Past Semester has been a Blessing

Past Semester has been a Blessing

This past semester has been such a blessing from God.  The students learned a great deal.  I was told by one of my students husbands that:

"I am so grateful for all that you have taught my wife.  She has taught me all the things you taught her."

One of my students texted this to me at the end of the semester: "I learned a lot this semester I just hope I can remember most of it thanks!"

The last few weeks we Learned that when others bring up hard topics or speak untruths we should ask questions.  The book "Tactics" taught us to first ask "What did you mean by that?"  This helps us make sure that we understand what the person is saying.  If they are asking a question that is really a statement it helps us flush that out as well.  When we ask these kinds of questions we make sure that we do not challenge something a person is not saying.   We do not want to make a strawman and disprove something a person do not even believe.   It makes people define their terms so we can be clear about what they are saying.

The second question we learned to ask is "How did you come to that conclusion"?  As Christians we often are called upon to defend our faith but we almost never make others defend what they believe.  Many of the stances that people stick to as to why they do not have a Biblical view they have not thought through.  People cannot defend their own faith and have not thought through why they do not believe Christianity.  They hear statements and just repeat them without thinking them through.  This questions gets us out of the hot seat and instead of us have to debunk whatever the other person says it makes them prove their world view.

After we understand what a person believes and how they have come to that conclusion, hopefully we have found the flaw in their view.  We take the flaw and we add knowledge of the correct view and we ask a question to show them the flaw using their own wording of their view.

This plan of attack is good since the person likes us since we are asking questions.  We are seen as interesting to talk to since we are interested in listening to them.  We are also in control of the conversation while not exposing what we believe until we have shown the flaw in other persons world view first.  This works very well in places like the classroom and at work where there can be a high price to pay for having a Biblical view.

December is a month to finish up teaching on the campus.  I spent time talking to the students about what they would like to learn next semester.  I came up with a plan for next semester at both Pitt and Slippery Rock.  I spent time working on fliers to invite students to Bible Study Next week.  I planned all of the outreaches for the Spring semester.

I am very excited about this coming semester.  We will be finishing up tactics and then we will be going over creation science.  I have a student that will be taking evolution this semester.  She is very excited about our topic for this coming semester.

I did my yearly outreach at First Night.  I was have to hand out hundreds of DVD's and CD's at the event.  I then handed out tracts that said Happy New Year.  Many people said thank you and Happy New Year back.  There are thousands of people at first night each year.  This year of no different.


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