prayers for. This is great preparation for her as she will be leading the SHU Training Fellowships this school year. Lechelle Herron and Cecilee Bonsu will be working together on the MSU campus.

We have an awesome addition to our team, Adrian Borges, who is helping to produce our radio show, CCN Radio (currently under production), which will air from our website in the future. Adrian has experience working in Christian radio and we look forward to him adding his expertise to the much anticipated project. Please keep him in prayer, as well as our lively hosts, Ana Mercedes and Joel Peixoto.

Nick Astacio will also be adding his creative expertise this fall as we work on didactic video projects, and Freddy "Traxx" Rodriguez, who produced our theme song, will produce our audio learning aids.


The most exciting developments lie in the changes of the CCN curriculum. During the summer, I have been working hard on an upcoming Leadership Guide, and this will be an easy-to-read guide for the leaders to help them effectively train their campus team! This will allow CCN Leaders to train in Biblical Evangelism and apologetics in a clear, concise manner.

On top of this two new teaching guides are being produced, which will help CCN students to disciple new converts in a personal one-to-one 7-week Foundational Bible Study, where they can befriend their new friend in Christ, while helping them to grow! Plus, another bible study guide, which will help teach those who express interest in Christianity, but are not sure.

Are you excited, yet?

Listen Saints, CCN is not some fly-by-night ministry... We are here for the long haul! Souls are going to be soundly saved, discipled, and trained to save others with biblical evangelism!

Finally, the countdown begins as to when CCN will officially receive it's 501 (c) 3 Tax-exempt status! It looks as if by the end of August '06 this may occur. Until then, you can still write your tax-deductible donation checks to our covering ministry, B.L.E.S.S.E.D. Ministries Inc., to support this awesome work. You can still mail your love offering here:

CHANGE Collegian Network

PO Box 1097 South Orange, New Jersey 07079

As you can see, a lot is going on and we are focused on winning souls to Christ by equipping Christians to spread the gospel! We hope that you will be able to a sow a seed into this good ground.

So, get excited Soldiers, pray without ceasing, and get ready for these exciting CHANGES at
CHANGE Collegian Network!


This Saturday, July 22nd...

Get trained, motivated, and evangelize at the GNN/Revelation Generation Training!

9:00AM to 3:00PM - Training. Plus evening evangelism! So, FREE your whole day, because we may witness at a concert, or in Princeton, NJ or Philly, PA! *Please note that the evening evangelism is not mandatory for the Rev Gen training.

Shepherd of the Valley Church
45 Springs Mill Road/Rte. 614 West
Milford, NJ 08848

Remember, you must attend at least one Rev Gen training to be a part of the Revelation Generation evangelism team at the concert on Sept. 2nd!

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