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  • Campus Mission Tour 2019

    In March Christian Collegian Network (CCN) kicked off its annual Spring Break Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT) in Pottstown, PA!

    Led by Campus Leader Andre Goff the CCN Official Campus Mission Tour was a huge success. Promoted as "a highly strategic mission trip designed to bring Christians and Christian college students to various campuses" those who participated in this year's CMT were able to reach many students through the use of Biblical evangelism.  

    Throughout this week long event CCN leaders provided training to Christian laborers on how to share the gospel and reach the unsaved for Christ.  
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    Evening sessions were packed with quality evangelism training taught by a diverse group of instructors ranging from one CCN Bible study student, Campus Leaders from different campuses, and local pastors.   

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    During the day participants were then provided the opportunity to put into practice all they had learned in the classroom by engaging students at several college campuses.

    Here are some of the highlights from this year's Campus Mission Tour:

    DAY 1

    CCN's annual Campus Mission Tour began promptly at 6:00 PM at Second Baptist Church in Pottstown PA. The reception area where participants checked in for CMT contained literature and information regarding the upcoming week's events. 

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    Montgomery County Community College (MC3) Campus Leader Cliff Fulwood kicks things off with the Evangelism Crash Course which equips students with a brief overview on how to witness to others.

    DAY 2

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    Campus Leader Gene Henderson from the University of Pittsburgh Campus in Pittsburgh, PA taught on 2 Timothy 4:5 where he exhorted students to "do the work of an evangelist". 

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    Pastor Charles Cedeno (far right) taught on "The Heart of an Evangelist". 

    DAY 3

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    Garrett Hardy from CCN's Montgomery County Community College (MC3) Bible Study kicked off the evening's teaching with a lesson on "The Bible". MC3 Campus Leaders Andre Goff and Cliff Fullwood along with CCN congratulate Garrett on a job well done! 

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    Pastor Andrew Rappaport from Striving for Eternity Ministries taught on "Bible Reliability".  

    DAY 4 - Temple University

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    A CMT laborer is shown here at Temple University sharing the gospel by handing out the newest book from Wretched called "What Time Is Purple?"


    DAY 5 - MCCC Bluebell, PA

    Here's what one CMT participant had to say about their experience thus far: "...CMT has been off the chain! MCCC in Bluebell had the nicest and most receptive students of any campus we've been to. Truly blessed day. Sooooo many seeds planted and watered."
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    Campus Leader Timothy Jackson from Tidewater Community College in Portsmouth, VA sharing the gospel with MC3 students.

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    CCN President Jenifer Pepling engaging in friendly discussions with students using the popular "I.Q. test".


    DAY 6 - Penn State, Berks Campus


    "Evangelism at Penn State U was off the charts!"

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    At Penn State CMT participants handed out tracts and had many one-on-one conversations with students. They also publicly read from the Scriptures on campus. CCN was especially excited about Brittany, a CMT participant, for her first time witnessing! Way to go Brittany!

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    Apologist and CMT guest speaker Dr. Anthony Silvestro (right) talks one-on-one with a college student. 


    Day 6 - Final day of CMT

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    This last day of CMT ended with an eye opening experience for many who attended the week long outreach. CMT participants witnessed in the town of Kensington which is located in North Philly.

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    It has been reported that here was the worst Opioid issue in the country. Used syringes could be found scattered everywhere on the ground. Thankfully many residents were able to hear the the gospel that day. Most of them took gospel tracts from CMT laborers while one woman literally threw out her drugs upon hearing the gospel from Campus Leader Cliff Fulwood! Praise God!  

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    CCN would like to thank Second Baptist Church in Pottstown for graciously allowing us the use of their facility to host this year's CMT event. We would also like to recognize all of the guest speakers and CMT participants who generously gave of their time and of themselves to fulfilling the Great Commission. 


    And finally, a special thanks to our CCN partners. Because of your faithful support CCN is able to continue spreading the gospel and impacting our local college campuses for Christ's kingdom! 


    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


    - Christian Collegian Network

  • Give Thanks!

