November 2013 Update

November 2013 Update

In November  at Pitt and SRU, we learned about giving our personal testimony.  We talked about the importance of the students testimonies including the law, judgement, the reason Jesus died on the cross, repentance and faith.  The students were very excited to use what they learned.  They decided that they would write out their own testimonies and share them with the other students after they got back from Thanksgiving Break.  We are all very excited to listen to the students testimonies.  We all have people that we love that have not realized that when they stand before God they will be guilty if they ever broke one of the 10 commandments and would end up in hell.  No one has ever explained to them that Jesus died on the cross to pay their fine and rose from the grave 3 days later. They need to repent and trust Jesus paid it all.  

We were able to talk to lots of people this month.  We pulled out the IQ test banner and used it at Pitt.  We did lots of witnessing 1-2-1 like we always do but it was fun to use the IQ test board.  Most people really get a kick out of the IQ questions.  It allows the conversation to start out with a few laughs and humor.  It also allows the students to see that they do not have all the answers and they could be wrong about somethings.

We spend lots of time handing out tracts and trying to get people to talk about the gospel with us.

This month I started witnessing to a muslim student on the way to Bible Study Fellowship.  We walked together across half the campus while I went over the gospel with him.  When I got to the elevator to go up to fellowship he ask where we were going.  I told him that I was going to teach Bible Study.  He followed me and sat down for Bible Study.  I spent 2 hours walking him through the Bible and showing him Jesus in the different books of the Bible.  It was good because 1/2 through our conversation the students showed up and they got to see me use all the theology that we had been going over the past several weeks.  It was a wonderful conversation.  Please pray for this young man.

We had several evangelist visit Slippery Rock.  They open air evangelized.  I was able to talk to several Christians about using the law when witnessing while they were open air evangelizing.  Several people that I have witnessed to more than once stopped to hear the gospel.   I and others got to witness to them again.  Please pray for the students that heard the gospel.  Many of these students have now heard the gospel several times.  

I met a young lady at Slippery Rock because I went up on a different day to see these gentlemen.  She is an on fire pro-life young lady.  I decided to join her at a different abortion clinic the one morning.  It was the first time that I went to Allegheny Women's Services.  I learned that there is a way for the women to stop the chemical abortion if they only take the first pill.  They can drink half salt and half water and throw up.  There was a women that left the clinic early that day and did not get a surgical abortion.  She stayed near by outside of her car for some time, while I shared the gospel with her.  She did not talk to me but she heard the gospel.

I also had new people join me this month.  I love to put chalk down on the sidewalk so that I have a witness there even when I am not around.  Elizabeth wrote some wonderful things on the sidewalk.  

After we go to the abortion clinic we head to the Strip District in Pittsburgh.  We witnessed to several people but the picture of the encounter below is the one I am praying the hardest for.  Please pray for this gentleman to repent and put his faith in Jesus.  His family is Christian.  He does not believe but he heard the gospel and after his conversation with Diane he wanted the name of the good church.  Please pray for him.

The picture below is of a student who has Christian friends and he heard and understood the gospel for the first time when I went over it with him.  He said it was very good news and understood why his friends would go to Bible study.  I gave him information about the CCN Bible Study.  Please pray for him.

God Bless you and Thank You for your support and prayers.  I would not be able to go out and share the gospel on the campuses without your support and partnership.

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