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  • Dwelling Together in Unity

    It's been said that, as a Christian, if you do not have anyone to go out evangelizing with then go and make disciples!

    Christian Collegian Network is committed to doing just that. Each week Campus Missionaries take to their local college campuses to evangelize the lost and disciple the found.

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    Campus Leader Gene pictured here with Jeff, a second year law student, writes "Another good night on Pitt campus. It was so so c-o-l-d!! But I did get to share the law and Gospel and hand out a lot of tracts with invitations to the Bible Study". Despite the frigid temps aboard the University of Pittsburgh Gene is able to have a little fun also with students by taking them through the ever popular IQ test and Good Person test. After taking the test and admitting he was guilty and would go to hell Gene asked Jeff, "Do you know what God did so you don't have to go there?" Hesitating for a moment Jeff replied, "Reconciliation?" "Yes!" answered Gene emphatically. "God does offer reconciliation but how does that come about?" Gene then employed the courtroom scenario tactic which offers a vivid illustration of humanity's desperate need for the Savior and God's merciful grace. He said, "If you're a criminal in the courtroom and your fine is way beyond what you can pay but that a man comes in and hands you the exact amount of your fine and you in turn receive, accept and give to the judge the judge then can say, 'Your fine is paid, you have met the requirement of the law, you are free to go, case closed'. That is exactly what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross in order for you to be set free from sin and death!" Jeff then responded by saying to Gene that that was a great analogy, a perspective that most students have never heard before. Gene then invited Jeff to the Bible Study he hosts each week on Wednesday evenings and said that Jeff was very open to get together for lunch also. Please pray that they will. Gene feels that Jeff is right there, ready to come to Christ. Gene was also able to share his personal testimony with Jeff on how he and his wife came to Christ when they were both seniors in college. It was a great talk. Pray God brings Jeff home.

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    Recently, CCN President Jenifer went out witnessing all day and got to do so with a new friend named LaRissa. "It was awesome!" she writes and thinks that the two will become good friends. That day there were many wonderful conversations. One in particular was with a young high school student named Desiree who confessed that while she attends Christian events she has never put her trust in Jesus. Jen talked with Desiree for 20 minutes about the Christian walk while holding an umbrella over their heads protecting them from the rain. Jen and LaRissa later met a woman that believes in Jesus but did not trust that Jesus pays the fine for repentant sinners. The woman thanked them for sharing the gospel but it took some time for her to understand. Jen also did some video interviews that day. "Watching them afterwards" she admits "is hard". Acknowledging the fact that critiquing one's own evangelism techniques can be rather difficult but in the end proves useful in improving witnessing conversations. Stay tuned for links to these interviews.

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    Finally, Psalm 133 reminds us "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!" (v.1). Last year brothers and sisters in Christ flocked to Pottstown, PA for the 2019 CCN Campus Mission Tour led by Andre Goff and hosted by Second Baptist Church. Campus Mission Tour (CMT) is a highly strategic mission trip designed to bring Christians and Christian college students to various campuses in order to reach college students through the use of evangelism. CCN tactically trains each Christian how to share the gospel and reach the unsaved for Christ. Registration for CMT 2020 is now open. Go to and sign up today!

    "Please, remember when you get to heaven you will never talk to a lost person again but down here they are everywhere." - Gene Henderson, Campus Leader, University of Pittsburgh

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

    - CCN

  • Sowing Seeds of The Gospel

    "As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.” - Matthew 13:23

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could know which people we encounter while witnessing are the good soil from Jesus' parable and which are not? It sure would make things easier knowing who is going to respond to the gospel. 

    Nevertheless, while "the secret things belong to the Lord our God,...those things which are revealed belong to us" (Deut. 29:29).  And that which has been revealed to Christ's disciples is that we must faithfully sow the seed of God's word and trust in Him alone to provide the growth.

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    This is Christian, a student at East Carolina University where Campus Leader Mary faithfully sows the seeds of the gospel week after week. He and Mary had a great conversation on campus recently. After class was over Christian even came back and talked with Mary some more! Please pray for Christian that, much like his namesake, he will become a true born again believer.

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    CCN Bible Study students Luke (top left) and Kevin (top right) conducted campus outreach aboard Slippery Rock University along with Campus Leader Matt (not shown). It was Kevin's first time witnessing on campus. Nevertheless, both did really well and had several good one-to-one conversations as they handed out copies of "What Time Is Purple?" from Wretched ministries. Please pray for all those whom Luke and Kevin reached with the gospel message.

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    Love knows no bounds. Taking the Biblical mandate of Mark 16:15 to heart, CCN Campus Leaders Leah (bottom left), Eric (bottom right), and Matt (top far right) joined together with other missionaries in taking the message of salvation to the country of Senegal. Using their God-given gifts they were able to communicate the Gospel to residents in that country both verbally and through the use of sign language. Praise God!

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    Back here in the states Campus Leader Gene had several great conversations with students aboard the University of Pittsburgh campus. Many responded by understanding their need to repent and trust Jesus Christ. These students pictured here approached Gene shortly after he had finished setting up the always popular IQ test. After having some fun with these crowd pleasing brain teasers Gene was easily able to transition to the good person test then walk them through the law and gospel.

    While CCN has had a busy month sowing seeds at campuses both near and abroad, please pray that God would send faithful partners to come alongside and water those seeds. And as we labor diligently out in the harvest field each week pray also that we will continue to trust that God will give the growth.

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


    Live near a campus? Interested in becoming a CCN campus leader? Learn how to train students to share their faith Biblically. Visit Start a Campus Fellowship and see if you qualify.

  • Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp NYC 2019

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    They say "There are eight million stories in the naked city."  Here are just a few from our recent missions trip to evangelize the city that never sleeps!
    Onward, Christian Soldiers!
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    This year marked our 12th annual Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp in New York City. Dubbed by some as a "boot camp" for evangelists participants in this year's outreach experienced four solid days of training and equipping in Biblical evangelism to include opportunities for engagement in rigorous activity such as open air preaching and one-to-one witnessing. Each day we mustered outside the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association (MNYBA) where we stayed and "marched as to war", so to speak, toward popular destinations like Times Square, Coney Island, Union Square, and Washington Square in an effort to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. 
    Times Square is chock full of colorful characters
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    Here CCN President Jenifer Pepling is witnessing one-to-one with a man dressed as a popular comic book hero. Can you guess this character's name? In recalling one of her most treasured talks that day Jen writes: "My favorite conversation was with Alec. I shared the gospel with him and he was very receptive. I asked him what was stopping him from repenting and putting his faith in Jesus and he told me 'addiction and lots of problems'." Jenifer then spoke at length with Alec about his use of heroin and pointed to the fact that this was not going to fix anything but only create more problems for him. She then encouraged him to resolve to put away such things. Afterward, she posed the question again, "What is stopping you from repenting and putting your faith in Jesus?" He replied that it would not go with his lifestyle. And so Jenifer wonderfully explained to him The Parable of the Hidden Treasure from Matthew's gospel (Mt. 13:44) and that Jesus is the treasure worth selling everything! Finally after a third time of asking the same question Alec finally admitted that he lacked purpose and that he has been suicidal. Filled with compassion Jenifer assured him that because he was made in the image of God it was that which gave him value and worth. "The look on his face when I told him that" Jen recalls with immense joy "was worth a thousand words!" 

