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  • Campus Mission Tour was a Success

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    CCN had its yearly Campus Mission Tour this month.  We had 5 churches support the tour this year in Pottstown Pa. We went to Temple, Montgomery Community college and Penn State Burk.  The picture above is with a student from Taiwan it took a long time to explain Who God is and why he would be just.  He did not understand why God did not pay everyone’s fine.  It was a cool conversation.  I really had to think about how to explain things.

    On Saturday we went to Kensington in North Philly.  I was told it has the worst Opioid issue in the country.  Well there were needles everywhere on the ground.   Most people walked around like zombies.  I was able to share the gospel with a lot of people that day.  Almost everyone took tracts.  The one women threw out her drugs after hearing the gospel from Cliff.   It was an eye opening day. 

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    I talked to this young man named Zander for about 30 minutes and he even came back later to talk again.  Pray for Zander!  He thanked us for sharing the gospel with him and answering his questions.  He had bad things happen to him and was grateful for my explanation about why bad things happen.

    At IUP this past week I was able to share the gospel with a Muslim man.  He listened for a while but would not accept that Jesus is God.  He would also not accept that God is just.  I tried to show him that Jesus claimed to be God and he would not accept it.  I showed him that the Koran has errors in it and he refused to comment on it.  Pray for Amed that God would change his heart and mind.

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    Pray for this young man he heard the gospel.  When I asked him what was stopping him from repenting and trusting the gospel he said it was a big commitment and needed more information.  Pray for him.

  • January 2019 Update

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    We had a wonderful time at this year's "First Night" New Years Eve outreach downtown Pittsburgh. From left to right are Me, Laura and Jim, and Assistant Campus Leader Dennis.  Despite the rain it turned out to be a great night for outreach where over 1,000 gospel tracts were distributed! 


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    Sporting events are a great way to share the gospel with a multitude of people all at once.  Here Campus Leader Gene is taking Steeler's fans through the "I.Q Test" as a way to gain their attention before introducing to them the law and the gospel. By positioning himself on the street corner of a busy intersection Gene is employing a great witnessing strategy as people wait for their turn to cross to the other side of the street. Can you say "captive audience"?  

    I had a great time sharing the gospel with the Steeler's fans.

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    Jacob stopped to listen to the Open Air Evangelism and I started talking to him because I though he was a Christian and I wanted to invite him to Bible Study.  He turned out to be an atheist.  He wanted to know why God would not reveal himself to everyone.  He thought that was unfair.  He does not think hell is reasonable.  Pray for him.

    Went out to the South Side with a few other evangelists in the evening.  I was able to speak to about 15 people about Jesus. 

    I spoke to a young man that was up on a ladder pulling down shirts and such so that he could close up he shop he was working at.  I asked him if he was a good person and he said that he was.  I asked him if he had broken various laws and he said that he had broken all of the commandments I asked him about.  I asked him if he would be innocent or guilty on the day of judgment and he said he would be guilty and that he would end up in hell.  He did not want to end up in Hell and I explained that Jesus died on the cross to pay the fine.  He was very engaged in what I was saying and then the owner of the shop came out.  The owner wanted to here what I had to say.  I asked him to imagine his best friend was raped and murdered.  The judge just let the man who did it go. Would the judge be a good judge? He said that he would not be a good judge and he would kill the man himself.  I walked him through the good person test and asked if he would go to heaven or hell.  He told me he was a Muslim.  I explained that God is good and so he must punish those that broke his law or he is not a good God.  I explained that Jesus died on the cross to pay the fine.  He said over and over again that Jesus is not God.  I told him that Jesus claimed to be God and so Jesus was either a liar and so he could not be a prophet or Jesus is God.  I told him that Jesus accepted worship because he is God.  At that point the man said fine Jesus is God and closed up his door.

    Most of all I am grateful for my ministry partners who faithfully pray and support my campus evangelism.  "Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead" in the new year may we "press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" (Phil.3:13,14)!

    The Lord bless you and keep you in 2019!

    Thank you for your support!