    This Thanksgiving season we certainly had lots to be thankful for.  At CCN we are truly grateful for the God given freedom we have in this country to share our faith openly and the gospel freely.

    As those who have been redeemed in Christ our hearts cry aloud with the Psalmist "Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever" Psalm 107:1.

    However, we're not the only ones who are grateful this holiday season...

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    This young man shown with CCN President Jenifer is from Brazil.  From afar he brought with him an assortment of questions.  He was so grateful to hear the gospel that day and for the answers Jen was able to graciously provide him.  Jen, who carries with her several Bibles and a wide array of gospel tracts, left this sojourner with a full heart, a handful of literature, and opportunity for followup later.

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    Just like the U.S. Postal Service we don't allow the elements to prevent us from going out and witnessing!  This young lady standing underneath Steve's umbrella stopped even in the rain to listen as he shared with her the lifesaving message of the gospel.  Though chivalrous, Steve's kind gesture is also symbolic of the grace of God that covers those who shelter in the Cross. 

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    "Aunt" Laura is a faithful CCN volunteer who certainly knows how to make the most of every witnessing opportunity.  This conversation began with Tom, a student at Pitt, telling Laura that he loved her scarf.  Seizing the opportunity she immediately segued from music to the gospel using the Psalms.  It turned out that Tom grew up Catholic and is in the process of converting to Judaism.  Quick on her feet Laura asked the young man to explain Passover.  Seeing that he could not explain it's meaning Laura wonderfully illustrated for him Jesus as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  Despite the freezing temperature Laura spent about 45 minutes talking to this coat-less man who listened intently to her every word and no doubt finding his heart strangely warmed by the gospel.

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    The annual Holiday Parade outreach in downtown Pittsburgh was a wonderful success.   We handed out several dozen tracts along the parade route and started several conversations afterwards. Despite the rainy weather it turned out to be a great day for spreading the gospel!  Their smiles say it all, dont they?

    As we look ahead to the birth of our Savior this Christmas season and as the New Year quickly approaches we are thankful for faithful partners in this ministry such as you.  

    For that we echo the heartfelt sentiments of Paul to the Philippian church who wrote: "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you...for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now" Philippians 1:3,5.

    Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • June 2015 Ministry Update

    Meet hector. A man with much learning but still confused. It was an interesting conversation, He shared how he was raise catholic, then was a Christian, then a Pentecostal, Mormon etc. He actually was supposed to be working at the time, but enjoyed the conversation. Brother Luis, de Jesus offer to bring him a copy of Case for Christ the following day and followed through on that promise.


    Ryan had a Witnessing Academy at the Creation Muesum.  It was a wonderful conference.  The Mike Riddel taught us to ask 3 questions.  "How do you know it's true?", "Has it ever been observed?", "Are you making any assumputions?" 

    A few pictures from the Martureó Academy outreach at the Cincinnati Gay Pride Festival. Yes, we all survived and stayed out of jail. Many even thanked us for being there AND for being so loving! (The message was NOT watered down, just given Biblically and compassionately.)


    Of course Ryan had to do a few interviews for Witness Talk Radio.


    Andre and Cliff held a Witnessing Event as well in Pottstown.  They did a training and then went out to witness the next day at the Pottstown Rumble a huge Volleyball tournament in their area. Here is Cliff doing a wonderful job teaching about why we need to use the law before we share grace with nonbelievers.


    The outreach at the event went very well.  People heard a biblical gospel.


  • CCN Alumni & Students: Join Us for Our CCN "Throw Back" Saturday on April 16th!

    Reunite & be encouraged through prayer, worship, the Word of God, outreach, & dinner fellowship!

    Date/Time: Saturday, April 16th (10:30AM - 7PM)
    Location: Montclair State University (Outreach in Newark, NJ)
    1 Normal Avenue (Room TBA to Confirmed Attendees)
    Montclair, NJ
    Get Directions

    Confirm your attendance and/or get details! Email Us 


    A Message to the Saints

    God continues to build His ministry, CCN, by using students, many of whom have since graduated, to believe in the vision and to work together to further the message of the gospel on the college campuses, and then to pass the torch to a new generation of soul winners!

