Praise Report June 2014

Praise Report June 2014

This month I favored this red and blue tract.  You hold them up and ask which one is bigger.  Then you switch them around and ask the same question.  They will tell you the one that is on the right is bigger, due to the fact that the long side of the one on the right is next to the short side on the left.  I was able to talk to all the moms at the abortion clinic that were going to murder their baby at the abortion mill this month.  The deathscorts had to change up their tactics after I started doing this since I was able to get into a good conversation easily with all of the moms.  

At the Cruise-A-Poluza in Butler I met up with several people from Pressing On Ministries.  Since they were all handing out Million Dollar bills I decided to be different and use the red and blues again.  I was able to have many profitable 1 to 1 conversations.  If you need to start a conversation quickly this is a great tract.  Lots of teens took this tract.  I do not have pictures of myself but I got a few of the others that were with me.

There were hundreds of people at the event at any time.

I also went to the Arts Festival and other events associated with the Arts Festival.  Several people came out and helped me hand out tracts and witness.

Mary spent a good portion of the day with me and we were able to hand out tons of tracts.

I was able to open air preach the one evening.  It went very well.

The two people you see me talking to in the picture thought they were Christians.  This is a Dad and a daughter.  
They were upset that I was sharing the gospel instead of feeding the homeless and helping a long list of other people.  I explained to them that even after I fed homeless people if I did not share the gospel with the homeless person and they died without repenting and putting their trust in Jesus they would go to hell.  I ended up taking the two through the Good Person test to find out that they did not know why Jesus died on the cross.  After I explained the gospel to them they ended up talking to others that were in the group I was with.  

I had a JW that wanted to argue about the existence of Hell.  I read Daniel 12:2 to him and he had no answer to that scripture but wanted to take me to another scripture.  I took him through the gospel and then asked him what I already knew if he was a JW.  He said he was and I told him that was a long conversation.  I shared the gospel with a Born again Christian behind him.  The Gentleman knew why Jesus died on the cross but it was good for many others to get to hear the gospel when I shared it loudly with him.

I had a man named John that was very unhappy with me sharing the Gospel.  He wanted to know what the relevance was and I told him that he was a human being and that I was a human being.  I told him that I deserved hell because I broke all of God's laws but I was going to go to heaven and I wanted him and everyone that was listening to go to heaven.  That seemed to stop him and the crowd.  They all agreed that I deserved hell.  I took John through the 10 commandments and he admitted he broke them all and I was able to share the gospel with him.  He called me many choice words and ran away.  Before I was done for the night he came back over and apologized.  He said he understood I wanted him to go to heaven.  It was an odd encounter but he heard the gospel and so did many others in the crowd.

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