October 2013 Praise Report

October 2013 Praise Report

This year, I was able to travel to Greenville SC to witness with other Christians at the Fall for Greenville Festival.  I was able to spend time teaching some young ladies to use new tools for evangelism.  I love using my trivia board to gather people to talk to, and training others to do the same.  Here you can see these two young ladies enjoying witnessing using the trivia board.

Before the Greenville outreach started I was able to participate in an outreach at an abortion clinic.  This was the first time I tried to do this where the Moms drive into the clinic and a person has to wave down the cars to get them to stop.  I was surprised that I was able to get 3 women to stop and roll down their window and talk to me.  I put little rubber babies into the hands of three women..  I told them their baby was made in God’s image and was the size of the baby I put into their hands.  Then I walked them through the good person test.  One of the women left and then came back but, two of the women left and did not come back.   Here is a picture of me talking to one of the women that left the clinic.

We enjoyed our Biblical Relationships retreat on October 25-26.  There were many wonderful teachings at the retreat.  We all felt refreshed and challenged going back home.  We learned about conflict resolution, boundaries in friendships, dating with a purpose and dating your spouse when you are married.  Since we are CCN, and we are all about sharing our faith, we went out witnessing each night after the retreat.  You can see many pictures of the retreat here.

This is a picture of a crowd that was gathered in Times Square.

We also took one morning to go to the Margaret Sanger NYC Planned Parenthood.  One young lady was convinced not to go into the abortion clinic that morning.  I spoke with her for about 30 minutes and then walked her down to the subway.  She was given lots of information about where she could get other kinds of help.   We open air evangelized, handed out tracts, talked to the women to see if we could talk them out of murdering their babies and we wrote on the sidewalks with chalk.   We wrote messages like "A FETUS IS A BABY", "CHOOSE LOVE and CHOOSE LIFE", "DO NOT MURDER", "WHEN IS IT OK TO MURDER A BABY IN A MOTHERS WOMB? NEVER".  We did this so that when we are not at the clinic we still have a presence.
Here is a picture of me talking to the young lady that left the abortion clinic.

Before the retreat I had time to visit LCC campus and was able to witness to students and invite some to Bible Study.  The following picture is a women that was so excited to hear that there was Bible Study at LCC.

Many great teachings were taught on the campuses this month.  Here is a picture of Andre teaching at MCCC.  He was teaching on how to get to the gospel when talking with unbelievers.  This is always an important lesson for all of us to learn.  We need to be friendly, use humor, ask questions and always carry gospel tracts with us.

We like to meet in public places so that other students will see us and want to join in the Bible Study.  Here is a picture of Nick teaching on the Bible in the cafeteria.

On the campuses we spend a good deal of time witnessing to students.  We even witness to students that say that the are Christians.  Often times the students that claim to be Christians have never really heard the good news of Jesus and are so grateful to finally understand.    Here is one of our Assistant Campus Leaders Aishah witnessing at LCC.

The students enjoy the fellowship each month with other Christian students.  We are all about teaching the Bible and witnessing but it is good to eat with each other and enjoy fellowship.  Here is a picture of students enjoying fellowship at CCNY.

Thank You so much for supporting CCN.  To God be the glory!

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