May is about planning out the summer and the fall.  While I was signing up for 

booths for the summer I found my picture on the front page of the website sharing

 the gospel.  I believe it really says something about how the community sees me 

if they are willing to have me on their web page or maybe they do not even realize it.  

Either way I see it as a good thing.    I was excited to see a picture of me witnessing 

on the page. 

I planned out all my outreaches for the summer and fall.  I came up with a teaching

 plan for this year.  I created a flier for each of my campuses for this coming semester. 

I spent a great deal of time this month Pittsburgh’s abortion clinics.   There were

 3 babies saved this month in front of the clinics.  If anyone ever tells you the 

sidewalk counselors do not change minds you can say that is not true.  The one 

morning I was out there many parents from the Children’s Festival went by.  Most 

of them were atheists.  I would have never guessed that if you wanted to talk to

 atheists that this was the event to go to.  I was handing out a tract that said

 “Atheist Test” and most of the mom’s said I am one.

On Thursdays there is a farmers market in Market Square.  I had a great 

conversation with a Computer Science guy about Christianity and Evolution.  

 I tried to show him that evolution was impossible.  I showed him that there are

 2 pillars that evolution stands on and neither of them is true so evolution is

 impossible.  I explained the difference between macro and micro evolution and 

how to say because one worked the other could not work.  I showed him that he 

could not have science or morals without the Christian World view.  His last

 comment to me was you are too stupid to have a conversation with.  This is 

why I use the law to witness to people because you can prove the only way to 

have an argument is to use the Christian World View and they can still reject 

everything you have to say.  God has to change their heart.  You cannot argue 

anyone into heaven.

Mary and I went to witness at a Pirates Game.  We handed out lots of tracts.  

The bridge is a great place to handout tracts.   It is always wonderful to have 

someone with you when you go out witnessing.  The other person being there 

gives you confidence and gives you a push to keep going.  It is also wonderful

 to have a person to talk to between witnessing and handing out tracts. 

Thank you so much for partnering with me so that I can go out and share

 the Christian faith.

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