    Savior and the awesome responsibility we as Christians have to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mk.16:15)!  Please pray for Alec. 
    Down by the sea
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    It was a warm and sunny day at Brooklyn's Coney Island. Lots of people were walking about enjoying the beach and the nice weather. Campus Leader Leah Jessie made the most of this opportunity by handing out gospel tracts to passersby along the boardwalk.
    Service with a smile!
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    At Washington Square park Campus Leader and seasoned Repent and Witness veteran Tim Jackson preached in the open air. Many people trekked through our area and heard as Tim graciously proclaimed the law and the gospel with a merry heart and cheerful countenance. 
    Subway praise!
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    Team Leaders throughout were extremely encouraging. Late one evening as we headed back from a long day of witnessing CCN President Jenifer led us in a lively rendition of "Nothing But the Blood" followed by "Amazing Grace". Though our bodies were worn our spirits remained high. It was a joyful night of singing and giving glory to God, one that we will not soon forget! 
    Additionally, Team Leaders' responsibilities focused on helping participants to put into action what they have learned while lovingly encouraging them out of their comfort zone to reach the lost.
    On the box
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    Former Slippery Rock University and CCN Bible Study student Joshua DiPippa shown here preaching in the open air for the first time in Union Square.
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    John Malone a native from New Jersey and a first time attendee of Repent and Witness shown here giving his testimony before a busy crowd.
    The Gospel at Union "Scare"
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    Manhattan's Union Square contained bright lights and a bustling nightlife, not to mention an eccentric mix of people. But for Campus Leader Eric Williams it also brought forth a wonderful surprise. While "on the box" Eric (right) was greeted by his cousin (left) whom he hadn't seen in a long time. Nevertheless, while he was preaching Eric's cousin was listening and got an opportunity to hear the gospel! "What are the odds?" Eric wondered aloud. 
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    Dennis Miranda (left) from Pittsburgh, PA lovingly shares a passage from God's word with a New Yorker in response to one of his objections. Just a few moments before the bicyclist and his friend had been sharply protesting during Dennis' open air preaching before a watching crowd. 
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    Campus Leader Gene Henderson came upon two young men dining in the park where he began a witnessing conversation with them. "They were very attentive" Gene recalls "and did not seem to mind me interrupting them while they chowed down on their pizza. The young man on my right said to me that he thought the Bible to be not a reliable book saying that it was translated so many times over so many years." This is a common objection that CCN campus missionaries often face. Nevertheless, Gene was prepared to give a defense. "I explained to him that the Bible was written over a length of 1,500 years, written by 40 different authors and from three different continents. And that the Bible has a coherency and consistency unmatched by any ancient work out of antiquity. We see this coherency and consistency well in the multitude of fulfilled prophesies and even more amazingly in the life of Jesus who often went to the scriptures to answer peoples questions and objections. So if the scriptures" Gene pressed on "were and are good enough for Jesus to properly know and answer life’s questions then those same scriptures are good enough for you and me." The young man then exclaimed that that was the best explanation of the validity of the Bible that he had ever heard! Thus Gene then ended his time by politely apologizing for interrupting their meal. However, they seemed very appreciative nonetheless that he stopped by to talk with them and to share the good news of Jesus Christ who forgives all when we repent and trust Him. 
    "Parting is such sweet sorrow..." - Shakespeare
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    Though witnessing in such a place as New York City could be considered a tough assignment, the toughest part of this mission, however, was in leaving the sweet fellowship of like minded believers. At Repent and Witness our faith was tested and limits were certainly stretched. Nonetheless, one truth remains, and that is [God] is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20).
    Want to join us next year for our 13th Annual Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp (NYC) 2020? Learn more by visiting and register today!
    To all those who've partnered with Christian Collegian Network throughout the year to make our evangelism camps and outreaches a success THANK YOU for your continued support!
    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!
    - CCN

  • Fruitful Month of Ministry

    July was another fruitful month for CCN in fulfilling the biblical mandate to preach the gospel to every creature.  The Lord has been gracious to us in providing many opportunities for the advancement of His kingdom!
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    We had a wonderful time engaging with local residents again at the Hampton Community Days outreach in Hampton Township, PA.  Here Campus Leader Gene Henderson is shown administering the IQ test to festival goers before taking them through the good person test.  The IQ Test has been proven to be a wonderful ice breaker at many of our outreach events which not only draws in curious onlookers but also paves the way for the presentation of the law and the gospel. 
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    Recently CCN President Jenifer Pepling met with fellow Christians in New York City to proclaim the good news through open air preaching and one on one evangelism. Please pray for those who heard the gospel in the city that never sleeps that they might find rest in Christ for their weary souls.
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    Back in Pottstown, PA Campus Leader Andre Goff shown here along with one of his church's youth group members hits the street lifting high the cross of Christ!  As shoes for their feet, no doubt, "having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace" (Ephesians 6:15) they stand fast in proclaiming the truth and righteousness.
    Are you ready?
    Ready to join CCN in prayerfully supporting our largest evangelistic outreach in the next few days in one of the most populated and diverse cities in the world? 
    From August 8th - 11th CCN will be hosting its 11th Annual Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp.  Imagine going to a place where you never have to draw crowds to preach the gospel, because almost everywhere you go, there are massive crowds of people from literally all over the world to preach to.  That's CCN's Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp in New York City!
    During this time please petition the Lord on behalf of all the saints attending Repent and Witness this year as we engage in activities such as biblical evangelism training, open air preaching in the city streets and subways, along with fellowship and worship, and one on one evangelism.
    Pray also that words may be given to us in opening our mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which we are ambassadors, that we may declare it boldly, as we ought to speak (Ephesians 6:19,20).
    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!
    - CCN
  • Give Thanks!

    This Thanksgiving season we certainly had lots to be thankful for.  At CCN we are truly grateful for the God given freedom we have in this country to share our faith openly and the gospel freely.

    As those who have been redeemed in Christ our hearts cry aloud with the Psalmist "Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever" Psalm 107:1.

    However, we're not the only ones who are grateful this holiday season...

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    This young man shown with CCN President Jenifer is from Brazil.  From afar he brought with him an assortment of questions.  He was so grateful to hear the gospel that day and for the answers Jen was able to graciously provide him.  Jen, who carries with her several Bibles and a wide array of gospel tracts, left this sojourner with a full heart, a handful of literature, and opportunity for followup later.

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    Just like the U.S. Postal Service we don't allow the elements to prevent us from going out and witnessing!  This young lady standing underneath Steve's umbrella stopped even in the rain to listen as he shared with her the lifesaving message of the gospel.  Though chivalrous, Steve's kind gesture is also symbolic of the grace of God that covers those who shelter in the Cross. 

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    "Aunt" Laura is a faithful CCN volunteer who certainly knows how to make the most of every witnessing opportunity.  This conversation began with Tom, a student at Pitt, telling Laura that he loved her scarf.  Seizing the opportunity she immediately segued from music to the gospel using the Psalms.  It turned out that Tom grew up Catholic and is in the process of converting to Judaism.  Quick on her feet Laura asked the young man to explain Passover.  Seeing that he could not explain it's meaning Laura wonderfully illustrated for him Jesus as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  Despite the freezing temperature Laura spent about 45 minutes talking to this coat-less man who listened intently to her every word and no doubt finding his heart strangely warmed by the gospel.

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    The annual Holiday Parade outreach in downtown Pittsburgh was a wonderful success.   We handed out several dozen tracts along the parade route and started several conversations afterwards. Despite the rainy weather it turned out to be a great day for spreading the gospel!  Their smiles say it all, dont they?

    As we look ahead to the birth of our Savior this Christmas season and as the New Year quickly approaches we are thankful for faithful partners in this ministry such as you.  

    For that we echo the heartfelt sentiments of Paul to the Philippian church who wrote: "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you...for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now" Philippians 1:3,5.

    Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • As followers of Christ, remember that we are "sojourners"

    The Bible often reminds us as followers of Christ that we are "sojourners", "pilgrims" (1 Peter 2:11-12), strangers in a strange land if you will.  And last month's outreach booth at the Mars Apple Festival in Mars, PA was no exception. (They literally have a spaceship in the middle of their town!!)  

    Responsive image

    Here Dennis, Assistant Campus Leader at Pitt, is speaking with a woman at our booth sharing with her the gospel of Jesus Christ.  While we have the wonderful privilege of doing so and meeting many different people along the way, one common thread we've noticed running through each person regardless of race, color, creed, or religion is the erroneous belief in goods works as a means for one's salvation.  To which we continually point to the finished work of Christ on the cross and to Bible passages such as Ephesians 2:8,9.    

    Responsive image

    Andre, Leader of Discipleship with CCN, took his youth group out again this month to share the gospel in the streets of Pottstown, PA.  Both Andre and Campus Leader Cliff (not shown) have been faithful to share the gospel in that area for years.  Please pray for a revival in that town and may God be glorified!

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    Slippery Rock University Campus Leader Matthew met with a young man that came and sought him out him.  The student wanted to meet with Matt and see what he was doing on campus.  Matthew then proceeded to graciously walk him through the gospel.  During their discussion Matthew became aware that the young man possessed some un-biblical views.  So he spent the remainder of the time showing him what the Bible says rather than what the student thought it says.  Matt reminded the young man that Jesus was upset with the Sadducees and Pharisees, the religious leaders of His day, because they put the the traditions of men above the word of God.   

