• More Than Just Wearing Green

     Green means Go! Go share the gospel! 


    On Saint Patrick's Day CCN took to the parade and handed out hundreds

    of gospel tracts. Parades are great opportunities to witness to the waiting

    crowds, because while they're waiting they could be hearing the most important

    message: the gospel.


    These are the smiling faces of campus missionaries.

    CCN is training up students to confidently defend and share the gospel, and 

    behind the smiles students are learning and growing up in the faith. 

    What a joy it brings to glorify God while still in college! 


    Students are studying the Bible, learning evangelistic tools, witnessing to their

    peers, being encouraged in their walk with Christ, and sometimes it happens

    before their next class! CCN missionaries invest in students, and students

    invest in the Great Commission.  


    It starts with a simple tract, and then the seed of the gospel is planted in the hearts

    and minds of the readers. Oftentimes, students pocket the tract without reading it. 

    They go about their day, and may stumble upon it while sitting down to eat lunch. 

    It doesn't matter when or where a tract is read−as long as its read. 

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