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  • Pray for Muslims to come to Christ.

    We had a booth at the Hampton Community Days.  Gene was able to share the gospel with this Muslim family and the gentleman came to church.  We were able to share the gospel with hundreds of people 1 to 1.  People love the IQ tests and we normally hear from people that they have never heard the gospel explained like that.  They are very grateful to hear the truth.    


    Jenifer hit the streets with a group called Mission Possible.  Here she is sharing the gospel with a Muslim named Ismael.  Ismael grew up with a Christian Pastor for a father and is now a Muslim.  He did not understand how God can be 3 in one.  Pray that he would repent and trust the gospel.

    We are preparing for Repent and Witness right now.  We go to NYC each year for our yearly missions trip.   

    Please pray for the following:

    1. Safety in witnessing and travels

    2. People to repent and put their faith in Jesus

    3. All the missionaries to be given wisdom on what to say while witnessing

    4. Good weather

    5. Health of all the Missionaries

    6. Speakers to do a good job

    Thank You and God Bless

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