New things to deal with as a Christian

New things to deal with as a Christian

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for profit, Homosexuals become bolder with the legalization of gay marriage, and we prepare for Repent & Witness! In spite of all this, CCN Missionaries continue to obey the Great Commission...


Flea Market Ministry  

Ryan went to a Flea Market to share the Gospel at an evangelism booth set up by some friends. The man in the green shirt was taken through the good person test.  He said that there were too many contradictions in the Bible, so Ryan asked him to name one.  The man mentioned one and Ryan skillfully explained why it was not a contradiction.  

The man was surprised that Ryan had an answer and then was willing to listen to the gospel.  He had a family member that had died recently and Ryan was able to minister to him.  Study to show yourself approved (2 Timothy 2:15).  God will use that knowledge to minister to others.  It will definitely be a benefit to you.  


Jersey Fire Conference

Several CCN Missionaries attended Jersey Fire.  Here is Jenifer's story from the evening:


Jersey Fire is one of my favorite events of the year.  There are two days of teaching and then we hit the boardwalk to share the gospel.  I spent most of the outreach time doing open air.  Before I was completely setup I had people coming over to check out my banner that I use.  I had a crowd most of the night.  I walked new people that came to the crowd through the good person test and then explained the gospel.  Then I would give Biblical answers to those that asked questions.  Through a good portion of my time there, I had at least 3 people in line to get questions answered.  

A group of 10 young people in their 20's came up and one of the young men was a homosexual.  He wanted to know if he was going to go to hell just because he was gay.  I explained that he would go to hell because he had lusted after a person, lied and stolen.  He told me that he was good with God and he knew it because God made him this way.  He said he was born gay.  I asked 3 guys that were further back in the crowd if it was fair to say they were born fornicators?  They said yes they were.  I turned back to the young man and told him that he had to repent of being gay just like those 3 men had to repent of being fornicators.    He sat down on the ground and hung out for a long time and listened.  He got up and asked many questions and then would sit back down.  This group of young people left and came back several times.  


At one point this group wanted to know when I would be back to speak again.  I told them I would be back next year on this weekend and they said that they would be back since they thought I was nice and wanted to hear me talk more.

Christian Collegian Network equips our leaders and students to share the truth of God's Word with love and compassion! People desire to hear more about God and what He did when we share the Gospel.


As we were packing up to leave, I turned around and the crowd was back again.  They asked a ton of questions.  Many others came over to hear what was going on and I answered more questions.  Two very buff angry homosexuals came over and wanted to know why I was homophobic.  I told them that I was not afraid of homosexuals.  I walked over and hugged the young man that had been there earlier that day.  I told him that I loved him enough to tell him the truth, but it was not me that brought up homosexuality, it was him.  

He asked what was I all about then.  I walked him and his friend through the good person test and gave them the gospel.  He marched off for a bit after he heard the gospel, however after some time he and his friend came back.  He pointed his hand in my face and told me that I had lost.  Homosexuals had won.  I was left behind and poor.  I stood there and prayed and smiled.  He said "and all you can do it stand there with your cute little smile."  He told the entire crowd not to listen to me and then forcibly removed the crowd.  

The next day I heard a story.  A Christian couple had been very upset about how some of the hecklers had treated a women with a broken thumb with ice on it.  Honestly I loved all the hecklers and would not have changed a thing since they gathered such a great crowd.  I had slammed the door on my thumb earlier that day but went witnessing any way.  However they said that they were so upset about it that they got the courage to share the gospel with people they thought were mean to me.  They said it was the first time they had shared the gospel with others. 

It was such a great weekend for the glory of God!


Women Betrayed Rally

There has been a national outrage over recent videos depicting the sale of aborted baby parts by Planned Parenthood. Numerous "Right to Life" groups held "Women Betrayed" rallies across the country to speak out against abortion and demand that the U.S. Government withdraw funding from the Planned Parenthood organization.

It was still early when Ryan took this picture before the rally began in Cincinnati. There was a sea of people on either side of the street by the time it started. News reports estimate the attendance was over 500 people. While most of the people were there to simply speak up for unborn babies, Ryan stayed focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! He started preaching before the ceremony started and a handful of people tried to stop him, but when Ryan assured them that he would not interrupt the event, they let him finish.

During the rally, Ryan held his cross high and prayed that people would visit the 180 website to hear the Gospel. Many of the Planned Parenthood workers could be seen watching the event through the round windows. Please pray that they would be converted by God and leave that place! Afterwards, Ryan continued proclaiming the law and Gospel message. A few people stopped by to encourage Ryan and ask questions about what he had shared. One man was confused about why Christians are different than Catholics and Ryan was ready with an answer (1 Peter 3:15).


Repent and Witness Mission Trip

Please pray for those attending our annual mission trip to New York City. We'll be sharing the Gospel in so many places and learning from some great teachers! Our trip will be from August 6th through the 10th, with CCN Missionaries arriving early for the annual business and leadership meeting. Here's a list of things to pray about:

  1. Cry out to the Lord for his mercy on the souls we witness to and save them
  2. For boldness
  3. For the enemy to be rebuked and kept away from us as we serve the Lord
  4. For the Lord's hand upon this trip
  5. No complications, danger, or division
  6. Favor with the police and authorities
  7. Abundant grace so that the Lord may be glorified
  8. Whatever else the Lord lays upon your heart


Thank you for supporting CCN and our Missionaries! Without your generosity, we could not continue to reach so many lost people with the Gospel of our Lord. If you've been looking for a Biblical ministry to support, that is Gospel oriented and God glorifying, CCN would greatly appreciate your help! Thank you again and God bless you!

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