• Month of November update

    At the University of Cincinnati, there was Bible Study, Outreach, 

    and Fellowship in the month of November. It's a joy for CCN 

    missionaries to host visitors, and encourage other laborers. Thank

    you for helping us make this possible! 

    As you can see from the excited young woman on the right, 

    at Montgomery County Community College, students are excited 

    about having weekly CCN meetings. Your donations help encourage

    students to be excited about Bible Study and Evangelism! Thank you!

    Here, CCN missionary, Jenifer is praying for this woman after 

    sharing the gospel with her. The woman was grateful that Jenifer 

    stopped to speak with her, and was going through a difficult time. 

    Prayer is the driving force of CCN, and we thank you for your prayers!

    Jenifer was outside this barber shop handing out tracts, and she 

    witnessed to an elderly man that asked her to follow him inside to 

    share the gospel with a friend that was getting a haircut. Everyone

    in the shop could hear Jenifer share the gospel, and many chimed in. 

    CCN missionaries are bold! And we're blessed to have supporters 

    like you! 

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