    Responsive image

    CCN President Jenifer spoke with a young man recently named Harry at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).  Harry asked some of the most often asked questions a person could ask such as:  

    • How do you know there is a God?
    • How do you know which God?
    • Is it the word of God with all those different versions of the Bible?
    • Which God do you believe in the one of the New Testament or the Old Testament? Why did God kill everyone but Noah?
    • Why did God kill all the people before Israel took over?
    • Why does God let bad things happen?

    Jen was able to give him answers to all of his questions and Harry was happy to finally get an answer to all them!  Afterwards, Jen gave him a Bible and a book called "The Gospel of God" to encourage this young man to seek after God.  Harry also took her card and said he was going to read through the Bible.  Please pray for Harry.  This was truly a wonderful conversation!

    CCN exists for the purpose of proclaiming Christ while warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may "present every man perfect in Christ Jesus" (Col. 1:28).

    Because of your partnership with this ministry God is answering prayers and providing the necessary resources needed in order for us to carry out the Great Commission.  Thank you once again for your faithfulness to the gospel in ensuring that it is being preached unto every creature (Mk.16:15)!

  • Witnessing To All People

    Campus Leader, Jenifer, traveled to California for Living Waters'

    Ambassador's Academy! Here you can see her sharing the gospel 

    with Chewbacca! Your support helps CCN missionaries travel to 

    conferences where they will be strengthened in their evangelistic efforts!

    Cliff and Andre taught a CCN Crash Course at Victory Christian Life

     Center.  They taught the group how to share the gospel and basic

    apologetics.  Followed by outreach at the park.  If you are interested in 

    having your church trained up please let us know. 

    No one is too old or too young to hear the gospel! CCN missionaries

    make sure to reach every person they come across with the Good News

    of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your continued support to make this possible!

    The most wonderful news that anyone could hear is that they can 

    be forgiven of their sin, and that there is a Savior named Jesus Christ

    who makes that possible! CCN missionaries are excited to use every 

    opportunity, every tract, every conversation during our outreaches to

    redeem the time. Thank you for helping us financially, and prayerfully.

    You are the wheels that are helping to keep the vehicle of our ministry


  • New things to deal with as a Christian

    Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for profit, Homosexuals become bolder with the legalization of gay marriage, and we prepare for Repent & Witness! In spite of all this, CCN Missionaries continue to obey the Great Commission...


    Flea Market Ministry  

    Ryan went to a Flea Market to share the Gospel at an evangelism booth set up by some friends. The man in the green shirt was taken through the good person test.  He said that there were too many contradictions in the Bible, so Ryan asked him to name one.  The man mentioned one and Ryan skillfully explained why it was not a contradiction.  

    The man was surprised that Ryan had an answer and then was willing to listen to the gospel.  He had a family member that had died recently and Ryan was able to minister to him.  Study to show yourself approved (2 Timothy 2:15).  God will use that knowledge to minister to others.  It will definitely be a benefit to you.  


    Jersey Fire Conference

    Several CCN Missionaries attended Jersey Fire.  Here is Jenifer's story from the evening:


    Jersey Fire is one of my favorite events of the year.  There are two days of teaching and then we hit the boardwalk to share the gospel.  I spent most of the outreach time doing open air.  Before I was completely setup I had people coming over to check out my banner that I use.  I had a crowd most of the night.  I walked new people that came to the crowd through the good person test and then explained the gospel.  Then I would give Biblical answers to those that asked questions.  Through a good portion of my time there, I had at least 3 people in line to get questions answered.  

    A group of 10 young people in their 20's came up and one of the young men was a homosexual.  He wanted to know if he was going to go to hell just because he was gay.  I explained that he would go to hell because he had lusted after a person, lied and stolen.  He told me that he was good with God and he knew it because God made him this way.  He said he was born gay.  I asked 3 guys that were further back in the crowd if it was fair to say they were born fornicators?  They said yes they were.  I turned back to the young man and told him that he had to repent of being gay just like those 3 men had to repent of being fornicators.    He sat down on the ground and hung out for a long time and listened.  He got up and asked many questions and then would sit back down.  This group of young people left and came back several times.  


    At one point this group wanted to know when I would be back to speak again.  I told them I would be back next year on this weekend and they said that they would be back since they thought I was nice and wanted to hear me talk more.

    Christian Collegian Network equips our leaders and students to share the truth of God's Word with love and compassion! People desire to hear more about God and what He did when we share the Gospel.


    As we were packing up to leave, I turned around and the crowd was back again.  They asked a ton of questions.  Many others came over to hear what was going on and I answered more questions.  Two very buff angry homosexuals came over and wanted to know why I was homophobic.  I told them that I was not afraid of homosexuals.  I walked over and hugged the young man that had been there earlier that day.  I told him that I loved him enough to tell him the truth, but it was not me that brought up homosexuality, it was him.  

    He asked what was I all about then.  I walked him and his friend through the good person test and gave them the gospel.  He marched off for a bit after he heard the gospel, however after some time he and his friend came back.  He pointed his hand in my face and told me that I had lost.  Homosexuals had won.  I was left behind and poor.  I stood there and prayed and smiled.  He said "and all you can do it stand there with your cute little smile."  He told the entire crowd not to listen to me and then forcibly removed the crowd.  

    The next day I heard a story.  A Christian couple had been very upset about how some of the hecklers had treated a women with a broken thumb with ice on it.  Honestly I loved all the hecklers and would not have changed a thing since they gathered such a great crowd.  I had slammed the door on my thumb earlier that day but went witnessing any way.  However they said that they were so upset about it that they got the courage to share the gospel with people they thought were mean to me.  They said it was the first time they had shared the gospel with others. 

    It was such a great weekend for the glory of God!


    Women Betrayed Rally

    There has been a national outrage over recent videos depicting the sale of aborted baby parts by Planned Parenthood. Numerous "Right to Life" groups held "Women Betrayed" rallies across the country to speak out against abortion and demand that the U.S. Government withdraw funding from the Planned Parenthood organization.

    It was still early when Ryan took this picture before the rally began in Cincinnati. There was a sea of people on either side of the street by the time it started. News reports estimate the attendance was over 500 people. While most of the people were there to simply speak up for unborn babies, Ryan stayed focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! He started preaching before the ceremony started and a handful of people tried to stop him, but when Ryan assured them that he would not interrupt the event, they let him finish.

    During the rally, Ryan held his cross high and prayed that people would visit the 180 website to hear the Gospel. Many of the Planned Parenthood workers could be seen watching the event through the round windows. Please pray that they would be converted by God and leave that place! Afterwards, Ryan continued proclaiming the law and Gospel message. A few people stopped by to encourage Ryan and ask questions about what he had shared. One man was confused about why Christians are different than Catholics and Ryan was ready with an answer (1 Peter 3:15).


    Repent and Witness Mission Trip

    Please pray for those attending our annual mission trip to New York City. We'll be sharing the Gospel in so many places and learning from some great teachers! Our trip will be from August 6th through the 10th, with CCN Missionaries arriving early for the annual business and leadership meeting. Here's a list of things to pray about:

    1. Cry out to the Lord for his mercy on the souls we witness to and save them
    2. For boldness
    3. For the enemy to be rebuked and kept away from us as we serve the Lord
    4. For the Lord's hand upon this trip
    5. No complications, danger, or division
    6. Favor with the police and authorities
    7. Abundant grace so that the Lord may be glorified
    8. Whatever else the Lord lays upon your heart


    Thank you for supporting CCN and our Missionaries! Without your generosity, we could not continue to reach so many lost people with the Gospel of our Lord. If you've been looking for a Biblical ministry to support, that is Gospel oriented and God glorifying, CCN would greatly appreciate your help! Thank you again and God bless you!

  • June 2015 Ministry Update

    Meet hector. A man with much learning but still confused. It was an interesting conversation, He shared how he was raise catholic, then was a Christian, then a Pentecostal, Mormon etc. He actually was supposed to be working at the time, but enjoyed the conversation. Brother Luis, de Jesus offer to bring him a copy of Case for Christ the following day and followed through on that promise.


