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  • CMT was a success

    CMT was a wonderful success.  The speakers did a wonderful job; everyone was encouraged and learned so much.  We had about 25 people each night which was wonderful.  We had 8 people out witnessing the first day and about 12 people on the other days.  We had hundreds of gospel conversations.We had a student hand out tracts for the first time.  We had a student open air preach for the very first time. 

    You can see the most of the teaching at

    One gentleman had this to say: “The Campus Mission Tour was legit! I enjoyed being surrounded by like minded souls searching for the lost, and was encouraged to be more active in the mission field wherever that may be. I developed skills, specifically speaking with college students, and had many great conversations." -Ryan S

     A young lady decided not to go into planned parenthood.  She had her hand on the door and was walking in when I asked her if she could give me a minute of her time.  She walked over to me and I shared the gospel with her.  I gave her info about help she can get in Pittsburgh and explained why not to go I to planned parenthood.  She walked away(without going in!) she thanked me for sharing with her.

    Another gentleman said: "For me, a self described introvert,  I can tell you that CCN has helped me to become a bold witness for Christ. What I've learned in theory through the School of Biblical Evangelism or by reading some of Ray Comfort's books I've been able to apply directly through CCN's ministry.

    People were very encouraged by the CMT to Go and share the gospel.

    The highlight for me was talking to a young transvestite, Shane.  I asked her if she died today would she go to heaven or hell?  She told me that because she helped the kids in her neighborhood she would go to heaven.  She talked about how her mother had abused her but she protected her brothers and sisters and did not want to be like her mother.  I explained justice and she decided that what I was telling her was true.   She said there was no reason not to repent and trust Jesus.  She agreed with the gospel message I gave her.  She took a Bible and a book about who God is Called “The Gospel of God”.  She cried and hugged me and thanked me.  She said she would read the book over spring break.  She said this is exactly what I was looking for.  Pray for Shane.

    God was glorified and Christians were encouraged and hundreds of people heard the gospel in 1 to 1 conversations.  Thousands of people received gospel tracts.

    You can see pictures from the CMT here.

    We used several methods to start conversations at the CMT.  We used scripture signs and people walked over to talk to us.  I was so surprised with how well they worked I will be ordering some more of these signs.

    We handed out tracts and when asked about the tracts we started conversations.  We also had Open Air Campaigners with us and they painted a message on a board and preached the gospel and that allowed us to start many conversations.

    We gave out over 10,000 tracts at the St Patrick's Day parade.  Many people heard the gospel at the parade.

  • Pray for CCN Campus Leaders

    Timothy is a Campus Leader in Virginia.  The college has made a rule that he can only witness in 3 places. He has to tell them 24 hours ahead of time that he will be coming to campus and what he will be doing. Tim is the nicest guy ever, sweet as can be and always smiling and a wonderful Christian. They placed him in a place where he will have to open air preach instead of witness. Please pray for him. Last year they would not let him invite students to Bible Study and would follow him around campus to make sure.

    Jenifer in Pittsburgh was holding Bible Study and teaching creation vs evolution.  The students left the Bible Study even though they are Christians they believe in evolution.  Ken Ham is right Genesis is under attack.  She has changed over to teaching students how to share the gospel for the rest of the semester.  Pray for the youth of the country to see truth.  

    As always we had many wonderful fruitful outreaches.  

    As a ministry we shared the gospel with thousands of young people this past month.  

    We always encourage others from our church to join us.  Here is Ryan's pastor out witnessing with him during outreach.  

    Indoors and outdoors we share the gospel.  When given a chance we share the gospel around our fellow Christians from our own churches so that they will be encouraged to go and share their faith.   They will see with a little bit of training they can share their faith too.  Here is Jenifer sharing the gospel at her churches outreach.

    Please pray for CCN.  We want to share share truth.  Pray for us to stand strong. 

  • Getting Creation Science Materials onto your Campus

    On the college campuses, evolution is taught as a fact. We know that evolution is merely man's way of trying to rationalize away God. They want to explain how everything came into existence without God. They do not want be accountable to Him for every thought, word, and deed. Therefore, they came up with random chance processes over prolonged periods of time. We know that evolution is impossible. To help show others how impossible it is, you can bring speakers onto your campus or get creation science materials into your campus library.


    To have a creation science professional speak at your campus you will want to pray that God would grant you open doors with community members and campus administrators. That He would receive glory. You will need to contact your local museum or ministry to inquire of their availability. You can see a list of museums at  Look at your calendar and find a few possible dates for the speaking engagement. Pray that God would grant you open doors with community members and campus administrators. That He would receive glory.


    1)  Schedule a room for your event via student activities

    2) Call the creation science professional to give them a solid date.

    3) Create fliers for your event and distribute them around campus

    4) Call the student newspaper to get an article written about your event.

    5) Email the Christian clubs on campus to invite their students.

    6) Email atheist clubs on campus to invite them.

    If you have any questions please contact your Christian Collegian Network campus staff member.


    Journals & Magazines

    To get creation science journals and magazines into your campus library, take the following steps:

    1) Pray for God to grant you open doors with library staff.
    2) Talk with a staff member who handles acquisitions at your library.
    3) Some resources that are available:

    A) Creation Science Journals to be added to your library's research database:

    1. Answers In Genesis Research Journal:
    2. Institute for Creation Research Technical Papers:

    B) Creation Science Magazines to be added to your library's subscription services:

    1. ICR's Acts & Facts Info:
    2. ICR's Acts & Facts Sign-Up:

    C) Creation Science Search Engine to be added to your library's resources page:  

    Search Creation:

    D) Creation Science Library to be added to your library's inter-library loan program:

    The Family Vision Library:

    Remember that all of the resources are free to your school, and that The Family Vision would be happy to discuss the possibility of being part of your campus library's inter-library loan network.  Once you have familiarized yourself with the resources above, you will need to schedule a meeting with your acquisition librarian.

    Make sure to bring a hard copy of the Acts & Facts Magazine for them to look over during the review process. You can also e-mail the librarian the links above along with an explanation of why such resources are important to furthering education at the institution and how this would enable the library to expand its offerings. 

    If you need any assistance, please contact the team at Get Creation in College by e-mailing or calling 407-512-0638.