    We stand in awe of what God is doing for His glory through the college students today: rapidly multiplying students who open-air preach and witness biblically, emboldening students to publicly worship the Lord in the open air, causing students to seek the Lord in group and personal prayer, granting a thirst for His Word and apologetics, and holiness...

    We invite all of our CCN alumni and friends from over the years to come out and to share a day with us and the new generation of soul winners, as we celebrate our LORD JESUS and His glorious gospel!

    We pray that we will see you there!

    - The CHANGE Collegian Network Family

  • CCN College Students to Preach, Witness, & Publicly Worship on Campuses on Spring Break


    Above (left to right): CCN student member, Sam, preaches the gospel on his campus during Testimony Tuesdays, a weekly open-air outreach. Middle: The official CCN "badge" that all students must earn after completing their CMT application, which includes questions on biblical evangelism, and a 1-day CMT intensive training, which includes Bible study, video examples, in-house and outdoor open-air training, tactics and strategies, and even hand-signals to communicate during the mission outreaches. Right: CCN member, Dorothy uses her talent of Spoken word poetry prior to preaching on campus. 


    The CCN Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT) Keeps Students God-Centered During Spring Break

    A sign goes up proclaiming that “Jesus is Lord” next to an upside down milk crate in the middle of Montclair State University’s public quad. After a word of prayer, the students of the on-campus ministry, CHANGE Collegian Network (CCN) (, stand to the side and prayerfully watch as a fellow classmate, clutching a Bible, takes position on top of the milk crate. The gospel is about to be preached in the open air to students strewn around the campus, along with public worship, spoken word, and the public reading of scripture.

    It’s CCN’s weekly event, Testimony Tuesdays, a time when the Christian students gather together outside to publicly lift up Jesus Christ and to unabashedly and compassionately share His gospel with others using their gifts, talents, and abilities. CHANGE Collegian Network, which operates on 8 campuses throughout the US, is a campus ministry that not only roots and grounds Christians in the Word of God through on-campus Bible studies, incorporating worship and prayer, but also trains students to preach and defend the gospel on and off campus. But, the ministry does not stop at just teaching the need for evangelism. They are constantly offering opportunities to share the gospel through organized, weekly outreaches held on and off-campus.

    Now, CCN is taking the students to another level through the CCN Campus Mission Tour (CMT), a new Spring break mission trip, being held this March 14th-17th on campuses located in the tri-state area. Instead of making a quick get-away to a warmer climate to find rest and enjoyment, this Spring break, students are going back to school to share the gospel with others, preaching the gospel on 4 campuses in 4 days, and lifting up the Lord through song and poetry.

    “I know God is going to work through us,” says, Sam Mathews (pictured above), a sophomore CCN member, who will be attending the mission trip. “I pray that the Christians on those campuses are encouraged, and begin to evangelize and preach on their campuses, so that revival breaks out in the universities.” Sam, like many students involved in CCN, was very hesitant about sharing the gospel prior to joining the ministry. "I've always had a passion to evangelize and share what God has done in my life, but I was always scared to speak in front of people. It scared me so much that once I even hid at an open-air preaching service in Philadelphia, where I was supposed to share [in the open-air]. Instead, I took tracts and went out to evangelize [one-to-one]. But this Tuesday, God gave me the boldness to preach and share my testimony in the open-air for the first time on my campus."

    CCN also hosts a 4-day evangelism camp in New York City, called Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp ( This fourth annual event is being held August 4th – 8th, 2011 and is open to both students and non-students. “It’s amazing to see what God is doing with these students,” says Founder/President, Tiffany Gelpi. “We are indeed raising up a new generation of soul winners.”

    To donate towards this mission trip so that as many students may attend as possible, please give towards our Missionary Scholarship Fund.

    CCN is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

    To learn more about the evangelistic campus ministry, CHANGE Collegian Network (CCN), its additional outreaches, evangelism camp, and free crash courses, visit