    Ryan had a Witnessing Academy at the Creation Muesum.  It was a wonderful conference.  The Mike Riddel taught us to ask 3 questions.  "How do you know it's true?", "Has it ever been observed?", "Are you making any assumputions?" 

    A few pictures from the Martureó Academy outreach at the Cincinnati Gay Pride Festival. Yes, we all survived and stayed out of jail. Many even thanked us for being there AND for being so loving! (The message was NOT watered down, just given Biblically and compassionately.)


    Of course Ryan had to do a few interviews for Witness Talk Radio.


    Andre and Cliff held a Witnessing Event as well in Pottstown.  They did a training and then went out to witness the next day at the Pottstown Rumble a huge Volleyball tournament in their area. Here is Cliff doing a wonderful job teaching about why we need to use the law before we share grace with nonbelievers.


    The outreach at the event went very well.  People heard a biblical gospel.


  • Personal Testimonies

     At CCN, we are all about sharing the gospel and often a persons personal testimony is a wonderful tool.  You can tell your friends and family your testimony.  You need to make sure that your testimony always includes the law, judgement and the gospel.   A person needs to see that they personally broke God's law.  They will stand before God in judgement and that Jesus paid their personal fine.  No one can say what happened to you did not happen.  It is also easy to start a conversation about Jesus with this is what happened to me.  This is what has made me different.  We added some personal testimonies at   We will be adding more in the near future.  

    Did you know that the same Greek word for "Witness" is also translated as "Martyr?" This makes one wonder, what does it mean to really be a witness for Jesus Christ?

    "Fear not, nor be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it? And you are my witnesses!" (Isaiah 44:8) Learn how you can dispel your fear while becoming an active AND effective witness for our Lord!

    The Martureo Academy will consist of intense training from experts in Evangelism, Apologetics, and Theology. The classes will run from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM and lunch IS provided! After the training, you will be given the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.  Our Campus Leader Ryan is putting on this Conference.

    Here are two testimonies from two of our students:


    As always we were busy sharing our faith this month.



  • 1 Billion Opportunites to Die

    There is a cliché that says there are six million ways to die. Have you heard it? I’m not sure of the veracity of such a statement, but even if that were true, that doesn’t concern me as much as how many opportunities there are to die. Regardless of the innumerable ways a person can die, the more sobering thought that should grip us is that every second that passes, and approaches, was/is another opportunity to pass away. Let me put this into perspective in a couple of ways.

    If you drive, how many intersections do you cross while you drive? Ever counted? Have you ever thought about a drunk driver, a phone texter, or just a person not paying attention, running that red light, slamming into you, and killing you? Every intersection is another probability for that.

    How about this. You are at work, at home, or anywhere else, and you have a brain aneurism, or a heart attack, or some other bodily organ fail on you, which costs you your life. Have you ever wondered how something like that can hit, literally, at any second? With six millionish ways to die, the probabilities that something outside of you, or inside of you, can take you out is absolutely flooring when you think about that reality.  But, once again, the ways you can die is not as frightening as to how often that opportunity presents itself. Here is another perspective that I hope will rock your thinking. Since I am going to die at any time (whenever my time comes), I am going to use the smallest, most comprehensible measurement of time to show you how many opportunities I have personally had to die – the second.

    There are 60 seconds in a minute. Multiply 60 seconds by 60 minutes and you have 3,600 seconds in an hour. Multiply 3,600 by 24 hours and you get 86,400 seconds in a day. Now, multiply 86,400 by 365.24 days in a year, and you end up with 31,556,736 seconds in a year. Finally, I am 32 years old to date (not counting the days that have passed since my birthday), which means that since my birth, I have had 1,009,815,552+ opportunities in my lifetime to die! And let’s not forget the fact that I could have died in the womb, either by abortion or miscarriage.

    When you think about this number, I have soared well above 1 billion in opportunities to expire from the Earth. With all the different ways I could die and all the opportunities that will make that a reality, it is truly a miracle I am still alive! And that is the point I am trying to make. The only reason why any of us are alive for any amount of time on this Earth is simply by the grace of God. Not only because life in and of itself is a precious miracle that can only come about by the mighty and creative power of God, but also because the Bible says that we deserve death because we are sinful at conception.

    Psalm 51:5 says,
    Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me.”

    Romans 5:12 also points out, Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned…”

    The fact that we die is a testimony to our sinful nature. To make matters worse, as we grow old, the Bible teaches us that we choose sin over God because of our nature, and do not desire to please Him (John 3:19; Romans 3:12), thus is the reason why His wrath abides on us (Ephesians 5:6). Nevertheless, just reading this is a testimony to the graciousness of God upon you in that you have not yet died.

    Moses prays to God in asking Him in Psalm 90:12 to “teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. In essence, we are to contemplate the short amount of time we have on the Earth so that we may gain a heart of wisdom. The Bible teaches that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge (Proverbs 1:7; 9:10), and that in departing from sin we gain understanding (Job 28:28). In order for us to realize the truth concerning how frail we are, and how susceptible we are to die at any second, it is important that we contemplate death and how imminent it really is. More than that, we must contemplate death in relationship to what God says about it. Not our Grandparents or parents, or our friends, co-workers, or mentors. And not Islam, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, or Atheism, but God’s Word (all 66 books of the Bible).  

    The bad news is that many of you who will read this will decide to reject the gift of everlasting life presented to you by Christ through the gospel.  Many will take every breath given to them by God and will continue to life every second as they please without regard for the One who gave them life. It doesn’t matter what sin it is, God must judge those that break His laws.

    The good news is that Jesus Christ died in our place, took our sin upon Himself, endured the wrath of God, and rose from the dead, defeating death, making a way from those who repent and believe to be saved. Even though we will die one day, the fact that Christ rose from the dead tells us there is a resurrection coming! Some will rise to everlasting life, others to everlasting condemnation (John 5:29). If you trust Him to save you from your sin, He will change your nature and give you a new heart with new desires. You will no longer desire to live in sin, but will want to love and obey Him because of Who He is!

    Every second that ticks away is another second you can never get back. Every second approaching is another opportunity to die and meet your Maker. After that, eternity awaits you. Don’t waste any more time! Thrust yourself at the feet of Jesus and cry out for mercy because your sins against Him. He is gracious, and will forgive you if you are humble and broken. Trust in him while you are still given a second to do so. One day, that will not be the case.


  • November Praise Report

    CCN exists to train up its students to go out and share the gospel.  This month one of the Pitt students shared the gospel with another Pitt student.   The new college student at Pitt joined us at Bible Study.  He was headed home for Thanksgiving later that day and could not wait to ask his Grandmother for a Bible.  Jen asked him if he wanted one and he did and so Jen gave him a Bible.  He was so excited about joining us for Bible Study that we are going to have Bible Study the week of finals.  Pray that he reads his Bible the entire way home to Philadelphia.

    Jen finished teaching through John Frames book "Apologetics to the Glory of God."  We learned all about Presuppositional Apologetics.   The students now know how to show others that Christianity true because it resembles reality.  We learned about many different ways to show that the God of the Bible and specifically Chrisitan God is the only logical God.  The students discovered that you cannot have logic or morality outside of the Christian Worldview.  It was powerful to show the students that all other world views do not have legs to stand on.

    The NYC Campuses ministered at an abortion clinic in their area.  Here is a picture of Diane pleading with those that are going inside.


    The MCCC Campus went out proclaiming repentance and faith in Jesus Christ in Pottstown this month as they always do.  Here is Andre preaching the good news to people waiting at the local bus stop.

    Tim at Tidewater Community College had many great conversations on his campus about the Gospel.  


    Some of Tim's students came out and shared the gospel several times this month.  They helped hand out Evolution vs God DVD's as well and hand out tracts on other days.  It is so exciting to see the students going out and sharing their faith.

    We  handed out tracts at the Christmas Parade in downtown Pittsburgh.  We handed out Christmas Postcards at this parade.  The Christmas postcards were very easy to handout.  We handed out the same tract last year.  People were very excited to recieve the tract.

    Each week we are able to speak to many students about the gospel on the campuses.    This month Jen had several second conversations with people.  A young man named Ben who is a Buddhist came up to talk with Jen a second time.  Jen had talked to him about a month ago and then this past week he walked right up to Jen so they could talk some more.  It was a great second conversation.  They talked about the fact that if it was natural for people to die then why was it so upsetting that they died.  Jen explained to him that we were wired to live forever and not meant to die.  We were made in God's image.  He really understood and said that resinated with him.  Pray for Ben.


