Internship and Semester Missionary Opportunities

Providing Greater Hands-On Ministry Experience 

Christian Collegian Network is about raising up soul winning leaders. Besides providing training and opportunities to lead and serve on the campus, where a student is enrolled, CCN also offers opportunities for students, non-students, and graduates to serve off-campus and/or on another campus, where CCN is located. 

CCN provides these ministry opportunities through the following positions: 

  • Student Missionary - Currently enrolled students, who attend a CCN campus who commit to laboring on an additional campus under the leadership of the Campus Leader. 
  • Graduate Missionary - Graduates, who return to labor on a campus in a leadership or leader-in-training capacity under the Campus Leader. 
  • Intern - Students, graduates, or non-students, who commit to labor in the ministry off-campus (may also include some on-campus work) to help grow the organization itself under the leadership of the CCN Campus Leader. 

Each position lasts one semester / summer semester and all positions are renewed after a personal review with CCN leadership. 

In order to be placed in any of the above positions, applicants must follow the specific application process and be approved by necessary leadership.