October 2014

October 2014

I went down to the Planned Parenthood this month and had a very long converstaion with a muslim from Eygpt.  I tried to show him that Jesus had to die on the cross to pay the fine anyone that would get to heaven.  I showed him that God would be corrupt if he just would forgive people.  I also walked him through the Old Testiment to show him the progession of a sacrifice for sin being needed.  I tried to explain that there was no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood.  I do not think he got the point but it was a good conversation. 

We had a wonderful day of witnessing at the Mars Apple Feast.  Many people heard the gospel.  Below is a picture of Diane sharing the gosple.



This is a picture of Mark sharing the gospel.  He loves to use a 10 commandments  banner that I have.



I went down to South Carolina and served infront of an abortion Clinic there at the Fall for Greenville outreach.  I stood by the drive way and tried to flag down cars.  I would talk to the women and ask them not to murder their babies.  There was a couple that was pregnant with twins that left the clinic saying they were not going tomurder the babies.  



On the Campus I was able share the gospel with many people.   Below is a picture of me talking to a young man named Andrew.  Pray for him.  We were able to have a very long conversation about God.  He kept telling me that there does not need to be an absolute God because everything comes about by constant changes.  I tried to show him that there are absolute laws in science and that if those absolute laws came about by random chance then it would follow that those laws could change at any moment making them not be laws.  He tried to show me that the electrons changed when they formed molecules.  I tried to tell him that those were governed by a law and they would do the same thing each time.  He either did not get the point or did not want to.  He heard the gospel though and enjoyed the conversation.



This is B'jorn, one of the Pitt students handing out tracts at Pitt.



Here is Matt witnessing to a fellow student at Slippery Rock.

God Bless You



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