    Bible Study is going great in Cincinnati.  We are so excited to have Ryan teaching there.  He does during his outreaches.  It is great to be able to hear many of the conversations that he has witnessing with students. 


    Thank you so much for your support!


  • October 2014 Praise Report

    CCN students went out and shared the gospel this month.  CCN exists to send missionaries onto the campus and train up the students to go out and do the same.  Here is Bjorn handing out gospel tracts at the University of Pittsburgh.



    Here is Matt witnessing to a fellow student at Slippery Rock.


    Below is a picture of Jen talking to a young man named Andrew.   Jen had a long conversation about God.  He kept telling Jen that there does not need to be an absolute God because everything comes about by constant changes.  Jen tried to show him that there are absolute laws in science and that if those absolute laws came about by random chance then it would follow that those laws could change at any moment making them not laws.  He tried to show Jen that the electrons changed when they formed molecules.  Jen tried to tell him that those were governed by a law and they would do the same thing each time.  He either did not get the point or did not want to.  He heard the gospel though and enjoyed the conversation.



    Bible study is going great at MCCC.  Praise the Lord! Another great CCN life lesson. "The god of Pleasure" was a very good lesson. From left to right are Cameron, Cliff, Deana, and Christine. Also had a chance to witness to a Buddhist. Using the 10 commandments, the scriptures, and reason Cliff was able to unmask her contradictory worldview. And how the truth of the gospel makes sense. She thought the gospel made so much sense that, as Deana pointed out, she couldnt process it. She sort of left abruptly to go to class. But a seed was definetly planted. We prayed for her and hopefully by Gods grace He grants her repentance. It was good that Deana and Cameron witnessed it. To God be the glory! Go CCN!!!



    Ryan had a wonderful time at his CCN fellowship in Cinnincati.  Please continue to pray for all the CCN Fellowships. 


    Jake in Minnesota had a group do outreach at the abortion clinic.


    Jen went down to South Carolina and served infront of an abortion Clinic there at the Fall for Greenville outreach.  Jen stood by the drive way and tried to flag down cars.  Jen would talk to the women and ask them not to murder their babies.  There was a couple that was pregnant with twins that left the clinic saying they were not going to murder the babies.



    God Bless You!  CCN hopes that you have been encouraged to go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others as well.


    I went down to the Planned Parenthood this month and had a very long converstaion with a muslim from Eygpt.  I tried to show him that Jesus had to die on the cross to pay the fine anyone that would get to heaven.  I showed him that God would be corrupt if he just would forgive people.  I also walked him through the Old Testiment to show him the progession of a sacrifice for sin being needed.  I tried to explain that there was no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood.  I do not think he got the point but it was a good conversation. 

    We had a wonderful day of witnessing at the Mars Apple Feast.  Many people heard the gospel.  Below is a picture of Diane sharing the gosple.



    This is a picture of Mark sharing the gospel.  He loves to use a 10 commandments  banner that I have.




    I went down to South Carolina and served infront of an abortion Clinic there at the Fall for Greenville outreach.  I stood by the drive way and tried to flag down cars.  I would talk to the women and ask them not to murder their babies.  There was a couple that was pregnant with twins that left the clinic saying they were not going tomurder the babies.  



    On the Campus I was able share the gospel with many people.   Below is a picture of me talking to a young man named Andrew.  Pray for him.  We were able to have a very long conversation about God.  He kept telling me that there does not need to be an absolute God because everything comes about by constant changes.  I tried to show him that there are absolute laws in science and that if those absolute laws came about by random chance then it would follow that those laws could change at any moment making them not be laws.  He tried to show me that the electrons changed when they formed molecules.  I tried to tell him that those were governed by a law and they would do the same thing each time.  He either did not get the point or did not want to.  He heard the gospel though and enjoyed the conversation.

  • July 2014 Praise Report

    CCN was asked to train up 100 youth to go out and share the gospel.  The students were encouraged and loved the teaching.  They learned why to use the law.  The students learned what the gospel is and how to share it.  They were taught some basic apologetic.  We were so grateful to serve in this way.  Below you can see Amynah and Aishah teaching the youth.


    Several Campus Leaders attended Jersey Fire this year.  Two of them served as team leaders during outreach.   Nick did a wonderful job as a team leader as well as with sharing the gospel via open air.

    Amynah did a wonderful job as well.  This young man heard and understood the gospel.

    We spent 3 days in NYC for Leadership Summit.   It was hard to pick which pictures to put into the newsletter, you can see more pictures here.  During 2 of the evenings and one of the mornings we went out for outreach.  Tim Jackson got to open air for the first time using IQ tests.  Tim did a wonderful job.  Here is a picture of him.

    Ryan got to proclaim the gospel in the subway to hundreds of people.  This was the first time Ryan shared this way in a subway station


     We spent a few hours at Planned Parenthood.  We shared the gospel with many young ladies and the employees.  Here is a picture of Jen sharing the gospel.  We share the gospel first since it is the gospel that has the power to save.

    We also spent 4 days in NYC for Repent and Witness.  There were too many pictures and too many stories to share them all.  Repent and Witness Missionary trip pictures can be seen here.   

    It was so hard to pick which stories and which pictures to show you all.  Jake had a lesbian cry over her sins.  We had a gentleman who we have witnessed to for years thank us for answering his questions and being so kind to him.  We were told that he would no longer heckle us because of our kindness.  We witnessed to JW's and Mormons.  Jen talked to a gentleman named Jonathan that believed a little of everything was true.  We were able to talk to many people after open air sessions.  We gave away 8+ Bibles after open airing on the subway.  We ran out of Bibles to give out!  Jen was able to give pizza to a homeless couple and then gave them the gospel.  They told her afterward that she gave them joy and considered repenting and placing their faith in Jesus.

    Here is a picture of Jake sharing the gospel with the kids from a daycare in Battery Park.  He asked the people in charge and they said yes.  He gave a wonderful gospel presentation.  The kids really listened.  

    We had several firsts at Repent and Witness as well.  Todd did his first open air proclamation of the gospel.

    Several new people joined us in NYC this year and they all loved the event.  We invited many of the people that we witnessed to join us on Sunday morning for church in Union Square.  Several people did join us for church.  Jake witnessed to one young lady that brought her brothers to church.

    We were able to open air all weekend.  We had favor with the authorities.  We praise Jesus for that.

    We handed out hundreds of gospel tracts in Battery Park.  

    Jake asked permission to share the gospel with all the kids in a day care that was walking by.  It was a beautiful moment.  He spent about 15 minutes talking about God and the gospel with them.

    We had so many great one to one witnessing encounters.  Below Andrew from Striving for Eternity talks with people that we have been witnessing to for years and one that joined us for church.

    We shared the gospel in Central Park.  We had to pick a new location in Central Park due to a group of naked women were having their bodies painted in the park.  We did not want to tempt any of the men so we moved onto another location.  

    At the new location Jen almost had her foot run over by an angry Catholic.  Andrew talked to some devote Muslims and we proclaimed the gospel open air.  Here is a picture of Andre sharing the gospel.

    We preached in the subways.  Here is Nick sharing the gospel on the NYC subways.

    We stayed out late and shared the gospel at night.  Here is a picture of Ryan sharing the Gospel.

    Thank You so much for your support.  God Bless you.


  • Praise Report May 2014

    One of the pillars for CCN is Bible Study. We evangelize on the campus and invite students to Bible studies. We teach on the following subjects: evangelism, apologetics, theology, character building, ministry training. You can see more about our pillars by going here.

    Here is a picture of Campus Leader Jake in Minnesota preaching the gospel.

    Jake met up with Tom Hacker in Rochester MN. Jake had the following to say about their outreach:

    “ We handed out about 200 tracts, open air preached, and had some great one to one witnessing. Elizabeth (pictured) saw us walking by with the cross and shouted out "I love is so true.” We stopped and talked with her for about 20 minutes. She turned out to be Roman Catholic and didn't understand why Jesus died on the cross, but knew that it was important. After taking her through the good test, she said that she was afraid of going to hell. I explained to her that it was good to fear God and that it is the beginning of wisdom. I then shared the good news with her. She was very grateful and took a DVD.”

    “We preached for about 2 hours near the Mayo clinic. It was very busy with hundreds of people passing by on the street. I was amazed by how many people stopped and thanked us. This is very unusual, but awesome!

    Not everyone was pleased with us though. We had one strange heckler who called himself "The Woodsman.” He claimed to be a Christian, but couldn't tolerate the Word of God. Then there was Eva. She screamed every cuss word in the book at Tom as she passed by with her stroller and 2 small children. After we finished preaching, we came across this angry woman half a block away. Tom offered her a tract, but she just yelled at him again. I then asked her why she was so angry. It turns out that she was offended by Tom's shirt that reads "Abortion is Murder.” She told me that she aborted her baby because she had been raped. She admitted that it was murder and that murder is wrong. She kept going back and forth saying that it was wrong, and then justifying it on account of the rape. It was a very heartbreaking conversation, but she did soften up to me and I prayed with her and left her with a Bible.


    CCN Bible Studies at Pitt and SRU finished up for the semester. We had a great semester of learning. Thank you for supporting our outreaches and teachings.

    The summer time brings many different kinds of outreaches. One of my favorite outreaches is our booths as community days. We have about 7 booths planned for the summer and fall months. I am very excited about them. The booth currently looks like this when it is set up.

    We are able to witness to many people in our local communities in a friendly manor.

    I have been going to the local abortion clinics a few days during the week. It is great to go during the week since there are no deathscorts during that time. This allows the interactions between me and the ladies going into the clinic to be more natural and less stressful. Please pray for all the people that go down there to beg for babies lives and give the gospel.

    Ryan our CCN Campus Leader in Ohio lead a team at Ohio Fire.  Here is a picture of the team that he lead.

    I was also granted the opportunity to serve as a team leader for Ohio Fire.  This is a conference run by Striving for Eternity.  I was blessed to help people grow in their own witnessing ministry.  


    Leah and I were blessed to be able to witness to 2 JW's.  I was worried about being in a longer conversation while I was the team lead so I handed over the conversation to Chris and then he handed over the conversation to Andrew.  They stayed around for about 2.5 hours to hear the gospel.  Please pray for ED on the left and Eric on the right.  Eric was worried about loosing salvation and I was happy to give him the true gospel and explain several passages to him.  He left knowing he had to go look up several passages again.  During the time I talked to him his eyes seemed to be opening. They left with homework.

    I was asked to get up on the box as an example of how to open air.

    Several people got up on the box for the first time at this event. The one gentleman that joined our group later even though he was not a part of my group said that if Jen can get up and do it then I can. He did a wonderful job. 

    Leah has tons of Scripture memorized and people would stop for a few seconds to listen to her recite Scripture. It was very inspiring for all of us to see just how much she memorized.

    Here you can see Amynah our CCNY Campus Leader finishing out the night with the gospel while others in our group witnessed to those passing by. Amynah helped people come out of their comfort zone at the outreach as well.

    We were able to buy tracts for the campus leaders and for Repent and Witness. We bought Bibles for the Campus Leaders to bring for the students to use during fellowship. We received a large donation that allowed us to purchase these. Thank you.

    Thank you for making CCN Ministry possible.


  • January 2014 Update

    Before the winter semester started at LCC (LaGuardia Community College),  Aishah and Nick discussed how they can encourage and galvanize the Christians on their campus, while also sharing the gospel with the unsaved. After an hour of witnessing on the campus, the Lord gave Aishah the idea to host a interfaith dialogue. An interfaith dialogue is a event in which people from different religions come and share their views on God, morality, and things pertaining to salvation.

    After a week of promotion, the interfaith dialogue had arrived. Aisha and Nick didn’t know what to expect. We wondered "Will we students come out?" "Would it be all Christians?"- All we knew is that God was going to do something, and that’s exactly what happened. Though we didn’t have a huge number of students come out, had 4 Christians and one atheist - who really was open to the things of God.

    The event was a success. A Christian was encouraged and an atheist heard the gospel. What God began that night continued the following week. Our young atheist friend returned, and our topic of discussion was none other then the gospel. We play a short clip by Paul Washer on the cross, and proceeded to talk about morality. Evidently the discussion went from the gospel to abortion. At the end of our fellowship, we gave him a 180 DVD, which is a documentary on abortion, and Evolution vs God both by evangelist Ray Comfort.

    The month is almost over, and with only 3 more weeks to go in this semester our prayer is that our atheist friend will repent and trust Christ.

    January was also a new start on both Pitt and SRU.  The Pitt fellowship was changed to be during the lunch time at this semester.  There are many good reasons to do this.   Please pray for the new fellowship time. 

    During one CCN Saturday in Pittsburgh that CCN went to Planned Parenthood we had a couple that decided to not murder their baby.  This was a very exciting day.  I went over to the Strip District afterward and met up with others who share their faith.  We talked to several people that day.

    Our CCN Leadership summit this month was so encouraging.  Many of the leaders taught at the summit.  We learned about fellowship, loving those we are ministering to, being approachable, prayer, homiletics, avoiding the down falls of pride in ministry and keeping your word.   The teaching was amazing.

    We went out witnessing during the Leadership Summit as well.  We love to go to Astor and 4th to witness  and open air evangelize in NYC.  Here are some pictures of us sharing our faith.  This is Andre our Campus Leader from MC3.

    This is Cliff sharing the gospel.

    Here is Jen sharing the gospel with some young people.

    Here is Jake sharing his faith.

    We also spent time on Wednesday morning at the Planned Parenthood in NYC in Manhattan.  We all pleaded for the lives of the innocent.  We try and go through the gospel with the women and then explain that repentance is deciding to not go into the clinics.  We pleaded for their babies lives.  Here is a picture of Aishah pleading with a women.

    I printed out tracts in Simplified Chinese for us to handout since we were staying in Chinatown in NYC.  We were able to hand out tracts to many Chinese people while in NYC.  We cannot speak Chinese but we were able to give them tracts.  This is Nick handing out Chinese tracts in Chinatown.

    Several CCN Campus Leaders were also able to attend the Super Bowl outreach this month.   Many of the people in Times Square were not taking tracts.  Jen loves to be in one to one conversations and so she decided to just walk up to people that seems to be either alone or not in a rush and ask them if she could ask them a few questions.  Then she would take them through the good person test and share the law and the gospel with them.  It was a great week.   

    Jen was able to talk to so many people during the four day Super Bowl outreach.   The gentlemen that you see me talking to below is a muslim, his name is Turk from Turkey.  She had spent 5 hours on the way to NYC listening to James White talk about witnessing to muslims.  She asked one of our friends to come over and join the conversation and then he ended up using all the things that she had learned on the way.  It was a great conversation and we gave him several presents and he even cared about the conversation so much that he came back to make sure that he had not offended us at all.  He said that he was going to look up the things that we talked with him about.  

    When several members of the team went out to eat they witnessed to the waitress.  She asked them to pray for joy for her. 

    When several members of the team went to Applebee's in Times Square and had a very fruitful time witnessing to our waitress. When she brought us our drinks, we asked her if she would like us to pray for her about anything. She asked us to pray for her happiness, which we did. Then we explained to her that happiness is good, but that we want her to have the joy of eternal life. We share the law and gospel with her. She was moved to tears and said that we made her day. She said that we were her last table of the night, so we invited her to sit with us. We spent the next hour or so, sharing with her. When we gave her a Bible, she said "I can't believe that I was given this gift at work today!" She was amazed that we cared about her so much and that Christ would die for her.   She was invited to church.  Please pray she repents and puts her faith in Jesus and goes to church.  This picture and the following was written on facebook:

    "Met the most kind hearted and down to earth people at work yesterday, #ThankYou for giving my day"Joy"#ForeverGrateful  #Blessed #YouNeverKnowWhoYouCanMeet  #TimesSquare #Happy — with Jake Larson, Amynah Diop, Andrew Rappaport and Mitchell Lebron.

    The young lady on the left is the waitress.  Please pray for her joy and salvation!

    Time Square is a great place to draw a crowd.  Jake is wonderful at drawing a crowd to preach the gospel by just sharing about God's word.  

    Jake Tells this story: "When I was preaching in Union Square, Jamie (a teenage skateboarder) asked some very good questions. He asked how we could know if the Bible was true. I then used apologetics to reason with him. Jamie expressed frustration that he was being taught absurdity in school. When I shared the law and gospel with him, he softened. When I said "Jamie, you know this is true", he didn't argue but thanked me."

    We went to one of Jen's favorite locations, Washington Square Park.  Here is Jen using Presuppositional Apologetics and she shared the law and the gospel to this group of young people.  Afterward she spent about 30 minutes talking to a young man named Neal.  After the conversation was over Neal thanked Jen for giving him the gospel and for listening to him.  He said that most people like Jen do not tend to listen and he thought better of Jen because she listened.


    Jen was able to talk to a man named Walter for a long time.  She gave him a big thousand dollar bill tract when he walked by and then he came back and said you got me.  It is about God.  She walked him through the good person test and explained the gospel to Walter.  He enjoyed the conversation.  He told me about how his dad died and about how badly his mom was treated when she died.  He had issues dealing with anger against those that treated his mom badly.  She explained that those people would either be punished in hell or Jesus died on the cross to pay their fine. She told him that revenge was of the Lord.  He thanked me and said that he was going to start going to church again.  He made a comment about how sweet she was to him.  Here is a picture of me talking to Walter.

    Jen's favorite conversation of the weekend was with a man named Isaac.  We were at Union Square and Jen asked a young man named Mitch to walk around and witness with her while others were preaching.  Jen witnessed to some skateboarders and another couple.  Then Jen told Mitch to start a conversation with Isaac.   Jen did not realize that this was Mitches first 1-2-1 witnessing encounter.  Isaac's first language was french and so that made Mitch nervous but he did a great job.   Isaac turned out to be a muslim from Africa.  Mitch walked him through the law then Jen gave him the gospel.  

    Isaac asked what Christianity's view was on the following.  He said that the strong kept the weak down.  Jen told him that God made men strong so that they could take care of their wives and Children.  Jen told him that God made the strong to take care of and protect and provide for the weak.  He loved that answer.  He then talked about the American wife that he had.  Jen was able to give him a Christian view of marriage, man loving his wife and Mitch was able to give the mans view.  He liked what we had to say.  Mitch is a local in NYC and was able to invite Isaac to his church.  Pray that he goes to church.  Isaac said  "I think I could become a Christian."  Pray for Isaac.  It was so exciting to talk to him.  He really understood and agreed.

    Below is a picture of Mitch and Jenifer witnessing to Isaac.

    Thank You so much for your support.

  • The Gospel

    by Paul Washer

    "For I am not ashamed of the gospel..." Romans 1:16

    Before we consider Paul’s boldness in preaching the Gospel, we must understand something of the Gospel that He preached. It is a sound principle of communication to define terms prior to any debate or proper discussion. This clears the playing field and allows those involved to know where the others are standing or what they mean when they speak. Among Evangelicals today, theological terms are so broadly defined that we can no longer suppose that we are talking about the same thing even though we are using the same words. This is especially true with regard to the Gospel.

    The first thing worth considering in our text is the definite article, “the”. Paul did not have “a” Gospel that was peculiar to him. His was not a “Pauline” Gospel as opposed to a “Petrine” or “Johannine” Gospel[1]. Though something of the personalities of these apostles is evident in their presentation, the Gospel they shared was the same. They would know nothing of the frequent language of our day that speaks of different variations, versions, and flavors of the Gospel as though there could be more than one.[2]

    Secondly, Paul did not have “a” Gospel that was peculiar to a certain culture. He did not preach one variation to the Jews and another to the Gentiles. Though he was aware of cultural differences, and used the unique inroads provided by each culture, his Gospel was not adapted to “fit” the culture or to be less offense to it. In fact, the offensiveness of the Gospel to both Jew and Gentile was the very thing that put his life in constant danger. It is doubtful that the Apostle Paul would understand contemporary evangelicalism’s overwhelming preoccupation or obsession with minutely understanding a specific culture and adapting its message and methodologies to it. Paul understood that ultimately, all men of every culture are suffering from the same malady, and only one message has the power to save them.

    Finally, Paul did not have “a” Gospel that was peculiar to a single epoch in world history. There were undoubtedly significant changes in the Roman Empire with each passing decade of Paul’s life, yet he preached the same Gospel at his death that he did at the start of his apostolic ministry several decades earlier. Without doubt, he would be taken back at the contemporary Christian conviction that each passing decade brings a new generation of people who require a new presentation or adaptation of the Gospel.

    It is clear from Scripture that there was an unbroken continuum between what Jesus did and communicated to His followers and what Paul believed and preached. This truth holds up under the greatest scrutiny. In the Gospel of Jesus, God is love. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike.[3] At the fullness of time,[4] He gave His greatest demonstration or proof of love by sending His beloved Son that men might not perish, but have eternal life through Him.[5] In the Gospel of Paul, God is love. He has not left Himself without a witness of His mercy, but He does good to all men and gives them rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying their hearts with food and gladness.[6] In the fullness of time,[7] His love reached its crescendo in the giving of His Son to die for our fallen race while we were yet helpless sinners and enemies of God.[8]

    In the Gospel of Jesus, men are evil and enslaved to sin.[9] They are bad trees bearing bad fruit.[10] They hate the light of God’s revelation, and do not come to it for fear their evil deeds will be exposed.[11] Their hearts are full of evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and slanders. Even the highest and most lofty moralists among men are nothing but whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones.[12] In the Gospel of Paul, the same indictment is served against our fallen race – “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.[13] There is no one righteous, not even one. There is no one who understands or seeks after God. They have all turned away and become worthless. There is no one who does good, and there is no fear of God before their eyes.[14] For this reason, the Law serves only to convict men of their sin, crush their self-righteous hopes, and leave them without excuse and totally dependent upon the mercies of God.[15]

    In the Gospel of Jesus, all unbelieving men stand condemned before God and His wrath abides upon them.[16] The Galileans who died at the hands of Pilate and the eighteen upon whom the tower of Siloam fell did not suffer these things because they were greater sinners than other men, but rather all men deserve the same fate, and it is only divine mercy that keeps them from it. All deserve death under the wrath of God, and will die in due time if they do not repent.[17] In the Gospel of Paul, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against the ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in their unrighteousness.[18] Those who continue with a stubborn and unrepentant heart are storing up wrath against themselves that will be revealed on the Day of Judgment.[19]

    In the Gospel of Jesus, the cross is the “great essential” and the culminating work of redemption. It was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to enter into His glory.[20] Thus, He taught His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things, and be killed, and be raised on the third day.[21] In Gethsemane and Golgotha,[22] He revealed that His sufferings were not confined to the mistreatment of men or devils. On the cross, He drank the full cup of God’s wrath and died forsaken.[23] In the Gospel of Paul, this same great theme is found on every page. He preached to men as of first importance what he had also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.[24] He demonstrated with great and irrefutable proofs that Christ was the sin-bearer who became a curse and died under the wrath of God as a propitiation for His people.[25] He proclaimed, “Christ crucified” even though it was a stumbling-block to the Jews, and foolishness to the Gentiles.[26] The cross was not a minor theme for Paul. It was everything, it held him captive and constantly constrained him.[27]

    In the Gospel of Jesus, men are called to repent of their sins and believe the Gospel.[28] Those who obey the call are promised eternal life.[29] The rest are warned that they will perish under the wrath of God if they continue in their unrepentant and unbelieving state.[30] In the Gospel of Paul, the very same promises and warnings are given. The apostle solemnly testified to both Jews and Greeks of repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He proclaimed that God has commanded all people everywhere to repent,[31] and he warned men not to be deceived by empty works, for the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient.[32]

    In the Gospel of Jesus, genuine conversion is always accompanied by sincere and costly discipleship. Jesus frequently culled the large crowds that followed Him by making radical demands upon them: “If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.”[33] He even warned His own disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”[34] In the Gospel of Paul, the same radical demands of discipleship are found. With regard to holiness, believers are admonished to come out from this world and be separate.[35] With regard to righteousness, they are commanded to consider themselves dead to sin and alive to God asinstruments of righteousness.[36] With regard to faithfulness, they are encouraged to endure in spite of the many tribulations and persecutions that are certain to come against all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus.[37]

    In the Gospel of Jesus, men are taught that a mere profession of faith alone is no sound evidence of salvation. Jesus warned that not everyone who says to Him, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those whose lives are marked by obedience to the will of God.[38] He was adamant that the fruit of one’s life is the proof of salvation, and that everyone who does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.[39] In the Gospel of Paul, are found the same solemn warnings. He admonished those who have professed faith in Christ to examine themselves and test themselves to see if they are truly in the faith.[40] He warned men about having a form of godliness, but negating its power, and professing to know God, but denying Him by their deeds.[41]

    Finally, the Gospel of Jesus abounds with warnings about future judgment and the terrors of hell. In fact, Jesus spoke more about this dreadful matter than all the other prophets and apostles combined. According to Jesus, a great day of judgment is coming when men will be separated as sheep from goats, and a great multitude will hear, “Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels.”[42] The matter was so crucial to Jesus that He gave the following warning even to those whom He considered to be His friends:

    “I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!”[43]

    The Gospel of the Apostle Paul agrees with Christ in the matter of judgment and hell. He writes that the wicked are storing up wrath for themselves to be revealed in the day of God’s righteous judgment and wrath.[44] He warns believers and unbelievers alike that they should not be deceived by the empty words of those who would deny the coming reality of divine retribution and wrath. God will not be mocked. Whatever the disobedient sows, he will also reap.[45] Like Christ, Paul is both explicit and unapologetic in his warnings:

    “The Lord Jesus will be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire, dealing out retribution to those who do not know God and to those who do not obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. These will pay the penalty of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power.”[46]

    From the texts we have just considered, it is obvious that there is no contradiction or deviation to be found between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that which the apostle Paul preached and defined in his epistles. In like manner, Moses and the prophets, the writers of the four Gospels, and the other contributors to the New Testament stand in perfect agreement with Christ regarding this “faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.”[47] There is but one Gospel, which stands above the editor and the censor, and which must not be changed, adapted, or repackaged. Any attempt to do so, regardless of the reason or motivation, will result in a different Gospel, which is no Gospel at all.[48] We must put aside every foolish and dangerous notion that we can improve upon the Gospel for the sake of the Gospel, and stand with that great cloud of witnesses throughout the history of the Church, who preached “Christ crucified and raised” according to the Scriptures!

    This is an exerpt from "The Gospel Power and Message" by Paul Washer available throughReformation Heritage Books or Amazon.

    [1] The words “Petrine” and “Johannine” refer to Gospel as preached by Peter and John respectively.

    [2] The differing opinions regarding the Gospel are often categorized as different variations of the same truth, or coming at the same truth from different angles, or even emphasizing different aspects of the same truth. This fails to recognize that the different “variations” are often nothing more than different Gospels. The Reformed Gospel is completely different from the Catholic Gospel; a faith-based Gospel is a contradiction of a works-based Gospel; a truly Evangelical Gospel stands in contrast to an ultra-charismatic Gospel.

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  • November 2013 Update

    This month one of the CCN Outreahes included feeding the hungry.  What a beautiful way to show our faith through works as well as sharing the gospel.  Praise Jesus that we are given these opportunities to give glory to Jesus.  We partnered up with Manhattan Bible church to reach the community of Inwood and Washington Heights feeding the homeless and sharing the gospel one to one.

    At CCNY they have been able to have outreach inside of a building.  They have been using the IQ test banner at CCNY.  Most people really get a kick out of the IQ questions.  It allows the conversation to start out with a few laughs and humor.  It also allows the students to see that they do not have all the answers and they could be wrong about somethings.

    In November  at Pitt and SRU, we learned about giving our personal testimony.  We talked about the importance of the students testimonies including the law, judgement, the reason Jesus died on the cross, repentance and faith.  The students were very excited to use what they learned.  They decided that they would write out their own testimonies and share them with the other students after they got back from Thanksgiving Break.  We are all very excited to listen to the students testimonies.  We all have people that we love that have not realized that when they stand before God they will be guilty if they ever broke one of the 10 commandments and would end up in hell.  No one has ever explained to them that Jesus died on the cross to pay their fine and rose from the grave 3 days later. They need to repent and trust Jesus paid it all.  

    We were able to talk to lots of people this month.  We pulled out the IQ test banner and used it at Pitt as well.  We did lots of witnessing 1-2-1 like we always do but it was fun to use the IQ test board.

    We spend lots of time handing out tracts and trying to get people to talk about the gospel with us.

    This month I started witnessing to a muslim student on the way to Bible Study Fellowship.  We walked together across half the campus while I went over the gospel with him.  When I got to the elevator to go up to fellowship he ask where we were going.  I told him that I was going to teach Bible Study.  He followed me and sat down for Bible Study.  I spent 2 hours walking him through the Bible and showing him Jesus in the different books of the Bible.  It was good because 1/2 through our conversation the students showed up and they got to see me use all the theology that we had been going over the past several weeks.  It was a wonderful conversation.  Please pray for this young man.

    At the NYC outreach we had a great time sharing the gospel with so many interesting people.  Please pray for everyone that heard the gospel at our CCN Saturday Outreaches.


    We also had new people join us this month.  We love to put chalk down on the sidewalk so that we have a witness there even when we are not around.  Elizabeth wrote some wonderful things on the sidewalk.  

    We had outreach in the Strip District in Pittsburgh.  We witnessed to several people but the picture of the encounter below is the one I am praying the hardest for.  Please pray for this gentleman to repent and put his faith in Jesus.  His family is Christian.  He does not believe but he heard the gospel and after his conversation with Diane he wanted the name of the good church.  Please pray for him.

    The picture below is of a student who has Christian friends and he heard and understood the gospel for the first time when I went over it with him.  He said it was very good news and understood why his friends would go to Bible study.  I gave him information about the CCN Bible Study.  Please pray for him.

    God Bless you and Thank You for your support and prayers.  I would not be able to go out and share the gospel on the campuses without your support and partnership.

  • Update Sept 2013

    It's September and CCN is in full swing on the campuses.  Topics taught included "Hell's Best Kept Secret", "Sinfulness of Mankind", "Attributes of God" and "Priorities".  We also showed a movie about evolution and discussed several key claims it presented.

    CCN just loves to go to other campuses and preach the gospel.  Our Director of Discipleship took a trip to Chicago to preach the gospel and tell people at Moody Bible College and University of Illinois Chicago about CCN.  They were encouraged by seeing Christians share their faith.  Pray that they are encouraged to start a CCN in Chicago.  This is a photo of CCN preaching at UIC.

    MCCC did a great job during outreaches this past month.  They were blessed with many opportunities to witness.  Campus Leader Andre loves to share the gospel and does a great job of teaching his students as well.  


    In New York we led several outreaches.  Roberto gives the gospel during a Saturday outreach in Manhattan.

    We even had a few firsts this month.  First a young man named Sam proclaimed the gospel while open air preaching at Pitt 2 weeks ago.  He had been praying to do this for a few months and was encouraged to do it for the first time this month.

    Next a young man named Dylan decided to join us for outreach at Pitt this month.  He was encouraged to share his faith.  He handed out tracts and talked to people about Jesus.  He said that he was encouraged to share his faith. This is a picture of Dylan handing out tracts.

    We have also been focusing on witnessing "1 to 1" at Pitt and SRU this month.  We witnessed to an average of 20 people per week at SRU, and had multiple quick Gospel conversations (and several lengthy ones) at the University of Pittsburgh. Laura witnessed to a man going to seminary to be a Catholic Priest who claimed the Bible is not the word of God and that traditions are just as important as the Word.  We asked him if after confessing his sins in the morning followed by a day of sinning and then dying in the evening, would he would go to heaven, he said he did not know.  I pray God saves him so he can have hope.  Please pray he reads all the tracts and information we gave him and that they will be used to open his eyes.  Here is a picture of the conversation.

      We were able to have several 30 minute conversations during our Saturday outreaches in the heart of Pittsburgh's Strip District. Diane witnessed to a retired doctor.  Pray that he repents and puts his faith in Jesus.  He wanted to go to a coffee shop and talk longer.  He talked to Diane for a very long time about God.

    The Campus Leaders got together and created a new gospel tract this month.  We're really enjoying handing these out on all the Campuses.

    Finally we like to say "Thank you!" to all of our donors.  This ministry would not be possible without you.   We are grateful to God and you for partnering with CCN.